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1964 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Barn Find!

Do you know how some things just don’t seem to add up sometimes? You see something that looks intriguing and you think, Wow! Really? That’s exactly how this 1964 Impala SS listing hit me – the description, the price, and then the finer details. Let’s take a look and see how it hits you. This Impala SS is located in Clarkston, Michigan and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $19,900.

An Impala SS 409 (Mid year’61 through mid-year ’65) is the stuff of legend, especially the dual four-barrel carburetor versions produced between ’62 and ’64. And when you find a nice looking one like this example, for only $19,900, something just doesn’t sound right. Well, read a bit further and you’ll learn that the 425 HP, dual quad 409 CI V8 is out of the car but included in the sale. So, is it the original engine? You know, as in numbers matching? Or, is it date correct? Does it run? Is it rebuildable? What’s it look like? All great questions with no answers, that’s a matter for further inquiry. What’s under the hood, anything? Yes, a 400 CI small-block engine. Does it run? No word, no images either. The dual-quad 409’s were not offered with automatic transmissions, and this example does have a manual gearbox as verified by the interior image, but there are more questions at this point than there are answers. The seller does state that he has made mechanical improvements including the addition of power front disc brakes; new fuel lines and tank; new tires; a new battery; and a carburetor rebuild (for the 400 engine?).

The exterior of this Impala looks great, there is no sign of rust, dents, or crash damage. The finish is obscured by dust but looks to still have some shine to it. Same deal with the bumpers and trim, all is intact and they present themselves well. The Chevrolet rally wheels are a typical accouterment for old Chevies though they weren’t introduced until 1967.

Inside is a similar story, it’s really dusty, probably a result of its barn storage, but the black vinyl upholstery is not revealing rips, tears, or wear. From what can be spied, the carpet looks good too. Of note is the cool factory tachometer which is perched on the leading edge of the instrument panel. These were used in both ’63 and ’64 and is one of those nice old touches that is currently being reproduced. It’s unfortunate that the lone interior image is not more revealing.

There you have it. What do you think? If the included 409 is original and salvageable, this Chevy is a deal. If the motor is not serviceable, and it’s just a collection of parts, then that changes up the value. And, if it’s not the original 409 engine and it’s not rebuildable, that explains the current “reduced” price. Remember the old adage, “If something seems too good to be true, it probably is”. And I imagine that’s the case here which then begs the question, is this original 1964 Impala SS, formerly a dual quad, 409 equipped car, a good buy at the asking price?


  1. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Being a Michigan car, I’d want to check for rust and Bondo. It does look pretty good, even the interior looks decent. Interesting car and if the motor is rebuildable and numbers matching, it could be a good buy.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    That car is way longer than the trailer they loaded it on.
    Less than ideal transport.

    I’m 50 miles or so from Clarkston, if anyone seriously wants a pair of eyes on this Chevy.

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    • Joe Hinton

      If you do get to look at the car, I would appreciate clear info on this 409. The general needed one such as , rust/ bondo, frame rust/damage, is it a real 409 w/ intake &carbs..or a frozen 348. The fact that you seem to be an impartial 3 party who would know what he is looking at is a big plus.

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    • Phlathead Phil

      No it’s not. Look closer those are car ramps.

      My 16’ open car hauler is the same thing.

      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        Yes, it is. I was just eyeballing, and could see it. Putting a ruler up to the laptop screen on the FB photo #4 shows 3″ for the trailer, 3-3/4″ for the car. That is a lot of overhang, translated to actual dimensions, about 20% of the car. And I’d not be thinking those ramps are ideal for anything but a Bobcat or similar apparatus.

        I haul cars with my choice of 3 trucks and 3 trailers for work, have been doing it for nearly 7 years. A 24′ Featherlite enclosed, a very HD custom open 25′, and a custom 36′ open gooseneck. All aluminum framed. I know trailers! The trucks are 3 different one-ton pickups.
        Not saying that this haul was dangerous or illegal, certainly should have had flags on the back bumper…
        Just less than Ideal. Running some numbers on a calculator suggests a 14ft. trailer. I found on the ‘net that an Impala is about 210″, 17.5 feet. Holy overhang, Batman!

