1966 Chevelle SS 396 4-Speed Project

Update 8/13/19 – This Chevelle project has been relisted here on eBay with the option to bid rather than buying it outright. Do you think it will sell this time around?

From 3/26/19 – Ever wake up after a rough night looking like this car? One black eye, busted jaw, bruised, recoiling from a too-bright sun? This 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle 396 SS four-speed in Farmington, Kentucky may have seen better days, but it comes with a host of original parts including the engine and transmission. The listing here on eBay includes a better description and picture set than some cars with $100,000 Buy It Now prices, and this one can be yours for one click and $8750.

The listing includes this advice… “PLEASE VERIFY STYLE/ TEETH COUNT/ MEASUREMENTS BEFORE BIDING!” This SS appears to have been biding its time at a tractor parts mecca awaiting a restoration that never quite happened. Meanwhile, untold seasons of atmosphere have had their way with the interior thanks to a missing rear window. The sides wear the moniker Praying Mantis, a name likely chosen to evoke images of devouring competitors and not the insect’s tendency toward sexual cannibalism.

Years ago I learned that one of the first uses of a computer in manufacturing was to help an automaker reject orders for, say, a blue car with a green interior. In this case, the green hue comes from an accidental science experiment within the confines of this once-proud muscle car.

Indoor storage has helped preserve the dusty 396 cid (6.5L) V8 on what looks like a home-made engine stand. A video of it running would certainly urge potential suitors to click Buy It Now. Picture this battered but fairly complete SS in the original Marina Blue. Sharp! Now, do you want to rescue this battered Chevy from the tractor parts boneyard?

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  1. Dave

    I have a question…on tonite’s episode of “The Kids Are Alright” they showed the family’s 1966 Chevelle wagon. On the right front fender in the right place were the crossed flags designating a 396 Turbo-Jet was in the car. Was this possible?

    • Flmikey

      Yes it was.

    • Steve R

      No, in 1966 you could not get a big block in a Chevelle wagon, they were only available in the SS. The emblems don’t mean anything, they were available from GM for decades and are being reproduced.

      Steve R

      • 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

        Or a 66 ElCamino. I had a very nice original 66 ElCamino, 325 hp 396, 4 speed, tilt, a/c. California car, no rust, very straight. Sold it in 1983, part of down payment on our house. Wish I could have kept it!

      • Steve R

        I forget about El Caminos.

        Steve R

      • Dave

        Don Yenko’s dealership in Canonsburg, PA was known for creating “unusual” option combinations . I’m sure that if I contacted the show’s producers they would give me the same response as the Mindhunter folks did when I inquired about a 7 litre Ford convertible used in their show…nothing!

    • Donald Martin

      SS model had the 396 only

  2. Superdessucke

    $9,000 for this? I continue to be amazed. We might seriously be in one of the best economies of my life time, given the money people apparently have to throw around.

  3. ruxvette


    • 71FXSuperGlide

      I noticed that too. I’m still trying to figure out why the rest of the listing has something to do with tractor parts. LOL

  4. Camaro Joe

    Good one Ruxvette. “Numbers matching” has several meanings. “Original to the car” only means one thing. Back in the day most people with a car like that had at least one spare Muncie for parts. In this case I’d assume that some of the parts in one, or maybe both of those transmissions MIGHT have come with that car in 1966. So there’s a possibility that some numbers somewhere might match something. But don’t bet the farm on it.

  5. Tort Member

    My favorite year for Chevelle’s and most all reproduction parts are readily available so if you can do the work yourself and loves to spend lots of money and time in the garage, maybe!

  6. JagManBill

    two words…

    Smokey Yunick

    first thing I thought of when I saw the pic and the stance of the car. Paint it black and gold and go scare people on a Friday night cruise

  7. Gaspumpchas

    Whew another ruffian. Think this may have spent some time underwater- dash and gauges green, rot in some weird places like the lower windshield frame. rusty steering wheel , floors etc. Think this one is worth the coin with all of the sin? Good luck to the new owner. 66 like this with a 4 speed is one of my favorites. Good looks and muscle!!


  8. rpol35

    That’s a ten bolt differential under that Chevelle, not a twelve.

  9. Arthell64 Member

    Would be a challenging project.

  10. Benjy58

    Leave the car, take the motor and 4spds.. Although the car might set a record for the amount of bondo.

  11. Dan

    As rough as it is, I can’t see the reserve being met. Restoring this car is not an effort for the faint of heart or light of wallet. I would like to see it get restored, though. Best of luck to the buyer if it sells.

  12. Comet

    How’s the dash pad?

  13. TimM

    Another SS that needs ever single part of the car addressed!!! Paying that kind of money for a car that needs a frame up restoration is crazy in my opinion!!! The steering wheel has to be done over for crying out loud!!! I’m thinking $5000 as to much considering the work that needs to be done!!! I would actually be slightly worried sand blasting the roof of the car with that much rust up there!! I love the 66 SS but this one need to be let go with the idea that your building a complete car!! Good luck to the guy taking this challenge!!!

  14. George Mattar

    I realize it was 1973, but I bought a Marina Blue 66 Chevelle convertible for $400. It was my first car. It was used, but in pretty good shape. If I knew I could get this kind of money, would have never sold it. Oh yeah, it came with a new top too. Those were the days.

  15. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Those 396 engines make good boat anchors if you’ve got a big enough boat and a strong enough wench.
    God bless America

  16. v

    looks like a former drag strip car. to bad they did not post that history…

  17. Jeff

    Im. A MOPAR guy but i admire and RESPECT all muscle cars This to me is the NICEST. Chevelle model ever made Back in mid 70s my best friends brother. had a 66 396 375 hp 4 speed he blew the 396 and installed a full tilt 4 2 7 solid lifter. F A S T reved like a small block But unfortunatley the car met its demise when it came in contact with a sewer box that took out the motor saddle part of frame during road repaving. AT HIGH SPEED his brother gave up on it and left it in the family 1 car garage. Friends mom and dad called our neighborhood tow guy. To take it away. And he notified me and friend beforehand i convinced my friend to at least pull the drive train and mint black 4 speed interior. I even being 14 or 15 knew this set up was BAD ASS. and needed saved NOT SURE what became of motor but l hope its still KICKIN SERIOUS AZZZZZ somewhere

  18. Steve

    $87.50. Sure. 8750.00. Never. People are nuts.

  19. Jeff

    Gentlemen its only worth what some one is willing to pay for it

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