1964 Ford Galaxie: 390 & A 4-Speed!

The new bumpers included with this cool 1964 Ford Galaxie out of Saint Francis, Arkansas are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this find’s desirable features! Many of you may remember these cars as early NASCAR participants or as drag racers. Check out the auction here on eBay, where the buy it now is $5,000.

The seller tells us that rain and wind entering the barn the car was stored in rotted out the front sheet metal and therefore it was replaced. Other than that, the rust remaining is mainly behind the rear wheel wells, along with some previously patched holes in the trunk floor that could stand more repair.

The sloped rear window you see here was developed to make the car faster for racing; interestingly enough it became the best selling style and the more formal roofline models were discontinued for this model year.

You’ll spot two things pretty quickly in this shot; the third pedal and the air conditioning vents. Additionally, the seller tells us that the seats and carpet are good except for the kick panels on the bottom of the doors, as well as the headliner and surprisingly the dash pad is even uncracked!

Taking a closer look, we see that the air conditioning is a period dealer-add-on piece and the transmission is a four-speed “top loader”.

The 390 will run on starting fluid, but didn’t want to stay running enough for the seller to get it on their trailer; this might have something to do with the old gasoline that is in the system. Of course, those are things you can sort out over time, right? Would you use the included original steel wheels to create a NASCAR looking car? Possibly some period custom wheels to get that drag racing look? Or would you leave well enough alone and try to go back stock? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. ccrvtt

    If it’s solid it’s a great find, especially with new bumpers. I’d go with the 500XL trashcan lid wheelcovers just because I always thought they looked cool. 1964 was not as good a year for Detroit styling overall as 1963 & 1965 were, imo, but this is still a very nice looking design that has aged well.

    • mike D

      wasn’t there a strike at Ford that year that put a damper on auto sales? was just a kid then prob didn’t pay attention

  2. Kevin McCourt

    Gone in 60 seconds. No joke. Sold for $5,000

  3. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    I thought it seemed like a good buy!

  4. NMCarNut

    Hey, for what it is worth Ford did not offer in-dash air in any Galaxie for 1964. The air in this now gone XL is the top end SelectAire which was very likely factory installed.
    By the looks $5K was a steal.

  5. classic Steel

    Was a gr8 💪 car with the four speed👌
    No slide away steering though 😟

    I like seeing these old beast listed over rusted basket case early Porsche’s any day 👍

  6. Madmatt

    My dad sold a 64 galaxie 500 –non xl
    for $5 g–{he had real close to that in it} back in 02..?
    it was powder blue with white top..,two tone blue interior..390 4bbl
    It was a really nice clean car,but did need some TLC.
    This XL looked like a great starting point,and will
    continue to be collectable.One of my favorite years
    for Fords and Mercs….great styling..!

  7. Metoo

    I LOVE mid-60’s Galaxies. Very found memories of my mom’s 66, light blue with white convertible top one. No stereo, but a chrome covered speaker in the middle of the rear seat back. If memory serves it did have one of the first am/fm radios. And living in the NJ there were actually fm stations at the time. But the fact that they were so rust prone a car would make it so only one that spent all its life in a very dry desert or near desert environment, like here in AZ, would ever tempt me. I passionately envy anyone who has a ’60’s 2 door one, hardtop or convertible. You lucky dogs.

    • Graeme

      All cars of the era were rust-prone if they were in the wrong environment.

  8. Bob c.

    Put the bumpers on that beast, get it running right and giddy up. Of course, fix it up in good time.

  9. Blueovaldude

    Great car for the money for some lucky person! Love the styling of these galaxies. I would do the steel wheels with dog dish hubcaps. Probably 15 by 8s in the rear 15 by 6 in front. I believe all the air conditioning components were shipped in the trunk for dealer installation. Generator and so on would’ve been upgraded at the factory.

  10. Ron

    Good score for the lucky new owner. You have to love a big car like that with a big engine and a 4 speed !

