1963 Chevrolet Corvette Split Window Project!

With the Corvette C8 having now broken cover, it got me thinking about the styling of the vehicle, and from that perspective, what would be considered to be the most iconic Corvette of all time. Opinions will vary on that, but for me, it has to be the 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe. It was a car that brought together a number of new styling features, but that one-year-only rear window makes the car instantly recognizable. This particular 1963 Coupe is a car that is going to require a full restoration, and it isn’t going to be a cheap proposition. If you feel up to the task, then you will find it located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has listed the car with a BIN price, and this has been set at an eye-watering $55,000.

With this particular Corvette, it is a case of “what you see is what you get.” This is a rolling body, and the next owner is going to be faced with a mountain of work and a very long list of required parts before it even begins to look like its old self once again. The body itself is actually in quite good condition and features new quarter panels and a new front clip. It’s not a bad starting point, but that’s what it is; A starting point.

The Corvette rolls on a 1965 frame, and that is going to need some work. There are some previous repairs to this, and according to the owner, these were performed to a pretty low standard. I guess the one positive to draw from it at this point is that with the Corvette in its current state, dismantling it for a decent frame restoration is not going to be a big job. The owner says that the birdcage is in really good condition, so that is something that the next owner won’t have to worry about. Of course, being a roller, the car is going to need a complete drive-train, fuel system, electrical system, brakes, and a lot of little screws, brackets, and all of those fiddly pieces that are easy to forget until that moment when you actually need them. Having been through a similar process myself, it can get frustrating when you realize that the assembly process has stalled because you are missing one tiny part.

Now we get to the interior, and surprise, there is not much here to see. Originally, the car featured a black interior and options such as power windows, but now there is little more here than a pretty decent looking dash frame. One thing that we can see with the car dismantled to this point is the fact that the floors have undergone some previous repairs.

I guess we’re now at the point where we face the big question, and that is exactly what to do with this Corvette. In its original Silver Blue with a Black interior, it would have been a striking looking car. One of its biggest issues now is that even if restored to its original specifications, it will never be a numbers-matching car. This is a problem, because it is possible to secure quite presentable, numbers-matching examples, albeit featuring a Powerglide transmission, for around the $90,000 mark. From there, of course, the sky is the limit as far as values go. The other huge issue is the fact that even after handing over the sort of money that the owner is asking, there is going to be a considerable outlay of cash required to secure all of the parts required to return it to its former glory. It is all possible, but is it the sort of project that you would take on?


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WANTED 1971 Saab 96 Looking for either a mostly-done project or a driver-quality car. Contact

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Price is in the “you’ve got to be kidding” territory.

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    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Without even the ‘Make offer’ option.


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    • ken tilly UK Member

      The restoration is also in the same territory.

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    • jerry

      and as far as i’m concerned the 1967 corvette in the cream of the crop, by this time they had a lot of bugs worked out ,and after this gm went the other way

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  2. Chet

    Someone needs to write him a reality check.

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  3. Dr. B

    The owner needs to get his feet planted in reality or he just added one zero too many.

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  4. CCFisher

    Hagerty lists a #4 “Fair” 1963 Corvette at $42,000, and according to their definition, this one is far from fair.

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  5. brianashe

    Completely separated from reality. No engine, so it will never be numbers-matching, and not only is the frame not original, it’s not even from the same year?!? And the front clip is replaced? And the rear fenders and taillight panel? You can get a COMPLETE and WORKING SWC with non-original engine and a Powerglide for not much more than this. Here’s one from 2 years ago in GREAT condition for $65k.
    I’m pretty sure it would take more than $10k to bring this heap to that standard, and values haven’t gone up THAT much in the last 2 years.

    Seller is on crack.

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    • Kim

      It seems like with all of the clone panels available these days, it would be much cheaper to build a new clone with C5 C7 mechanicals. After all this thing is nothing more than a clone. A patched up one at that. Nothing original here that can’t be reproduced at better quality.

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  6. John B.

    Let’s see no motor, no transmission, no interior, no chrome trim except for wheel covers, non original frame that has been repaired and a buy it now of “what”? How could you possibly go wrong on this? I do admire the seller’s honesty good luck to buyer and seller!!!

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  7. DaveK

    Might there be an extra “0” on that price?

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  8. Frank Sumatra

    I’m not sure it is worth $15,000 let alone the asking price. It will be 2063 before it goes at the BIN.

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  9. Classic Steel

    I hope someone crazy person pays full price on this baby 😉

    It makes me look-at my numbers match just restored split from engine to 4 speed to drive train to master cylinder and say wow a future retirement nest egg if ever needed …
    considering . I paid a lil less than this but got a real car 😉

    I purchased mine non rust perfect frame which sat decades all there and rebuilt brakes , carpet, fuel lines etc etc
    Farmed engine out to professional rebuild and dyno exceeded the 340 ponies with orig cab and fuel pump

    I honestly see the high prices 100+ on restored and expect to drop 30% or more but don’t care as i drive mine to enjoy …

    Again good luck on sale ..

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    I’m with you guys. Hmm lets see for 55 large you get a frame that’s been restored to “a lower standard”?? I’ll have what he’s some of what he’s smoking. I’m no expert on fiberglass but you would need to make sure that was done correctly.
    Don’t know if the bubble will burst on these older ‘vettes, but it sure is on other makes. My $.02.

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  11. Chris M.

    Soooo, ummm yeah, let’s go with that then.

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  12. 327365

    i don’t know about you guy’s but i think he has the rest of the stuff too put this back together in his stash ,probably from said car hay i’ve got 3 new in original box turn signal switch’s 1963 vette i’ll sell him for a grand a piece lol smfh

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  13. James

    I’d give 10K and put a hellcat motor in it with side pipes and some old school torque thrust wheels. Why not?

