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1967 Mercury Cougar GT: Garage Sale

1967 Cougar GT

As I’ve lamented on here before, city living means I rent a few garage bays to keep my cars out of the weather. Since I don’t own them, I try and limit how much stuff I cram inside in the event I have to relocate suddenly. The only things behind the door are the cars and some miscellaneous parts. When I see vehicles like this 1967 Mercury Cougar GT here on craigslist in San Francisco, I’m completely amazed by how much crap people can acquire when they have the luxury of a garage attached to their house! Bikes, boxes, tool chests, lawn equipment, and oh – a Mercury Cougar buried inside of it all. This looks like a clean car and hopefully the West Coast climate has helped keep it rust-free, but you’ll have to unearth it first to find out. Do you think this Cougar is worthy of extraction?


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Not saying it’s not…but…they’re going to have to show me and tell me a lot more…

    I do like the early Mercury Cougars, though!

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  2. St. Ramone de V8

    I like, and have, one of these early Cougars with a big block. This seems like it’s worthy of a look, but I agree with Jamie. It’s show and tell time. Drag it out of the cocoon, and let’s all see.

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  3. randy

    And a 3rd!

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  4. Oldstuff 1941

    Always Loved these early Cougars…. I had a buddy that had one (don’t remember the exact yearwith the 429 ‘ELIMINATOR’ option… I got to drive it once and broke a clutch rod while speed shifting it…LOL… until it broke though,… It was a absolute Rocket !!!

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      The Eliminator was only an option for the 1969 and 1970 model Cougars. You could get a 428CJ, even a 428SCJ, but you could not get a 429 of any sort in those years. The first, and only year that the 429 was available was 1971.

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  5. Lemble

    Yes if it is clean worth every penny. First year Cougar nice cars. To bad it is out west.

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  6. JW

    Any old car is worth a look BUT being lazy and demanding “NO LOW BALLERS” don’t go well together in the car selling business. But looking at the condition of his garage I can see the laziness. Hopefully the car has been taken care of better than the rest of his possessions. If he wanted a quick sale all he would need to do is clean up around it and take a few better pictures or even drag it out then give a little more info as to the cars history & condition, how hard is that god people have got so lazy in the heat of the car flipping business world.

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  7. Brian (Michigan)

    Why would you not pull it out of the garage, wash it, or better yet, have a detailer come over and take care of it. Then take pics of the car from multiple angles, interior, engine, trunk, underbody, etc.
    One of a kind? Really? must be that rare roof rack option :)
    What engine? What trans? Truly a lazy, lazy person.
    If it is rust free, then it is a great find.

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  8. Howard A Member

    I agree with JW. It’s not so much, the stuff around the car ( we’re all guilty of that, to some degree), but to produce an ad like this, is just sad. Without any decent pictures of the rest of the car, it’s up to us to imagine what the rest of it looks like. I’m sure it’s a mess. 1st gen Cougars are my favorite, but unless it’s a XR-7 GT-E, ( or any XR-7, for that matter) Cougars aren’t that rare. Better get this one cheap too.

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  9. JW454

    This doesn’t look like a “Just wash it and drive it car”. Looped heater hoses and disconnected radiator spells cooling system problems. It would be nice to see some better pictures.
    How do people live in a mess like this? Besides the inaccessible tool box what is up with that industrial sewing machine? It’s OK to have lots of stuff but at least organize it some.

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  10. Banged my head

    I agree with you Brian.It just burns me when one can not even take the time to describe the car in a little bit of detail. I think this person thinks he’s got a big lump of gold and does not have to do any work to flip this cougar. But with the way things have gotten I am sure he will find somebody to come and dig it out for him and accommodate his lazy ass.

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  11. KO

    Not surprised he’s too lazy to pull it out and give more info when he can’t even create an ebay auction. PASS.

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  12. Mark E

    What a JACKASS! Must come and see?!?? WHY? You can hardly even SEE the dang car! And as far as info goes this simply HAS to be the least you can give. Oh wait, I’m wrong…he DOES claim it has no rust. Otherwise does it run, mileage, engine size, options – as Schultz says, “I know NOTHING!”

    Back in the day I got to drive a ’69 XR-7 with a 390. It had the same light rear end as my ’71 Torino and could spin the rear tires all day if you kept on the gas…

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  13. Webdaddy

    It’s got a frakkin roof rack !

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  14. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Turned wrenches on the side for a few collector owners and one was a original owner 1968 XR7 with the 390/auto. A real bitch to change plugs but she was always buying the cheap gas. When she passed the husband finally let me drag it out from under the cedar tree. It was equipped with the style steel wheels but coudn’t get $2000 out of it running and driving in the late 80’s early 90’s not sure. Mustangs were bringing big bucks at the time….sold it for $1500……because I was done with it…..

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  15. JimmyinTEXAS

    The headlights look perfectly aligned… If I lived down the street I would give it a close look. Running or not 7.5K isn’t a bad ask. He is a jacka-hole, but cash talks pretty loud 7K might buy it…

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  16. Db

    I live in San Francisco. It’s amazes me what people have squirreled away in garages here.

    That said – Oakley is east of here – a very different place from San Francisco.

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  17. gunningbar

    Lotsa judgement here… hsss..
    Maybe he /she is busy…. not a neatnick. Tough crap. Better pix … yes.

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  18. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    I am taking the opposite tact with this.
    The guy is busy and wants it gone. If he moves all the crap, moves it out, takes more pics and cleans it up, the price will go up. CL is used for local advertising mostly, and that is who he is interested in selling to.

    I do take issue with the “Barn find” wording, the rest is okay by me. When I sold my Vette on CL, the low-ballers came out of the woodwork, so no harm with that statement.

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  19. krash

    …maybe the seller is hoping that there is a buyer who wants this car so badly that the buyer would be willing to clean/ straighten out this guy’s garage just to get a better look at it…

    ….He really has no intention of selling the Cougar…his real goal is getting his garage cleaned for free…

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  20. pontiactivist

    I love cougars! All years really. Except the late 90’s. Lol fake cougars they were. Lol. Gentlemen’s hot rods. Love the sequential tail lights when they work.

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  21. Brian (Michigan)

    I contacted the seller and stated this:

    Could you possibly provide some information?

    If you expect to sell a car, you need to take pictures from all angles, under the car, in the trunk, under the doors, interior pictures.

    State the mileage, does the engine run? What size engine? is it the original engine? same info for the transmission, what type? auto or manual?

    What options are on the car? Drag it out of the garage, wash it and take at least 10 pictures.

    It’s like saying 1965 house for sale with a picture of just the front.

    He responded with “Call Lalo for more information”
    Of course there is no phone number attached or in the ad.

    He’s either an idiot or just not trying very hard.

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  22. Brian

    I’ve been looking for one but it seems very high based on the crummy photos and the apparent time in storage. SF is not the driest climate so there could be issues under that vinyl top. Nicely restored cars don’t bring much more than low 20’s at best.

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