1960s and 1970s Lincoln 6-Pack

Lincoln’s are no strangers to Barn Finds, but you seldom see six of them being auctioned off from the same source. The “six-pack” covers the years of 1966, 1967, 1969, 1977 and 1978 and includes Continentals, Mark Vs and a Mark III. Both two-doors and four-doors, but no convertibles. The cars are part of a liquidation of assets at an automotive engineering company of Brooksville, Florida and available here on Harris Auctions for consideration where bidding information is provided. Our thanks to Bigcat for sending this tip our way!

We don’t know how these six cars came to be together, nor do we know the condition of each. But the seller does provide the mileage of each car, which ranges from 12,000 to 87,000. The cars are part of a cadre of stuff that has been housed in a 200,000 sq-ft facility which also includes machine shop equipment, forklifts, warehouse equipment, pallet shelving, and tooling.

1966 Lincoln Continental

This is a two-door hardtop, white in color with a black vinyl top. It has the least mileage of any of the cars offered with a claimed 12,086 miles. Lincoln built 15,766 Continentals in this body style that year. The high end of resale value for these cars according to Hagerty is $45,000.

1967 Lincoln Continental

This is another two-door hardtop, finished in white/black like the predecessor year. It has the highest mileage of any of the cars with a claimed 87,603 miles. Lincoln built 11,060 Continentals like this one for 1967. Hagerty thinks the ’67 is worth about the same as the ’66.

1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

The Mark III was introduced the prior year and was a bit hit in the personal luxury car segment. White cars with black vinyl tops were apparently popular with this collector. It has only 24,683 claimed miles and was one of 30,858 that Lincoln cranked out that year. Hagerty pegs these cars in the mid-30s on resale value.

1977 Lincoln Continental

This one is the only four-door in the group. It has traveled 86,641 miles and was one of 27,440 units built that year. This generation of the Continental is worth less than its 1960s counterparts at the mid-20s according to Hagerty.

1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Mark series cars seemed to get bigger and bigger over their run. This one appears to have a white vinyl top over a matching bottom section. The mileage is low at 22,277 and Lincoln made 72,602 units that year. Hagerty thinks these cars are worth $35,000 on the high end.

1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

This one is from the Collector Series, which meant it was built to commemorate the end of Continental Mark V production and was even more opulent than the standard Mark V that year. This car has a claimed 57,104 miles and had a limited production of 5,159 units. It features a white vinyl top over a pinkish bottom section. The Collector Series doesn’t seem to command any more money now than the regular Mark V.




    I like me the Lincoln’s, slight correction, that “pink” Mark V is actually a Town Coupe’ and the one that I want the most. Although any of them would be great.

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    • Miguel

      The mark V looks light gray to me.

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      I agree, town coupes are the coolest. I’d take the 66 second

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    • shan_paramus

      agreed, it’s the 2-door coupe version of the Town car… My dad had a ’77 continental town car sedan… lotsa room in the back for us kids to monkey around in the back and annoy the parents

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    There’s a really clean MKIII in a charcoal color
    that I see parked at a business that hasn’t moved in a-
    while.One of these days I’ll have to stop & take a closer
    look at it,although I have no idea what I’d do with it.
    I remember reading a story about it in “MY WEEKLY READER”
    while I was in grade school.If I remember,it was about 19 feet long.

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  3. Chip59

    Is it just the lighting or does the Mark III look pale green with a dark green top?

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    • JACKinNWPA JACKinNWPA Member

      Yep, paint code 1833 light green. A light almost white mint green.

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  4. Bob C.

    No matter what year, these Lincolns are all SWEET.

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  5. Mike

    The Mark III for me! Breakthrough styling and not as bloated as the Mark IV!👍👍

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  6. Denny_Nevada

    In regard to the 1978 Mark V Coupe, is their any info, as to the interior color?? Is it leather, or cloth?? Would it harm the value, or collectibility of this car, if it is repainted, in all white, or any other 1978;Lincoln, factory color?? Thanks for sharing these, very much appreciated.

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  7. Ted Miller

    Had an uncle that was a Dr. he was a Lincoln man always enjoyed getting to go for rides with him or my aunt! He had 64, 66, 69 Mark 3, 77 Town car, 78 Mark 4, 87 Town car & 90 Lincoln Continental before he passed away! He keep the 66 & still drove it regularly!

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  8. Jon Ard

    Had a ’78 Mark V Givenchy series … green with the chamois top, green leather with beige inlaid broadlace … 460/4bbl … Quadrophonic sound, moonroof, hydro-boost PS, “anti-skid” brakes – everything except the heated vibrating seats … great road car – wish I had it back …

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  9. Mark

    “Dad, the Speedway tanker is here….guy needs you to sign for it”.

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  10. David Miraglia

    I love those Lincolns…

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  11. KEVIN

    Mark III and Mark V are listed as fairly low mileage

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  12. YourSoundMan

    The ’77 is my favorite, despite having the highest odometer.

    The reason is on top! ;)

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  13. KenB

    The plural of “Lincoln” is “Lincolns” (no apostrophe)… just saying…

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    • YourSoundMan

      American spoken here, lol!

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  14. Eric

    The pink car was probably a Mark Kay Cosmetics car. That looks like the original Mountain Laurel Pink that they used. I had to mix that color more than once.

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  15. Vito

    The 4 door Lincoln is either a 78 or 79. The 77 had skirts. The Marks are sharp !

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  16. SouthJerseyMike

    One thing I got out of this story is somebody is smoking some fat ones at Hagerty.

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