It Is What It Was: 1965 Ford F100

You’d be understandably mistaken if you looked over the ad for this 1965 Ford F100 pickup here on eBay and thought the pictures were taken in, oh, say 1968. This truck really looks like the low-mileage original it is claimed to be! The seller knows it too, setting a buy it now price of $22,500 although they are also inviting lower offers. The truck is located in Summerville, South Carolina.

The seller doesn’t actually have a lot to say about the truck apart from “from the factory original everything.” It sure looks the part, doesn’t it. While it would be great to have a truck like this to use as it was originally intended, I don’t think I could bring myself to put it into daily duty.

This is the original bed wood and paint. Wow! Sure, it’s worn a bit, but think of what a modern truck would look like in a few years — let me remind you this is over 50 years old! Of course, it’s only covered 27,870 miles, and for once I won’t argue with the claimed mileage.

Naturally, the inside looks every bit as nice as the outside. Not a lot of luxury here — this was a working truck. Not even a chrome gas cap or bumpers to be found. I do see what I think is a tiny split in the seat, but I’m not complaining too much.

Naturally, we’re told it “runs and drives perfectly.” After looking at the pictures of the 352 V8, that doesn’t surprise me at all. Wouldn’t this be a great billboard for your business? Imagine some vintage-look sign writing on the doors! If you think the buy it now is too expensive, what do you think it’s worth? And no peeking at price guides this time, I’m curious what you think without any online help!


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  1. KSwheatfarmer

    That is one cool old pickup.Most of them around here were 6 cylinders and automatic trans was very rare.Oil companies such as Skelly, Texaco, and others preferred base models for their pumpers in an effort to keep costs down. Some didn’t even get heaters. Farmers liked these also but they didn’t stay this nice for long.We used to pick them up for a song after the oil field boys were done with them. Looks like those days are gone for good.

  2. Mark S.

    I’m not a Ford guy but, I like.

  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    Nice truck,but for that price,I’d prefer something
    that’s much nicer to drive.That’s why I went with a
    ’96 Ford F150.

  4. Ken

    There’s a lot to love here. I would add A/C and drive it every day.

  5. newfieldscarnut

    I drove my ’66 F100 in highschool and have kept it through the years . After seeing this posting I will be doing some cutting and pulling it out of my field and giving it some attention after 45 years of ownership . The 352 and 3 speed column shift were a lot of fun back in the day …

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    • Mountainwoodie

      I guess!

  6. Russ

    it would be a nice truck for about 2500.00or 3000.00 but noway at22500.

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  7. TkCritter

    Actually,I would have to say,if those are really actual miles,it might be worth the asking price.You would have to look long and hard to find another one like it.
    I would hate to try and restore a truck of this vintage,the cost would be astronomical.Gotta love the F100’s made in the 60’s!

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    • 1st Gear

      Cost would be a lot-IF YOU HAD TO PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO THE WORK.The fun in it is doing it your own damn self. Ever hear “built not bought”? The only thing “someone else” has done on my’65 C20 is machine work and driveshaft shortening.Current project is my 4th Chevy truck, 2ed C series. Thank you very much.

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  8. Jake Blues

    22,500 ? isn’t that more than 10X what it cost new?

  9. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    My 1965 is a F350 with a Holms 440 bed….that said…little on the high side on price…ya know…it’s not a Mustang.

  10. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Awfully pricey, but looking pretty good. Dad had a 65 F250, 8′ box, 352 4 speed. That thing hauled a lot of hogs and cattle along with feed over the years on the farm. Dad had it for 11 years and probably would have had it longer had not the metal floor of the box not rusted out.

  11. Andrew not amember

    Rebuild tag on the heads ?

    • Trish

      I thought they were usually under the coil bolt but that looks like the engine ID tag.

  12. Mark

    Oil filler cap has wear but green gas cap has none, paint looks kind of dull gas cap area, maybe cheap repaint.

  13. jw454

    The price seems high to me. I’m thinking about 15K tops. Also, that dent on the right side of the cab is not going to be easy to repair.

  14. Rube Goldberg Member

    Great to see one like this. This is exactly the type of truck I’m looking for right now. Certainly, not at this price, for me, it doesn’t have to be this nice, and the 352 is a bit of a beast, and will suck gas accordingly. This is totally believable, I had a friend that rented a house in the country, and the landlord had a basic ’67 F100 in the garage with like 13K miles on it. I’m sure it’s still there, and probably still a few around. What makes this worth that kind of money to the seller, is in their area, this type of truck is unheard of, especially in the Midwest. Out west here, these pop up from time to time, no rust, but not nearly as nice, and $2g’s all day long. That color almost looks like an old “Ma Bell” truck that was never used, but they never would have had the V8/auto. Nice find, but at that price, it eliminates the very folks that would appreciate it. Shame that’s where our hobby is going.

  15. CanuckCarGuy

    Very nice; although I prefer period correct colours and trim on old vehicles, this colour doesn’t do justice to the style or body lines.

  16. SunbeamerStu

    Drive it to Yellowstone. Dress up like a 1960’s park ranger, including the hat. Get a big stuffed Smoky bear to put in the back. Put a hat on him, too. Charge for selfies and portraits. Get that money back in one season. Drive home with free truck.