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      • Phlathead Phil

        Dude, you are Day Dreaming for sure.

        I’ve been hauling trailers and cars for over 40 years.

        I’ve hauled, cars, boats, travel trailers and the like. This is NOT a too short trailer.

        So what if it hangs over?

        Calif DMV requires a16”x 16” red or orange flag on a 3’ overhang and a red warning light at 6.’

        I’ve hauled cars from one end of california to the other.

        Got stopped one late night hauling 3 trailers stacked 1,2,3 by a CHP in Shafter, Ca. years ago.

        Went to court and “Shafted” the shifty shafter copper whopper who wrote the bogus citation.

        The judge called him OUT of BOUNDS!

        Moral of story: Don’t Get “Shafted In Shafter!

  3. Tony Primo

    C’mon, who lists a 409 for sale without a picture of those iconic W valve covers?

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  4. 1-MAC

    I know everyone is crazy about “matching numbers” So what If you like the car and want it buy it. It is just a number. If you are buying trying to resell, then you are trying to be a dealer and why? It is easy enough to restamp a block. You don’t yhink all those 67 Corvettes with solid lifters have their original engine do you. Many were destroyed with a missed shift at high rpm. When they beca,e valuable many had “matching number” big blocks reinstalled.

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    • jerry hw brentnell

      you hit the nail on the head! when buying a car like this ! could care less about this stupid numbers game,I going to drive said car not gloat over it covered up in the garage! same with cars owned by somebody famous ! who cares! when I had my 66 sport fury 383 4 gear, at cruise nights, the stupid questions were, how fast does it go? Is it a ford? must be a gas hog? oh that 4 speed never came in that car! ? or the best one ! I had a car just like this! their car was a 4 door fury 2 slant 6 auto ,it was a poor car tho! I put a 100,000 miles on it , and bought a chev a good car! yea right! haw-haw!

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  5. Robert White

    I’d buy it sight unseen given that the buckets are mint, and the door panels are excellent too. If the seller says that a 409CID comes with the car I’d still buy it sight unseen.

    The body is excellent form what I can see. It’s a real SS, and the console shifter is correct.

    Nice car IMHO.


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  6. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Bob, I’m selling some beach front property in Arizona – see my pictures in my ad. Oh – it’s 409 ft from 425ft of property line from my porch.

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    • Robert White

      I’ll take it, but send the bill of sale to JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon on Wall Street.



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    • Bruce Fischer

      I bought a 56 Buick station wagon sight unseen,{i think still runners knows the 1 i am talking about} I would never do it again.You would think if some one that wanted to sell a car they would supply more information and pictures, just sayin.Bruce.

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    A common trend. We are seeing many unique and rare cars posted up for sale. My guess is we haven’t seen anything yet. With Covid people are realizing they need the money instead of an old car sitting around. Need to eat pay bills!

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  8. EPO3

    it makes me mad that he wont sell the duel quads . and the color looks like a 1961 color hmmm

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    • Chuck Dickinson

      You’re thinking of Honduras Maroon, used in 61 &n 62. This car would be Palomar Red, the darker red/maroon color used in 63/64.

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  9. Ray

    Looks like solid car that just needs cleaned up

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  10. Chris in Australia

    Bore the 400 SBC out to 409? Than you could honestly claim it as a 409 car.

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  11. Troy s

    If it was in fact a real 425 horse 409 car way way back in ’64 I can’t help but wonder how long it was before the ‘somethin broke’ phrase came up. Those were meant to haul a$$ if anything else to haul some more A__!
    Not too many cars get a song written about them.
    They never sang about a 427 Galaxie, right?
    I like the way it looks here, a 400 seems fine if the small block route is the plan. All about the smiles these days,,, we need it.

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    • joseph jackson

      Those X-frame Impalas were hard on driveshaft carrier bearings if you had any power. I had to have a driveshaft custom built for my 62 SS.

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  12. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I admit only being around a pair of 409’s over the years. One was in a 63 SS and that thing was a terror on the street. Other was transplanted into a 57 Convertible when I was a kid. That one was a continual work in progress right up to the time divorce happened.
    The one I rode in would plant you in the seat any time desired. I like the 64 and hope the 409 can be brought back to life and put back in the car.

