1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible A-Code 4-Speed

As a barn find – and I don’t mean when some sellers mention that just to have the words “barn finds” on someone’s car search – this 1966 Ford Mustang GT Convertible A-Code 4-speed was really found in a barn. As in, this one right here. The seller has it listed here as a Barn Finds Classified and they’re asking $14,950. It’s located in beautiful Cape Girardeau, Missouri, a town that I drive through several times a year on my travels. Let’s check it out.

I can’t imagine the feeling of coming across a car like this Mustang just languishing in a barn, pole building, or garage. I would probably be looking for the hidden camera, as in a Candid Camera moment, for those of you old enough to remember that show. We all know that I’m strange, but the photo above is my favorite of the 73 photos (no lie) that the seller has provided. The faded blue paint, white Mustang rocker stripes, that fantastic wheel cover on a thin whitewall tire, and that 289 V badge. Very cool.

Here’s what they came upon in that barn. This is a first-generation Mustang, of course, and the last year of the original design that debuted at the New York World’s Fair in 1964. The GT Equipment Package gave this Mustang disc brakes, those rocker stripes, and grille-mounted foglights.

You can see that being parked on that dirt floor for who knows how many years, or decades, has taken its toll on the lower parts of this car. The floors are in bad condition and they mention rust on the lower parts of the body panels and the underside photos show a similar scary story. But, the seats look good in the front and mostly good in the back. For a comparison, Hagerty is at $25,000 for a #4 fair condition car and $34,300 for a #3 good condition car.

The A-Code part of this car’s history comes from the 5th digit in the VIN, which is, of course, an A. It was basically the middle child engine option for the 289 cubic-inch V8 and it had 225 hp. There was a C-Code with a two-barrel carb and 200 hp and also a K-Code with 271 hp. The seller says that this engine turns over freely and if a person had some experience welding, this would be one grade-A project. Have any of you owned a similar car?

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  1. Ramone Member

    The rust issues in this car are serious, but whoever gets this car will be getting a complete car with everything intact. That kind of offsets the rust thing. Sort of.
    I’d like to thank the folks at Barn Finds for offering me a place to go to forget about the crazy world we are in right now. We all need a place to get away from the mess that’s outside, and for me and many others it comes from seeing, talking about, and working on old and interesting cars.
    Thanks, BF Staff!

  2. Bob_in_TN Member

    Well said Ramone.

    A GT convertible 4-speed is a very desirable combination. I like the Nightmist Blue / white / blue & white combination. This would have been a sharp car in its day.

    Plenty of work here, but it might be worth the effort. If it was a base coupe, probably not. A concrete floor would surely have helped.

    • Jon

      Had a Nightmist Blue coupe in the 80’s, my first car. Was a Sprint 200 but man o man, that blue was gorgeous. Have a Silver Blue 66 GT Fastback now, but that original was still my favorite color of all. Nice hint of metallic, and could be blue or almost black in certain light. Will be a beauty someday!

  3. GuernseyPagoda Member

    I agree Ramone! Kudos to the BF team for providing us an outlet. As for the car, think of the difference between the Mopar a few days ago, and this Mustang. 70 some photos here, and 2 photos of that Mopar for about the same asking price. The seller of this car gets all the credit in the world for a true representation of the work involved to sell a car properly that has been in storage for an extended period of time. Stay safe!

  4. CCFisher

    Agreed! Much appreciation to the staff for keeping us entertained!

    This Mustang is so close to being the holy grail of early Mustangs – GT, 4-barrel, 4-speed, deluxe (pony) interior, Rally Pac, and great colors. The only thing missing is the K-code Hi-Po engine. Nice find!!

  5. Howard Kerr

    Not to pick nits, but ” that fantastic wheel cover…” shown in the photo is NOT a wheel cover, but is a styled steel wheel without it’s trim ring.

    Except for air conditioning, this car looks to be about as loaded as any 66 Mustang could have been. I agree, it must have been a real looker when it was new.

    Many people, over the years, have mentioned this area of Missouri as being a good place to find older cars. Having lived in western Tennessee I am almost sorry I never got to explore any further than Blytheville.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      True, I just noticed that it was the only one that wasn’t a bare rim and thought wheel cover. Thanks for the clarification.

  6. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    Love this car. I’m neither a welder nor a body man so without deep pockets full of cash this leaves me out. 289/225 4 speed is more than enough power and driving fun for this car. Body structure is repairable at a cost, and gives the new owner the peace of mind bowing exactly what they have when finished. If I had the time and money (which I’m limited on both) I’d be trying my best to buy this car.
    God bless America

  7. Gaspumpchas

    Yes thanks BF for the therapy! Shame this beauty sat on the dirt floor. It has all the goodies right down to the color keyed Rally Pac. You would want to look at the underside carefully especially the inner rockers. The giveaway to that would be if the doors line up and close ok. For a conv and 15 large I’m guessing this beauty wont last long. Good luck to the new owner. Plenty of work here but a good place to start!!!

  8. Gaspumpchas

    After a look at the great pics, I see that the inner rockers are shot, common and a bear to replace. Know what you are getting into, much work on the rotisserie.
    Good luck, this will be drop dead gorgeous when done.

  9. Socaljoe

    If the price were lower it would be a candidate for a full body replacement. Then it would make a really nice resto mod.

  10. JoeNYWF64

    An old car with faded lousy paint always looks a lot better when it’s wet, out in the rain. Is a garage with a dirt floor always a bad idea for an old car?

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