1965 AMC Rambler Marlin: Local Fastback

1965 AMC Marlin

I’ve always dug the distinctive AMC Rambler Marlins, largely due to the fact that American manufacturers of the era didn’t take much interest in the fastback body design. The shape reminded me of the styling phenomenon of making a car look fast even when it’s standing still, and other cues like the horizontal tail lights and 2-tone paint job on the rear hatch combine to give you a classic coupe unlike anything else on the road. Jamie featured this car back in early July, but the seller discovered an issue with the title and pulled the auction. It appears they have gotten the issue resolved with the DMV and have relisted it for sale here on eBay. It is located in my neck of the woods in Cumberland, Rhode Island. It looks great, and the seller makes note of some significant work done including new floors, rebuilt rear end and a new gas tank. Bidding is still under $4k and there’s no reserve, which seems like a great deal – but I may be alone in my love for the fastback design. I also appreciate that the seller has taken steps to fix the title before selling, rather than letting the next owner solve the problem. Does anyone else find it to be a striking shape?


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  1. blindmarc

    A solid car for the money. Only a few hours left on auction.

  2. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    Seller can’t tell whether floor repairs were welded or riveted ???

    That answer would scare me from a purchase without personal inspection ……….and 95% of the cars we buy sight unseen, so I rely heavily on sellers descriptions and answers

    • jim s

      all the seller has to do is pick up the rubber mats and look, as there is no carpet. how hard can that be?

      • Dave at OldSchool Restorations

        jim s My point exactly ……….

        If he KNOWS they were repaired, then HOW ????

        it should also be obvious looking UNDER the car…

        When this question is avoided, it is fair to assume there IS a problem

  3. David R

    I love these, so you’re not alone on that. There’s just never one within reasonable distance of me, with a realistic price.

  4. jim s

    i too am glad seller got title issue fixed first. how old are the photos? still at the current bid this might be a low cost driver. yes i do like the shape of these.

  5. Howard A Member

    The Marlin was a great car, except for one drawback. If only it was a hatchback. The small trunk lid limited what you could do with this car. This is the 1st year of a 3 year run, and by ’67 it failed miserably and was discontinued,( like 2,500 sold) The ’65 was the most popular. Years ago, nobody thought of keeping a Marlin, so I’d think these, especially like this, are pretty hard to find. One of the coolest cars from Kenosha. Just to be clear, this car was known as the “Rambler Marlin”, and in 1966, it became the “AMC” Marlin. There was no reference to Rambler in the ’66 Marlin. ( Wiki)

  6. krash

    while looking at the EBay auction for this auto, I noticed another auction also taking place for the following car in a small photo on the bottom of the same page


    anyone know anything about this model…never heard of a twin stick…

    • Howard A Member

      Hi krash, the “twin-stick” wasn’t anything special. I think the right lever was an overdrive unit that worked in 2nd and 3rd, making it a 5 speed and a “kick down” button on the top of the shifter, for quick downshifting. I think a more impressive unit, was the Olds Cutlass “lightning rods”, that had THREE shifters. http://store.oldsgmail.com/images/Black%20Custom%20TP.jpg

  7. Ed P

    The Marlin was to much like the original Barracuda. Not enough difference from a previous model.

  8. tedd

    This is a neat looking car Don’t see them hardly anymore driven Im aware of one here locally almost same color setting under a tree in a remote area probably been there for years just idle.also if memory is correct but Im thinking of another “could be Marlin or two of them?”have to take 2nd look on this one if its what I think it is haven’t been in that part of the city in a good while

  9. Bill Owens Bill O Staff

    My older sister dated a guy that drove a 1965 Marlin, a little darker than this color, maybe an aqua color with white. I thought it was neat even then. While they were dating, he traded it for a new 1972 Monte Carlo, dark green with light green vinyl roof. Would love to have either of those cars now.

  10. booya

    I always saw these as tributes to the earlier Airflyte Nashes.

  11. Jim Simpson

    Not as good as the Tarpon concept car but lovely none the less… would like to own one some day… perhaps this one !:-)

  12. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Funny, on the Rebel Machine listing last week, I noticed this car also listed and was going to post that I preferred the Marlin.

    I’ve always been interested in these – I’ve seen a couple at car shows.
    Thanks for listing it.

  13. DENIS

    Re the twin stick…nothing but a novelty..the trans actually was only 3 spd plus overdrive but you could use the 2nd lever to get overdrive….it was a cable…I had one in a ’64 and the only plus was being able to shift faster. I was drag-racing mine…needed Velcro so it was easier to remove broken trannies…..

  14. Blindmarc

    Sold for $4350

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