    Very. Cool. Truck.

  17. Joe Haska

    Again Barn Find readers never disappoint it is always too much money! If it was $2500 I would buy it! Who ($#*&) wouldn’t?

  18. DM DeLuka

    Maybe $12,500, it’s missing a few things. Vintage air at least $2k. You sure the pics aren’t 1968?

  19. 123pugsy

    9 G’s tops.

    It needs a full paint job. Why is everyone ga ga over something that needs a restoration?

    “oooh, it’s the original paint”…… and it looks it!

  20. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    If only it had the overdrive unit my 65 f-100 had. 352’s were notorious for poor gas mileage, but that O.D unit really helped beside making it shift like a 4 speed but coast like it was in neutral. My guess 10 grand tops.

  21. Joe Haska

    I just can’t resist another comment. I spent the past week at The Barrett-Jackson Auction, as I have for many years, this time of year. B-J is a one and only, and I am not exactly sure what it all means, and every year, I shake my head and try to make some sense of it, and I can’t. However if anything it can give you an idea of trends and what is “Hot and What’s Not”. This year there is no doubt old trucks are a big deal, if price is an indicator. Early Corvettes (54 to 67) ,as cheap as I have seen them in years, Woodies, very few and almost half price of the 100K, they used to be. Early Ford Hot Rods, the best of the best, not even there, the [people who own them, know that they are not going to sell for what they want. Resto-Mods a B-J term, off the charts-big money.
    Trucks of the 60’s and 70’s, are very sellable. I would bet my estate this little 65, if bought for 18 to 20K and applying a little magic, with about a 7 to 9K budget would make you money. I have read the comments and most of you will say it is not possible, I think your wrong and I understand Barrett-Jackson is not the real world, and the gold standard, but is the indicator of a market and a clean truck like this, would be easy to turn into an exceptional truck and a profit. You have to pay to play!

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Joe Haska……maybe…but you said it yourself…B-J is not the real world. Havent been to one since…wait for it….1985 in Scottsdale I think…a 50′ something BMW 507 sold for 50 K and I said, Im done never again! That said B-J might be the only place someone would pony up 22 K for this beautiful truck

      I dont think you can judge anything by B-J……its where a certain kind of person/buyer and their money are separated. Personally I think the buyers are just measuring certain body parts by how much they pay for cars worth much less.

      But thats just me. I’ve gotten cynical in my middle age :)

    • carsofchaos

      I hear what you’re saying, but B-J is a Fantasy-land of 1%-ers trading cars they they’ll never drive. There were 1993 Mustangs going for $40k…forty-freaking thousand at B-J. I like the Fox bodies and all, but come on.

  22. kenzo

    Nice Ford. At 27k miles should there be rust on the firewall just below the seam and the firewall by the passenger hood bracket appears to have a different colour or flat paint in the one spot.
    Also the 352 I had in my Meteor the valve covers weren’t that colour.
    Just curious


      Even though Ford and Mercury shared the same engines it was very common for Mercury to use a different color on some items, like the valve covers. In the early to mid 60s The Mercury cars usually had MERCURY on the valve covers too.

  23. JW

    If this truck was a 4×4 it might be worth his asking price otherwise being a 2 wheel drive I would say no more than 15K would be fair.

  24. Bob C.

    A friend of mine had a 62 f100 very close to this one a few years ago. Primer gray for a lot of years, but painted it exactly this color shortly before he sold it. Had a 223 six with a 4 speed stump puller 1st gear and banjo rear end, the latter two non factory. Moved along pretty well, even on the highway, surprisingly.

  25. Don Olson

    I have two 1968 ford short bed pickups. one is red with white on top half of cab. the other is an original all red that still has the north carolina inspection sticker from 68/69 on windshield. it never left the the north carolina farmers farm until he died and it was sold at auction with 192 miles on it. i have the original letter from state of north carolina stating that they determined the truck was never driven on the roads or highways of north carolina and they would issue a title to the person who bought it at the auction. i have had the low mileage pickup for about 18 years. a year or so after i bought it i had a chance to buy a 69 ford pickup that had 47.3 miles on the odometer. the owner said his uncle was very eccentric and had a dispute with the state over the truck so he put truck in storage, removed the tires and stored the in dark basement so even they were in good condition. they are still out there, we just have to find them.

  26. Joe Haska

    Mountainwoodie, I agree with you 110%, I am just saying it can be an indicator of were the interest is, beyond that, it makes no sense, and never has! Even people I know who have a history at B/J, and used to be quote, “The people who knew”, tell me now they just don’t get it! Some thing just doesn’t add up. I agree, but I don’t know?

  27. alan leonard

    Did the couple in the background escape in this truck after the wedding?????

  28. carsofchaos

    Knowing these trucks and the market for them as I do, the “around $12k” people are pretty close to accurate. The “$3500” crowd are, as usual, in Looneyland.
    Automatics for this era of Ford truck are quite rare, I’ve only had one, a ’66 with the 352ci. That truck had no rust, everything worked great mechanically, but had a hillbilly paint job (purple metal flake, no less!), which I sold for $5000 last fall.
    The truck here should go for $10k-$12k in the winter, and maybe $15k in the summer, dependent of course on location (east coast = higher dollars).

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