1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible Barn Find

Note to self, next time a convertible needs to be stored, consider doing it in top-up mode. Listed as a barn find, this poor old ’62 Lincoln Continental convertible looks more like a rubble-find considering its deleterious condition. And that’s all the more reason to give it a review. This Lincoln is located in Bolivar, Ohio and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of  $1,600 with thirteen bids tendered so far.

Fourth-generation Lincoln Continentals were brilliantly penned by Ford designer Elwood Engel who left Ford not long after his award-winning Continental design became reality. He continued to ply his trade at Chrysler where his work is most evident in the ’64 Imperial. Some refer to these fourth-generation Continentals as Kennedyesque, for obvious reasons, but I prefer to avoid that descriptor and just label them as Engel versions.

So, the listing’s description states, “Barn find. Known missing trunk lid, driver tail light, rear springs, passenger side inside door handles“. Besides the obvious vacancy of the trunk lid, that’s a rather eclectic collection of missing parts and would make one think that there was some parts poachin’ going on. What remains shows evidence of surface rust, dents, dust, dirt, and probably mold. Particularly intriguing is the front bumper, it has gone green on us, what’s up with that? Back to the matter of the convertible top, it appears to still be in place but it shows as being cattywampus so it’s likely inoperable and/or missing parts.

Silenced for what is probably many moons is this Lincoln’s once-formidable 300 gross HP, 430 CI V8 engine. The engine shows as untouched for at least a generation, but it does look complete. There is no indication of A/C equipment but that’s not that surprising on a convertible of this generation. A three-speed automatic transmission was the only gearbox choice for this car.

The interior is just plain sad. The combination leather and vinyl upholstery is buried under a dustbowl of debris and it’s not possible to determine the fabric’s condition though it doesn’t appear to be ripped, torn, etc. The condition of the carpet is undeterminable though the dash pad still shows as fair, I think. I’m not certain regarding the basis of the wood trim, as in real or faux, but regardless, it’s delaminating. Most distressing is the extreme amount of mold that has descended upon every surface and object.

So, what’s next for this 1962 example of Mr. Engel’s remarkable design? More parts probably. Unless it’s extremely conclusive, I prefer to not pronounce sentence but this Continental is going to present its next caretaker with a tough row to hoe, wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    MUCH harder to work on than their Ford sister. At this stage, you couldn’t give it to me.

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    • Bud Lee

      Of all the things to be missing on a car , why the trunk lid ?

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      • Rodney - GSM

        …family sledding device. What else?

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      • Bick Banter

        Hopefully they didn’t use Clark Griswold’s non-chloric, silicon-based kitchen lubricant and it can be reused.

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      • Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

        Probably removed a long time ago to service that non-working, completely retractable convertible top frame. I can almost smell this car through my PC screen. Wear a mask and full disposable body suit when extracting this car or beginning the clean up process!

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  2. Dan B

    Kinda looks like they dug it out from under the barn

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  3. Milt

    “trash photo presentations” are increasingly common on BarnFinds. The folks at BAT would never accept such photos for publication, so why does BarnFinds?

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      This is one we found on eBay so we have no control over the seller’s photos.

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    • NHDave

      Milt, you do understand the difference between Barn Finds and Bring a Trailer, right? They’re not intended to be the same thing.

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      • Thomas Stricker

        Thank goodness they are not like bring a trailer.

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    • That Guy

      BaT is now exclusively an auction site. They don’t publish finds from around the internet as BF does, and as they used to. So they can exercise control over the photos they display. BF gets whatever’s there, and has no input into the seller’s process. And yes, sometimes that means the photos are crappy.

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      • ttroke Member

        Stay True Barn Finds, Thats why I subscribe!

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    • Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

      This is an entertainment website revolving around cars both good and ugly, fresh and stale, potential to be realized or recycled.

      This one wins the latter in each contest yet the seller’s apathy to proper storage amuses me. That, and the copper underneath the front bumper plating has a nice shade of verdigris!

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    • Solosolo KEN TILLY UK Member

      You do know that BAT charge a LOT of $$$’s to advertise your vehicle for sale on their website whereas BF charge a maximum of $49 by the look of it. That’s why BAT get good pics because if they don’t then they don’t advertise the vehicle until they do.

    • Solosolo Solosolo Member

      You do know that BAT charge a LOT of $$$’s to advertise your vehicle for sale on their website whereas BF charge a maximum of $49 by the look of it. That’s why BAT get good pics because if they don’t then they don’t advertise the vehicle until they do. Ken Tilly UK

    • Rob

      I like seeing the photos as the seller intended. The site is named “Barn Finds” after all.