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  14. Bob Baird

    Here is a 1963 SWC currently for sale at $160K for comparison. Since I don’t own it :( , I’m not including contact info, but I think this one already done is by far the better deal. I can’t find any place to post the picture. Has Barnfinds eliminated that option??

    1963 Corvettes Split Window Coupe. Riverside Red Ext. Black Int. 340 HP 4 Speed, 3:70 Rear. Before the restoration this car was a rust free example with all original body panels….a true 57K mile complete car just needing a restoration. These are the date coded parts believed to be original to this car: Engine, Rear end, Carb, Voltage Regulator, Alternator, Distributor, All 4 Shocks. Radiator and Tank are DeWitts Restorations. The (No expense spared) restoration began in 2018 and was completed in April of 2019. It was judged to 98 points at an NCRS Regional in April 2019. Some of the deducts found at the Regional have been addressed. In May 2019 it received a Performance Verification Award at another NCRS Regional. This car runs and drives as well as it looks. Engine pad and trim tag photos available upon request.

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    • ken tilly UK Member

      Yes, BF has discontinued the option to post photos unless you are a member, which doesn’t make much sense to us that live in UK.

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      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Ken, i see your comments all the time. I think you can subscribe being from the UK. Then post all the pics you want.

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  15. ruxvette

    As everyone has said…$55,000 for a body, rusty frame and hubcaps. If I had a virgin SWC that an ex had taken a hammer to the body this still wouldn’t be a good deal. The list of parts, pieces, wires, clips, etc, etc, etc, would weigh as much as the car does now.

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  16. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Aw come on, what’s not to like? ‘-) Assuming you’re Jay Leno and have unlimited $$ anything is possible. Unfortunately I’m not Jay Leno and it would take 2 or 3 lifetimes to recover what this one is going to take to get it back into shape IMO. Take that money and go find a better starting point and have something usable and drivable.
    My 3 cents (inflation you know).

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  17. bobk

    Wow….where’s the Porsche logo???

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  18. Andrew Franks

    86 Vette has it right. The BIN is absurd.

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  19. Bruce Rolfe

    Seller is totally out of whack. Maybe $3000-$5000 as it sits ( on a great day ) If you could get it for a super cheap price do what you want to it. Slap a 427 in it and have some fun.

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  20. Bing

    I sold a numbers matching, third owner 63 coupe, small 327, two speed auto, very basic car on e bay for $47,500 five years ago. Bought it five years earlier for 30 large. Did a little work on it using OEM and NOS parts replacing wiring and rubber grommets… and drove it sparingly. Had lots of documentation on the car… To my unmitigated surprise, it went across at Barrett Jackson earlier this year for 125,000! Insanity I say. And, yes, it was my car because a blogger had files of photos when he did an article on it… Even had the tired old original dealer supplied rubber mats that I did not change out… Is that crazy or what?
    The ask on the body is just as crazy, but perhaps the seller will find someone as looney as he is to give him his ask..

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  21. John

    I do not want to be there when you tell your wife that you spent $55,000 for this. It will not be a pretty sight.

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  22. bigdoc

    Extremely insane BIN

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  23. Bob McK Member

    Wait till the new owner tries to find the rear windows trim pieces. I don’t think they exist. Hopefully someone can prove me wrong.

  24. 327 365

    If you look at what else he’s got for sale he’s got all the stuff to put it together with and he’s even got a red one for sale with red pieces for sale $3,500 for the window trim and it does not have anything to do with Jesus

  25. Comet

    $55,000?? Have we all lost our minds? Why not just skip any common sense and list it for one mil? These clowns take up space on this website that could be better utilized highlighting realistic cars for sale.

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  26. Al

    $55k for a shell lmao! People should seriously put the weed down when watching a Barrett Jackson auction while owning something like this.

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  27. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    How do we know it’s an original car? As stripped down as it is it could be a kit body. At least it does have wheels, heh, heh.
    God bless America

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  28. Del

    Just to get things straight before I bid……

    What year was the car parted out ? 🤣

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  29. George Mattar

    I follow C2 prices. This guy is smoking crack. At recent Mecum auction, a very nice 63 SWC with no hit body on orig frame and orig 340 hp engine struggled to $70,000. This guy added to many zeroes to the price.

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  30. Bill

    This is the kind of guy you like to hit in the head with a brick just because of jacks the prices on everything else

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  31. LEMAN

    he should really get started on restoring this himself, why? he is either asleep or in a coma, from what was pictured there isn’t $4,000.00 worth of trash there

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  32. Steve Courchesne

    Everyone has ruined this hobby because an average guy who once owned any of these cars has no hope to acquire one for nostalgic reasons. I owned 4 early Stingrays and 9 Camaro including a Z-11 Pace car. Will never be able to afford one again even in project form at 63 years of age. I have the talent to restore but unable to acquire. Most people are just in it to flip these cars and make money doing it. That is what has driven the prices so far out of reach for the average guy!

  33. TimM

    These numbers just put cars like this a little further away from me from where they were before!!! Probably a lot of other people too!!! The 63 is probably the most iconic of all GM body styles for the corvette!!! I prefer rag tot corvettes with bid blocks myself!! This would of back in the day been a project I would have taken on but not today at this price!! Talk about being upside down on a project!!!

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  34. PatrickM

    LOL… Love a couple of your statements: “…all those fiddly little pieces.” and “…missing one tiny part.” I’ve not done a project like this and will I never…especially for that sort of price tag. One of the previous statements is absolutely correct, “owner is on crack.” Cant be anything else.

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