Mark V

Hot Rod Jaguar Mark V Drophead Coupe

Jaguar introduced its Mark V in the Fall of 1948 alongside the XK120. The slinky XK120 stole the show, but the Mark V staked out new territory too: it was the first Jaguar with hydraulic brakes, sealed beam headlamps,… more»

8k Original Miles? 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V

We frequently see classics cross our desks at Barn Finds featuring extraordinarily low odometer readings, which sometimes must be taken with a grain of salt. Such is the case with this 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V. The seller states… more»

Needs Love: 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Bill Blass Edition

Special edition vehicles are nothing new to the automotive world, and most manufacturers will take a swing at the concept at least once. Lincoln proved it could compete with the best by releasing the Designer Editions of its Continental… more»

Cartier Edition? 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Nearing the late seventies while GM was busy redesigning many of its flagships with smaller dimensions outside, Lincoln introduced a new Mark series for 1977, the Mark V, which used the same chassis as its predecessor but actually added… more»

Designer Package! 1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V Cartier Edition

As luxurious as the Lincoln Continental Mark V offerings were in base form, for buyers who wanted an even more special touch came the designer series line-up, which added a distinctive label and cosmetic treatment to the already opulent… more»

Only 2 Owners: 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Continental Mark V was produced by Lincoln between 1977 and 1979 and was the longest 2-door coupe ever marketed by the company. Its successor, the Mark VI, would be the latest of the U.S. auto industries cars to… more»

6k Mile Barn Find: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Classics like traditional 1970s Land Yachts are about as politically incorrect as a motor vehicle can be in an era when manufacturers are focusing more on the economy and hybrid models. These cars are as big and bold as… more»

Hoarder’s Garage Find: 1951 Jaguar Mark V

In 1948, Jaguar introduced its luxury model, the Mark V, alongside its new sports car, the XK120, at the London Motor Show. The XK120 was not quite ready for production but when both hit the market, the Mark V… more»

460 V8 Project: 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

In the late 1970s, most car buyers were migrating to smaller, more fuel-efficient automobiles. Except for those who were affluent and didn’t care about the cost of gasoline. The Lincoln Continental Mark V continued to knock down some impressive… more»

Just 2,000 Made! 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

The Mark series of Continentals from 1958-60 are some of the boldest designs and styling to come from Ford Motor Co. They were the largest unit-construction (“unibody”) automobiles ever built, alongside the “Squarebird” Thunderbirds at a brand-new manufacturing plant…. more»

Stored For 54 Years: 1950 Jaguar Mark V Drop-Head Coupe

If you went out Jaguar shopping in 1950, you faced two main choices. If a genuine sports car was on your shopping list, a shiny XK120 would have been the best option. However, if you wanted the wind-in-the-hair experience… more»

Biggest Ford Ever! 1960 Lincoln Continental

With a 131-inch wheelbase, the 1958-60 Lincoln Continentals would be the longest cars ever built by Ford Motor Co. (excluding those with 5 mph bumpers). They were tank-like in size and visual impression, designed to give Cadillac and Imperial… more»

Barn Find Collection: Thunderbirds and Lincolns

Estate sales often turn up some interesting finds. In this case, an open garage that doesn’t look like its been touched in years – except to store a minimum of five and as many as seven old Ford Thunderbirds… more»

Parked For 40 Years: 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Affordable classic luxury cars are getting harder to find, but that seems to be what is on offer with this 1960 Lincoln Continental Mark V. It has been parked for 40-years, but it is a complete vehicle that shows… more»

1960s and 1970s Lincoln 6-Pack

Lincoln’s are no strangers to Barn Finds, but you seldom see six of them being auctioned off from the same source. The “six-pack” covers the years of 1966, 1967, 1969, 1977 and 1978 and includes Continentals, Mark Vs and… more»

1,941 Mile 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Sometimes you only have to look at the bidding history on a vehicle to realize that you are dealing with something pretty special. That would certainly appear to be the case with this 1978 Continental Mark V. With a… more»

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