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    • Frank D

      So we Barn Finds faithful viewers can have an afternoon laugh and follow it up with insulting and occasional constructive comments. The beauty of BarnFinds, if you list your belove vehicle be prepared!

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      • Greg Williams

        The 4 I have will stay right where they are at. Mine are what I wanted and how I put them back together

  4. Gary

    Just the thing for a nice trip through downtown Dallas.

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    • OGK

      Not cool dude

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      • Gary

        I heard that John had a good sense of humor, he would laugh…for sure. I myself cried on that day, but I am all cried out. Time for some joy.

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  5. Rw

    Trunk lid way probably used as sled in snow pulled behind truck or tractor,that’s what we did back in the day.

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  6. Rw

    Deck probably used as snow sled pulled behind truck or tractor, very common before everyone was snowflakes

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  7. robert gressard

    I am bidding. I have the missing parts and it’s only 20 miles away. These old Continentals are tough to kill. It’s a diamond in the really really rough. My kinda car. I love the ones everyone gives up on.

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    • grant

      I hope you get it! I love these old Lincolns. If you win the auction please keep us updated.

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  8. HC

    More like a Tomb Find, instead of Barn Find. What a sad, sorry state for a Lincoln. Hopefully, the guy on here who sounds interested, can do something with it.

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    • Frank D

      Let’s hope he has a mask and tetanus shot.

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  9. Maurice

    These trunk lids always rust out so he probably sold it. If you have to buy a good one now you’ll pay more than this bidding will ever reach. Same with gas tanks so best financial solution is to part this one out.

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  10. Bob McK Member

    I love this body style, but this old girl is beyond my abilities.

  11. ken tilly

    BAT charge a lot of cash to put your vehicle on their site for auction, that’s why they demand good photos because the more it sells for, the more money they make, up to $5000. How much does BF charge? Max $49 by the look of it.

  12. Ray

    Poor old car. Hopeless.
    R I P Rust in peace.

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  13. Steve Clinton

    All the money and restorative talent in the world couldn’t save this.

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  14. Greg Williams

    Hate it for this old girl. Maybe they should bury back into the barn under the manure piles and let it quietly rest in peace.

  15. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    You kinda need the trunk deck lid to operate the convertible top. Basically, all the controls, limited slip relays, yards of wiring and everything else is inside the trunk lid.
    This was my first car back in high school. 1962 Lincoln Continental 4 door convertible in white with white top and blue leather interior. Everyone else had either muscle cars or econoboxes, but I had my luxury land yacht.
    Who says I’m spoiled? LMAO

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    • Greg Williams

      I can’t say as I blame you. I like my land yacht, too. 58 Impala

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  16. chrlsful

    sucha great model (I call the Kennedy Limo), shame.
    Guy closed a yrd near here specalizing in ’em.

    • Greg Williams

      You might be able to get one, not in bad of condition, for a better price that’s complete and needs some TLC to make it purr again.

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  17. HC

    The 430 MEL engine and trans is really the only thing of real value left on this Lincoln. Unless you happen to have another Lincoln sitting around. If someone could get this for a reasonable price the drivetrain alone is worth the purchase.

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    • Greg Williams

      I agree with you HC, the drivetrain is like finding gold now. If you were able just get it cheaper than the asking price

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  18. rick

    Actually BAT only charges $99 to list a car. I enjoy both BAT and Barn Finds, watch them both every day.

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  19. Sam61

    BHCC could probably sell this for $25 large.

    Too bad for such a grand car…where’s D Day, Bluto, Otter, Flounder and a torch when you need them. Death Mobile reduex

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  20. Michael L Gregory

    I have ridden in a perfect convertible with both the top up and down. So many complex operations to keep in order, but when it works it’s great. One of my favorite things was how the windows resealed themselves when you closed the door with the top up. Many modern cars still do that.

    My other fond(?) memory is standing next to the right front wheel well waiting to get in my sister’s Continental. It was already hot outside, but the heat coming from that engine made it like standing in Death Valley. And then we all got in and the A/C was so cold and windy we headed right to the North Pole.

    These cars, convertible or otherwise, have always been on my bucket list. Maybe someday…

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  21. Greg Williams

    After looking at it closer, I can see there’s alot of parts that can be used to make another 62 come to life. But it’s a shame that something this fine was stashed in a barn and forgotten about. At best a donor vehicle.

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  22. robert gressard

    Seems others with that know the mark know the value. Sold for $7900.

  23. HC

    Its only an ebay sale so just because they won the bid or a crazy price,, doesn’t mean they will pay for it. Only value left on that Lincoln was the drivetrain.

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