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1967 Chevrolet C10 With Only 24k Miles?

1967 Chevrolet C10

Update – This C-10 has been relisted here on eBay, so be sure to take a look at it!

The seller of this C10 admits that they don’t have documentation to prove the mileage, but they suspect that it might be accurate. This truck been parked in a barn since 1989 and the seller has done all the work needed to be a good driver, so it might be a good buy even if the odometer has actually turned over once or twice. It’s located in Mesa, Arizona and is listed here on eBay with the option to bid or Buy it Now for $10,500. The seller mentions that the reserve is set at $6k.

Worn Steering Wheel

Life on the farm can be rough so some extra wear and tear can be expected. The steering wheel and pedals usually provide some proof of mileage though. Don’t let the rust fool you though. The abundance or lack thereof doesn’t necessarily correlate with mileage. We have seen rusty low-mileage cars and rust-free ones with a ton of miles. It all depends on climate, storage, and care. I won’t attempt to refute the claims here, but will provide some of the facts and let you decide for yourself.

Ready To Run

Things look pretty crusty under the hood too, but look at the firewall. There are markings that were presumably inscribed at the factory. There are some on the rear of the frame too. These are necessarily proof, but it does make you wonder. The seller also claims that the front drums were still riveted to the hubs and that the didn’t show much wear. Again, it does make you wonder if this is a survivor that got a little crusty in storage.

Rusty Bumper

This is one of those vehicles that I would love to inspect in person. Photos don’t show the condition of the glass or other surfaces which may help verify that mileage claim. So, without that assurance, I would probably bid on this one the same as any other old car with an odometer that could have rolled over once. It still needs cosmetic attention, but the long list of tasks already completed does add some value. So, what do you guys think – was this pickup used sparingly and stored badly? Or was it driven hard and only saved by the barn over its head?


  1. Mike

    Call me a pessimist but the steering wheel alone makes me think the odometer has rolled over at least once. Still a cool truck though.

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  2. Howard A Member

    No way. I can’t confirm it has 124K, it sure doesn’t have 24. New bed wood looks nice and I’m sure it drives nice, but I wish these people would stop with false claims of low mileage. Sorry, nice try, and apparently, at $3K, not many other people believe it either. Be a darn good truck for 3, that’s for sure.

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  3. Dakota

    Mike, the truck has manual steering, easy to understand the wear considering that. In my opinion, the original gas cap proves it alone. Those must have lasted a few years tops, how often do you see that? Most people don’t even know the original gas cap on these trucks matched the paint. Not to mention original key.

    I agree there are many cases these days of people claiming low mileage but I almost see as many case of people shooting down mile claims ignoring the obvious signs, or just don’t realize/know them.

    I’ve put up a couple more pictures on eBay of the shifter and turn signal that show little to no wear, hard to imagine with 124k,224k

    Thanks everyone!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Dakota, speedometer cables broke quite often on older trucks, or were disconnected. I think people just don’t know what a 24K mile truck looks like. For example, this is from the other day. This ’66 Ford has 36K miles. ( and I believe it) Can you honestly say the Chevy looks like this?

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      • Dakota

        Umm, yes they are very comparable.. I don’t know what would make you believe that truck over the Chevy. It was stored incorrectly and accumulated rust because of it but everything is very similar between the two. I actually think that was a bad example for your case considering how similar they are.. The odometer is not disconnected as I have put 1k miles on the truck.

        The original paint is oxidized and I haven’t touched it to give the choice to the buyer, but it has no thinning down to primer and could buff out to factory or better shine.

        Maybe that is the problem. The only thing the ford has on the C-10 is that the paint is still shinning but anyone should be able to look at the oxidized paint on the Chevy and know that it could buff out great..

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      • Howard A Member

        Ok, the whole point of this site is to help sell your vehicle and not pick it apart. I’ve been around vehicles for 45 years, and I realize you want to sell it, ( and get the most you can) but you just aren’t convincing us this is a low mileage truck. Personally, I think it’s worth about what the current bid is, it is a good ol’ truck. Best of luck.

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    124 – but so what – great truck – will be (has been) saved

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  5. ghalperin Glenn

    My ’67 C10 is very similar, except mine has a short step side bed, has 66K miles and with manual steering has just a little more wear on the steering wheel than this one. I see no reason to believe that the odometer has turned over. I would like to see a closeup photo of the SPID.

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  6. Fred w.

    Hi Dakota, can you post a close up of the brake/clutch pedals? If not replaced, those will tell the story.

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  7. Chebby

    I’m guessing it’s regular red paint but the photos make it look positively fluorescent! Nice truck, would be fun to see it shined up.

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  8. CJay

    The pedals on old farm tractors are steel and wear off. Because of the conditions and HOURS they are used not the mileage. Trucks aren’t any different.

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  9. geomechs geomechs Member

    The pedals tell it all. The pads are worn flat by 50K miles and there’s usually metal sticking through at 100K. Looking at the brake pedal I’d say that it’s 100K plus. Howard came up with a good point: speedo cables often broke back then. I remember my dad’s ’68 Chevy. He was driving down the road and noticed that the odometer read 12345. ‘I’ll see it hit 12345-6’ he thought but soon realized that the cable had just busted–at 12345-4.

    Nonetheless, I still like the truck. Back in ’67 there were many identical twins to this one. There’s still a 3/4 ton (with those ugly 17 in. wheels) in daily use in my region.

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  10. Mark S

    I had a1970 gmc with the same drive line and engine. It was one of the best trucks I ever owned, it started life as an ESSO garage service truck with a big push bumper on it. It got a lot of yard duty and was pretty beat down when my brother bought it. My brother, dad and I fixed it back up and we repainted it, as the white paint that was put on it was terrible. He put a small camper on it, but he was a fast driver and drove the $hit of it for about three years before I got it from him. I drove it for fifteen more years and went everywhere in it. It had well over 150k miles on it and was 25 years old when I parted with it. What a well made truck these were you can’t go wrong buying one, as for this one my vote is on 125k miles one thing that stuck out to me was the amount of wear on the shifter knob. In the pic. provided you can clearly see that it is worn smooth and they were textured when new, and the rust is more typical of winter driving not sitting in a barn. All that being said this is still a fantastic old truck that will still go the distance, I wish the seller good luck selling and I hope it goes to someone who will do a driver quality resto. on it. Nice find.

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  11. Mike

    I bought a 68 from a old boy in Jackson, Mo, he claimed it had only 55k on it and after some checking it proved to be true, including the rivets in the front brake shoes . The steering wheel was worn very much like this one, and I think it was because the guy was a farmer, and having grown up spending my summers on my Grandfather farm in SE Missouri, you get a lot of dirt and oils and sweat on the steering wheel, and even with a picky person like my grandfather he cleaned the truck every Sunday afternoon, which included scrubbing the steering wheel clean, so it would show thin paint. I think this would be easy to tell but you would have to see the truck in person, pictures as we all know do not tell a good story.

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  12. Mimo

    Again with the survivor – noun
    a person or thing that survives.Survives =-to remain or continue in existence or use: so based on that any vehicle that is actually a vehicle is a survivor.

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