1967 Porsche 912: Barn Find, Per Se?

1967 Porsche 912 barn find

We all whine about the escalating Porsche prices, but honestly who among us wouldn’t love to drag one home? Perhaps you want one to restore and drive? Or maybe just for a quick flip? It seems that most people have been opting for the later though because there sure are a lot of rusty 912s hitting the market. The 912 may have been unloved for a while there, but that appears to all be changing now. People are starting to appreciate it for the balanced sports car it is and this 1967 Porsche 912 should prove that point. Bidding is very healthy here on eBay for a project that most Porchephiles would have turned their nose up at a decade ago. It should be interesting to see what it ultimately sells for.

Loaded up

There it is! All loaded up and ready to go. I’m sure the new owner was excited to get this one home… and listed on eBay! There is nothing wrong with buying and selling cars, but I personally like to add some value before moving them along. Perhaps the seller has done a few things here that I can’t see, but they sure don’t mention any improvements in their auction listing. They do mention that the car doesn’t have a title, but that if the last owner is able to get one they will throw it in. That would be a deal breaker for me, but maybe titles are easy to come by in Colorado?

Empty engine bay

The white over read color scheme is attractive and would look great after a full restoration. There’s lots of rust here though so this project isn’t for the inexperienced or underfunded. From the photos, it looks like there is an engine, but it appears to be out of the car and no mention is made of whether it’s included in the sale. Again, that would be a deal breaker for me, but maybe I have no right to express my opinion about a project that I couldn’t afford to see through anyway. The market will speak shortly though and I have a feeling we will all be astonished. So, do you think this bubble is ever going to burst? Makes me wonder if I should stop worrying about that IRA and just start investing in PCAR stock.


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  1. Rancho Bella

    Current bid at 8K………………….I’m sorry, I don’t get the P car prices of today. And yes, I’ve owned a fair number of 911’s and 356’s……………..
    This 912 beckons all your cash reserves…………..and for what? A good beating………….

  2. Tmp

    $8k for that heaping piece of crap!!! Somebody quick by my 914 6 GT conversion so I can hurry up and get out of the air cooled Porsche thing…..You’re probably more of a true Porschefile by owning a old water cooled Porsche nowadays anyways

  3. Mark

    Rusty piece of shit! Insane amount of money!!!


    Even with the motor inkl. it is strictly a parts car..

  5. Horse Radish

    I have one of those cheap Chinese tow dollys.
    They tweak and bend until metal fatigue makes them come apart.

    .Is this Porsche for sale by the original owner (through this person ?)
    or are we dealing with a flipper, …in that case, no thank you…..

    CHECK the negative feedback.
    Deals with Porsche parts…..

  6. Dolphin Member

    This listing is terrifying.

    The car is real bad too. Windshield not included. I guess he figures he can flog it on Ebay and make more $$. Floors not included either. Or title.

    Looks like the front suspension is out of the car. Probably explains the offer of a pallet or box to put it all in—at buyer’s expense of course.

    Gotta get out of here. I’m due back on Planet Earth now.

  7. cory

    What a turd. Are people retarded? And what is with the flippers these days. I fully admit to being a flipper, but I at least try to be subtle about it. Maybe take it off the trailer? But back to the car. Yes it would be beautiful if it was restored. I love that dash, and the red interior. But seriously this bubble needs to burst

  8. Rick

    And it’s “per se” not “per-say”… retards….

    I don’t get the whole 911/912 thing either. My brother loves ’em. I just see this as a parts heap and not much else.

  9. Doug M. (West Coast) Member

    Wow! … for a minute there, when I looked at the Ebay pics, it looked like it had no floors!! … oh, wait! … it doesn’t have any floors!!

  10. skloon

    Did the suspension fall out ?? It didn’t look too bad till I saw the inside when will this bub le pop ??? I have a 356 hubcap and two valves, maybe I should offer them as a restoration project

  11. Howard A Member

    Well, it’s a Wisconsin car, no doubt about that. I’m truly out of the loop, if a parts car like this, brings this kind of money. It shows cars like this must be getting scarce, as even the parts cars of yesteryear are being reworked.

  12. Jeff Lavery Staff

    I am truly stunned. I don’t know who has $8K to waste on a project like this, but I wish I had their resources (or optimism…)

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