  11. Miguel

    It is good to see cars like this in this condition sell for so much.

    It makes me feel better about the two I want to buy.

    This blue one is a floor shift automatic, but it is not an XL.

    The seller wants around $8300.00 for it.

    I don’t think you can get the featured car into this condition for the 3300.00 difference.

    • Steve R

      Much of the money and the increase in desirability associated with this car is specifically tied to the 4 speed transmission.

      Steve R

      • Miguel

        That may be, but it was still a lot to pay for a car that needed everything.

      • Miguel

        There certainly is no shortage of 1964 Galaxie 500 XLs on Autotempest.com

  12. Miguel

    This red one is an XL and it is also a floor shift automatic.

    The price is about the same at $8300.00

  13. glen

    This is the kind of vehicle I want to find in a barn! Anything from the 60’s,or earlier, will do,I’m not fussy.

  14. dave

    Not too shabby, and I own a ’64 XL myself. Front seats are not original but still a neat ride.

  15. BOP Guy Member

    Somebody pounced on this one! And why not, it has tons of potential. I sold my 66 Galaxie XL convertible with the 390 last year, and sometimes wish I had kept it! I’m jealous of the buyer, gonna be a great project.

  16. Beatnik Bedouin

    The ’63 1/2 – ’64 Galaxie Sportsroof are my faves from the era. Whoever bought the ’64 above has got a great starting point for a restoration.

    Add a few go-fast additions from the Ford Power catalogue and wow the troops!

  17. Joe P

    My dad had a black one w/red int.The’64 is one of my favorites!

  18. Pat A

    I have a ’64 that’s in about the same shape as this one. 289 auto, heads are in the trunk. Funny thing is that he headliner is in perfect shape. Bought it for a grand about 10 years ago.

  19. Ed smith

    Love that car my high school friend had one black with white top 390/4speed with 289 badges on the front fender we surprised a lot of folks with that car. Sure wish I had it today

  20. Troy s

    This is one of the cars that warped my brain as a young boy back in the early seventies and made a car nut out of me, at the age of 4. Neighbor had a galaxie like this, but it was strictly a drag car, noisy as heck with open pipes. He’d fire it up an occasionally make a blast down our street with it. Dark forest green with a black single seat interior, roll cage, and huge slicks, man I just stared at it with a grin from ear to ear as he would go roaring past.
    Years later I would find out it had a 427 SOHC in it with a four speed, but the car was prone to breakage so he had given up due to the expense, he still owns that car today and I figure he’ll probably use it for his coffin, never gonna sell it.

    • Rube Goldberg

      A car like this had a profound effect on me as a lad, as well, in ’64, I was nine, my friends brother across the alley , had a good job, and came home with a new ’64 XL, black red interior, R code, 4 speed. I remember looking at those chrome valve covers and oval air cleaner and dual quads and the “427” badges on the fender,,, nothing ever impressed me more since, and that was over 50 years ago. I got one ride, and pushed me into the back seat, made a god-awful ( good) noise. He got a bunch of tickets, and his next car was a 6 cylinder ’66 Mustang.

  21. RW Clark

    Darn I missed it. Great car!!!!


    Had both a 63 and a 64….both with out a console….did you see that console ?

  23. Clint

    A guy in my neighborhood growing up had two of these. One was white with a red interior and had a 390 with floor shift auto. Sported Cragar mags. The other was black with a bubble hood; 427 8V and a 4 speed. Also sported Cragar mags It literally rattled the windows when he opened it up….ah the lust I had for those two cars.

    There was a 3rd which was red with a white interior. This was another 390 column shift auto car. His had the sounds, but Bob’s had the real deal power.

  24. chad

    ’62 – 7, nice straight side lines after the ‘bulgemobiles’ I grew up on in the 50s. I like ’em. Just a lill ‘bump’ over the rear wheel.
    Now 390? I never followed too much. Good ‘race motor’? Seems like a tq’er for a truck?

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