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Garaged Since The ’80s: 1965 Oldsmobile 98 Convertible

This one-owner 1965 Oldsmobile 98 convertible has been sitting in a garage since the 1980s, according to the seller who has it listed here on eBay. It’s located in Chatham, New York and the current bid is just over $1,200.

What a car, wow! Oldsmobile’s top of the line car for 1965 and in this condition, and a convertible with power windows. I could easily see owning and driving this beauty, although it would be a tight squeeze in our current garage unless I took out the cabinets. I ran into that with my ’66 Lincoln and this Olds 98 is 18.5-feet long, too. The seller has provided a lot of good photos, kudos to them for doing that.

There it is in all of its 18.5-foot glory. This would be the first year for the eighth-generation Oldsmobile 98 and the last year for this generation of 98s is the 1970 Olds 98 which my dad had. It was such a great car and I’ve wanted one for decades. It was a four-door hardtop sedan, not a convertible like this ’65 Olds 98 is, and most of us probably agree that a convertible is just about the ultimate option.

The interior looks fantastic in this car. The back seat doesn’t look like it’s been used and with being stored for the last 3+ decades, the whole car looks great. This big beauty only has 75,000 miles on it according to the seller. Hagerty is at $11,000 for a #4 fair condition car and this sure looks that nice or nicer. $16,400 is their value for a #3 good condition 98 convertible. This could end up being a killer deal.

They say that they bought it last fall and have done a lot of work on it like adding a new radiator, fuel pump, wheel cylinders, tires, new fluids, etc. The 425 cubic-inch V8 should have had 370 hp and even though this car weighs 4,400 pounds, it would have fried the rear tire and/or tires nicely. They say that the carb and fuel system needs another good cleaning but I would think that this monster would be purring like a tiger again in no time. With no reserve and 5 days left on the auction, what will this beautiful droptop sell for? $10,000? More?


  1. IkeyHeyman

    The guy has it posted on craigslist for $9995, so I guess if you really wanted it you could snag it early and avoid the unpredictability of an auction. Looks like a nice car.

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  2. ccrvtt

    It’s a mid-60’s Olds 98 – that says it all. $9995 is a steal for this car. As a boy from Lansing I love me some 98 convertibles (and 442s and Vista Cruisers). These are wonderfully opulent cars from the greatest era of American automobile manufacturing. The image of the 1963 98 convertible in Midnight Blue from the sales brochure is indelibly etched in my memory. The 425 would run all day at 90mph. I would gladly own any Olds 98 vert from 1956 through 1970. Someone please buy this and take away my temptation.

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  3. Tirefriar

    I love the dash. Perhaps one of the best layouts, worth to buy this car just for that.

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    • LT1 Mike

      My father bought a new seamist green Oldsmobile 98 in 1965 and he proudly drove it for years.(I believe he finally sold it in 1995) I used to drive it also, and still remember the power coming out of that 425 under the hood. With power windows and a power seat, I thought I was the coolest 17 year old on the block ! Good memories that will stay with me forever, and this car is a beautiful example of a great car company that unfortunately is now long gone. Good luck to the new owner. PS, it would definitely fry the rear tires !

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  4. Will Irby

    I would love to have this car! No A/C, but Vintage Air could be added easily. My father bought a 1966 Olds 98 “Luxury Sedan” for our family car. I took my driver’s license test in that car, and the instructor made me do the parallel parking test first. I breezed through that, as well as the rest of the test. He told me afterward that he did the parking test first because he figured I wouldn’t be able to park the big yacht, and he didn’t want to waste his time with the rest of the test if I couldn’t park it. The 365 horsepower “Super Rocket” 425 embarrassed quite a few GTOs, Camaros, and Mustangs. It was a beautiful and very comfortable car. I would still be driving it today if I had not shortened it a few feet when I encountered a power pole at about 50 mph in 1974.

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    • Poppy

      Looks like that power pole came out of nowhere and rear ended you pretty hard!

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      • DON

        I was wondering about that myself, LOL – It looks like you entered it in a demo derby !

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      • Will Irby

        It happened on a day with heavy rain, high winds, and multiple tornadoes. I was 18 years old, and thought it would be entertaining to see just how far sideways I could get. I found out. I have had several recurring cervical disc issues since then. Of course, that was before headrests were standard, and my head apparently snapped around backwards and to my right, based on the fact that I found my glasses wedged between the right rear door and the rear seat.

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  5. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Back in 1971, I had a 65 Oldsmobile Dymanic 88 convertible. Deep midnight blue, baby blue interior with a white top. I was 17 at the time.
    Drove that car from New Jersey to California where I ended up selling it and flying home about a year later. That car could burn the rear tires off! And yes, I’m another one who loved the dashboard layout.
    Years later, around 1995 I had a 1972 Oldsmobile 98 4 door luxury sedan. Again in deep midnight blue but with a light blue vinyl top and cream interior.
    Both were great cars. The 72 was supposedly used in the movie “Carltios Way” with Al Pachino, but apparently it’s scene was cut.

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  6. TimM

    Across the river from me!! Looks not bad for a New York car!!

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  7. Miguel

    I wonder if he has the original hubcaps, or wheel covers if you prefer.

    I certainly hope so.

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  8. Del

    Nice. But man its an ugly old box on the outside

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