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  13. John Clark

    I had a 1963 Impala SS convertible same color as pictured, but with a white top. It was a 340 hp 409, with a power glide. It was factory stock, and I traded it in in 1969, for a Dodge Dart custom 2 door http.
    The 409 was very trouble free for me. If left at idle to long it would foul plugs. (AC43N).
    It came with the black interior whic I learned never to leave the top down in the sun.
    Tons of torque, good solid car.
    The Dart was for my mother. I took her 57 chev two door two ten. It had only 28k miles.
    I was happy until a Mustang rear ended it here in Omaha, and it was totaled.

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    • Glenn C. Schwass Member

      I can’t believe how many of these 409’s are hidden away. I never saw many until BF. Hopefully someone saves it and it’s decent.

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  14. jam

    409 cars were equipped with an extra brace on the upper link in the rear end and a 3/8th fuel line. It would be nice to see if those are there. The vin only will tell you whether it is a v8 car. Any 409 with a reasonable date code would be consider numbers matching.

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    • Mike Morgan

      Not all 409 cars got the extra link–working on one from the original owner. It has had the dual quad setup since it was fairly new, but didn’t come that way.

      • jam

        The assembly manual specifies the brace. I’m sure it’s possible they sent it down the line without it.

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  15. Frank

    Back in the late 60’s, My friend had a 64 with the dual quad 409 and I had a ’63 catalina with a 421 and tri power.
    We had tons of fun and high test was only 35 cents a gallon.
    The only problem Jim had with the 409 was breaking valve springs which may have been his fault.
    “The Good Old Days!”

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  16. ACZ

    Looking at all the above, I think something else needs to be looked at. I had a 63 Impala coupe, a long time back, and it’s weak point was the frame. Mine was a 283, not a 409. The left front rail between the center of the X and the left front suspension started to collapse when I put a floor jack under it. The body of this car was very clean. No rust and clean hemming flanges on the doors, solid floors, etc. but it was in the North. It was always garage kept and cleaned when used even for a short trip in the Winter. Bought new by my neighbor.
    With all that said, this 64 is in Michigan. Even what appears to be a good deal, still needs a really close inspection in the rust belt.

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  17. Bob

    Everything would depend on the engine. I wouldn’t waste time if owner couldn’t produce numbers. If it is real deal, engine alone, running condition could be worth more than half total cost of car!

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  18. David Marquis

    No pictures of the engine makes me real skeptical of the alleged 409. I come from those days of the 348 and 409 and I know what they look like . As said in some circles, ” you can fool some people most of the time but can’t fool people all of the time” Some people know the truth.

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    • Phlathead Phil

      I believe the saying goes like this: “You can fool some people all of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people ALL of the time.”

      No fooling!

      Ask me how I know?

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  19. GTO MAN 455

    matching numbers only matters to me if its a super rare car and its all orignal, other than that enjoy the car and burn rubber every chance you get.

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  20. Jon

    Looks like the 400 in the car now was modified with side open headers that were blocked off. Interesting project. The 409 should be rebuildable unless it is cracked.I may go up and get it.

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  21. Vince H

    Drove my brother in law’s 63 Impala. Don’t know hp rating. It had a powerglide tranny. This was in the early 70s so it was no longer that impressive compared to what was available.

    • Robert White

      It had a cast iron Powerglide.


      • Chuck Dickinson

        Cast iron PGs were last used in 62 and only on 6 cyl & 283 cars. 327s had the new aluminum case PG. From 63, there was only an aluminum PG used.

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  22. T-Bone

    If a rotted Superbird is at 55K, then a relatively clean Looking SS Impala has to be worth $20k numbers matching or not.

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  23. Stan Marks

    As I’ve said, a 100 times before, give the thing a wash, before advertising.
    The interior would look a 1000 times better, too.

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  24. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Really would like to see what he has as a 409 engine – did someone say he wasn’t including the carb/intake setup ?

  25. Brad

    Number matching or not. If that thing is solid not a rust bucket and the 409 is dual quad and buildable its still a good price

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  26. Joe Hinton

    How do I get in touch with you about a move I have coming up?

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