1965 Ford Mustang Fastback 4×4!!!

I really have to admire the ingenuity of some people, because it is this ingenuity that has led to some great vehicles within the automotive world. This 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback is a product of ingenuity, and while it might not be the greatest of hybrids, it does offer the next owner some interesting options. It is located in Belleville, Michigan, and is listed for sale here on Facebook. The owner is asking $4,000 for this creative piece of engineering.

Okay, so what we have here is a 1965 Mustang Fastback body, and this has been bolted to a 1973 Bronco frame and drive-train. It’s a 1st Generation Mustang, so it should be no surprise to learn that the car comes with plenty of rust. It is in all of the usual places, such as the floors, torque boxes, trunk, rockers, and quarter panels. It maintains some form of rigidity because the body is bolted to the substantial Bronco frame. This has a solid coating of surface corrosion, but it doesn’t appear as though there are any structural issues with the frame. To make this a decent vehicle there will be plenty of work required. However, I do have an idea for this odd combination, and I will outline it at the bottom of this article.

The interior of the Mustang is essentially complete, but it will require a full restoration. The owner does say that the rear seat is good, and there are a few components that could certainly be restored. However, the vast majority of the interior trim will require replacement. I see a lot of work in the future for the next owner of this project if it is to return to the road.

The Mustang apparently hasn’t run in years, but what you get below the surface is all pure 1973 Bronco. There’s a 302ci V8 engine, a C4 automatic transmission, a Dana front axle and a 9″ rear end. Things look a bit on the sad side under the hood, and there’s no word on whether the engine even turns freely. It looks like the vehicle has been sitting somewhere pretty wet for a while, so I wouldn’t be holding out much hope of the engine turning. Still, funnier things have happened.

I’m sure that the intention of the person who created this vehicle was to wind up with something pretty special, and it still could be. It does beg the question as to whether it would be worth the effort. From a financial perspective, I would say that the answer to that would be no. However, for the person who wants to take on a unique project and isn’t concerned about financial return, it has the possibility of being something very unusual if completed. There is another pathway that I would be willing to bet that more than one potential buyer might be considering. This is titled as a 1965 Mustang, and it comes with all of its tags. I can see someone dismantling this creation, and selling it as a Mustang project car with title, and selling the rolling frame to someone who is looking for the right parts for a Bronco restoration. I think that the person who followed that path has the possibility of making themselves a profit with very little effort. What do you think?


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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    I think I’m going to try not to think about it.

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  2. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    Ruined a beautiful classic when this mess was created. Parts car at best at this point.

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    • .

      Created an amazing machine, that given quite a few weekends, would be the ultimate offroad muscle car. In my opinion, it would be better than a restored mustang.

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  3. TimM

    Take it apart and make a bronco and a mustang it’s worthless like this!!!

    Like 9
  4. Don H

    Wasted a bronco and a mustang💣

    Like 10
    • Steve

      What he said! Somebody killed two classics here.

      Like 11
  5. art

    Creative piece of ….. —-fill in the blank.

    Like 5
    • Tom

      Creative piece of AWESOME?

      Like 9
  6. jerry z

    Yes I’m sure the Bronco was rust free when he dismantled it. NOT! For the price, why not have some fun with it! Fix the floor to keep the water out and go mud bogging.

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  7. big_d

    Used to see quite a few muscle cars wedded to 4×4 frames in N Ohio in the 70’s and 80’s.

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  8. Mike Hawke

    Bubba strikes again…

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  9. Howard A. Member

    Bring out the banjos, come on, you guys, good ol’ fashion USA backyard fun. My question is, was it really nice once and they drove in the salt turning it into this, ,or did they just run out of beer.

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  10. Steve

    This just like Ken Block’s Mustang.

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  11. Stangalang

    I’d love to take this baby over across the dirt road to the mud holes yyeeeehhhaaaawwww!!!🤣

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  12. H5mind

    Graft the fastback roof onto a clean coupe and build an Eleanor tribute.

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  13. Chuck Foster Chuck F

    I’ve had my eye on a rusty 65 Fastback, the young lady where it’s sitting gave her grandfather (property owner) my name and number probably 4 months ago for the 2nd time, he finally called me about it, I bought it Saturday, Sunday was my birthday. It is much worse than this one, and good just for parts, but still has a lot of the hard to find rear interior panels, and even a decent rear window. C code made in California, I have two coupes also, a bunch of parts, they are low on my list of hoarder car projects. Maybe I’ll put them all on a Barn Finds auction and find out from all the experts just what pieces of crap they are.

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  14. Paul

    Why wast time and money putting together this ugly Frankenstein..it’s not worth the cost of the extra nuts & bolts the were bought at the Home Depot to put this thing together….any car body on 4×4 truck chassis is just hideous to me. It’s hurts my eyes and my feelings to even look at it!

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  15. 1st Gear

    I live in the country,and there’s better looking yard art around here.It’s a shame that someone put in so much work to create this POS.It’s also a shame that there’s someone out here who would think this thing should be revived.

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  16. Jay

    Ah the marriage of 2 fords what a way to meet

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  17. Eigil

    This make’s my PT LandCruiser look even better!!

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  18. Rodney

    Someone should shoot it and put it out of it’s misery.

  19. David Ulrey

    🔥. Enough said about this one. However I do like early Mustangs and early Broncos but……

  20. chrlsful

    all falcon spawn,
    which started as challenge to veedub bug
    I love’em all. Squash that bug…

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