1967 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible Woodie

This car could be the subject of a couple of debates: why does it have real oak trim on it, and is it a woodie or a woody? It’s a 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible Woodie, or “woody”, as the seller refers to it as. It’s listed on eBay with an unmet reserve and a current bid price of $8,000! It’s located in one of the most posh and lush-sounding cities in America: Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

Even the AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America) says that whether it’s woodie or woody is like the potato/potatoe or Duesey/Duesie argument, there is simply no correct answer. What are your thoughts? Now, about that wood…

The seller says that this car “was built as a one of a kind, with real oak wood trim hand crafted. The car was purchased in 1989 after being stored 12 years, built in the early 90’s was driven and stored inside since.” They go on to say that there is no “rust or rot, trunk is excellent as is undercarriage” and that it’s “a really decent car.” 1967 was first year for the second-generation Barracuda and a convertible is somewhat rare. One with wood, and/or wood applique, on the sides is very rare. This car makes me think of the K-Car-with-chrome Chrysler LeBaron Town & Country convertibles from the late-1980s. But, this would be much cooler to own, in my opinion.

The interior of this unusual car looks more normal, or at least more like what a 1967 Barracuda convertible should look like. The seats look fantastic, front and rear. There are “no leaks no smoke ps-pb-power top” and the top “is good no rips, works really quick, without starting car if you desire.” That’s important when what would normally be the biggest cool factor, a convertible option, works great. I think that the wood sides are what the vast majority of people would notice about this car now, not that it’s a convertible, probably even if the top was down at the time.

This is a 273 cubic-inch V8 and with its 2-barrel carburetor it would have had 180 hp. The seller has “recently had brakes serviced, also a tune up, oil and filter + plugs. New brake cables and springs on brakes. No leaks rust or rot, trunk is excellent as is undercarriage, new battery also.” Hagerty lists a #3 good condition 1967 Barracuda convertible as being valued at $19,900. This car appears to be in similar condition as their rating system, but does the woodie/woody part of the mix add or detract from the value of this car?

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  1. fred w.

    I’ve seen several “homemade woodies” at various car shows. This one puts them to shame- nice craftsmanship. Strange car to do it to, but I like the look.

  2. John

    Too ugly for words. Why do that to a innocent mopar?

  3. txchief

    Interesting car. I’m not sure if I love it or hate it. The grilles are from a 1968, as is the front valance and Plymouth badge.

  4. Redwagon

    In my opinion the wood sides decrease value. Having said that they do appear to be done to a high quality. I wonder if there is any damage behind them? If it was gifted to me I’d drive it as is for a bit and see if the wood siding grew on me or not. The other thing I’d do is find out how the siding was attached and whether or not it would be easy to remove and restore.

  5. Crazyhawk

    Ha ha ha, no way. I don’t think so. Pass. Car show conversation piece maybe but I’m not jumping on the “I kinda’ like it” bandwagon on this one. Yuck..no

  6. Kuzspike

    Love the car, but if it was mine the wood would have to go.

    • James

      Not if they used Liquid Nails…

  7. Bernie

    Wheter you spell it Woodie or Woody, does not make it look any better, I spell it Ugly

  8. Wayne

    I’m a true blue Mopar guy but the wood just doesn’t look right on this one. I liked it on the little LeBaron converts and I have a 68 Newport “sportsgrain” and I like it on it but not on the Cuda.

  9. Mark

    It reminds me of Lee Iacocca’s K car convertible of the 80’s

    • fish56

      Like the one in the movie, “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles.”

      • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        Ha! My favorite scene is where Michael McKean as the State Patrol officer pulls them over and asks them if they really think the car is safe for highway travel, and “Del” says, “Yes I do, yes I really do…” HA.

  10. Jud

    It’s a home-made “woody”. Right front wheel trim was pieced together. And I doubt if factory would have used screws instead of molding retainers. Could be a lot of rust pockets behind those screws. Shame, too. Cheap to install, expensive to remove.

  11. TriPowerVette

    I can’t decide whether it is giving me a woodie or a woody. Sweet condition.

    Wouldn’t an AAR 340 Six Pack just fit in beautifully? Heck; a 440 Six Pack…

    Stuffing a Hemi in required a little bit o’ engineering.

  12. terry

    would have looked better if he would have hit a tree

  13. Rex Kahrs Member

    Woody Hayes. Woody Harrellson. Woody Allen. It’s Woody. Nobody spells it Woodie.

    Imagine the Rockie Mountains, or Rockie Balboa. No, nein, nyet!

    Love the car.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      .. except for Hagerty and about half (or more) of the other car sources. Doing a quick search will prove my point that there is no right answer.

    • Dick Johnson

      Wood-a ‘Cuda, shoulda not’a done it.

  14. jw454

    Remove all the wood, contact paper, and cobbled together under dash radio. Then, repaint the sides and you’d have yourself a nice little cruiser.

  15. CCFisher

    An odd choice for the woody look (“woody” is the correct form for use as an adjective), made even odder by the choice of natural-toned paneling. I think it would look better with dark paneling. I also think it would be a bit more interesting if it were a period modification, inspired by the Chrysler and Mercury (fake) woody convertibles offered in ’68

  16. Coventrycat

    Plymouth Plankton. I’m here all week, don’t forget to tip your waitress.

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff


  17. Mike

    Some boat guy found a cheap cuda and wasted his talents. I could see someone who happens to own a body shop paying 5-6k. 20k is pipe dreams.

  18. Andrew Tanner Andrew Tanner Member

    This calls to mind the K-car T&C for me as well! Honestly, I don’t hate it. It’s well-done, and unique. It doesn’t look out of place, and if I didn’t know better (which I do) I would think perhaps it was factory. Nice car and nice writeup!

    • Scotty Gilbertson Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      I agree, Andrew! I mean, about the first part (but, thanks for the nice-writeup part!)

  19. John

    Whoever installed that wood answered a question nobody asked……

    NOW here is what a 67 Cuda convert should look like….my first hot rod with hand hammered rear flares, built 340 and a center hood scoop from a duster.

    Like me, it looked much better 35 years ago.

  20. Rodney

    Wood not have done this.

  21. Keith

    Nice car and nice wood work but i think who ever did that to this car smoked one to many left handers.

  22. Kevin

    Absolutely AWFUL!! I can’t see any real man getting a woody from looking at this abomination. Pardon me while I go vomit….

  23. Mrvans Member


  24. Larry K

    Now I have seen it all.

  25. Jay E. Member

    I think I would have used the dark wood applique with the light oak trim. The light color looks sort of washed out. Not that I particularly like woodies of any kind, but if you are a fan, this looks pretty nice.

  26. Gaspumpchas

    splitting headache and accompanying nausea after looking at this. if the trim pieces are screwed on you are looking at Mucho dollars to make it right.I’d warm up the 273 and put a 4 speed in…

  27. yes300ed

    That’s an effin shame!

  28. normadesmond

    Real wood outside, plastic wood inside.

  29. Alexander

    I spotted a 1960 Rambler wagon at a show recently that had wood secured to its sides. At 30 feet back, it looked like the real deal (that AMC never made). Got a little closer, and realized the DIY installation and immense thickness of the wood panels probably added another moisture trap to the metal parts underneath.

  30. Mike W H

    “scuse me, while I kiss the sky”

    …..J Hendrix, making as much sense as putting wood on a barracuda convertible

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