Rolling Barn Find: 1968 Ford F100 Short Bed

This 1968 Ford F100 is said to be a real-deal barn find that was found after about 17 years of storage. Located in Wagoner, Oklahoma, the truck is a very desirable short bed which also happens to feature amazing patina. You can find this great truck for sale here on eBay with a current bid over $7,000. While that might seem like a premium for a truck like this, fifth generation Ford pickups have become very popular in the past decade. The aftermarket supports them well and their increasing value has drawn more people to the blue oval. Check out the rest of this amazing truck and let us know what you think.

The bed on this truck is really clean! Apart from a few surface issues, there doesn’t appear to be any major dents or rust. These trucks were purpose-built to haul and do work and you’d be hard pressed to find any nicer original beds than this one. The seller can’t say enough about the condition of the truck. It sounds like it is very solid and has little (if any) rust or major issues.

The interior photos are a little fuzzy, but overall, it looks in great condition. The seller says the weather stripping, door seals, felt and other small parts have been replaced. There are a couple of photos of the engine, which is a 1978 351 Windsor with a 4-speed. There has been a bunch of maintenance items done and it sounds like this truck is ready to cruise.

This is a great looking truck and I’m sure the new owner will be very happy with it. With only a little time left in the auction, it will be interesting to see how high it goes. As mentioned before, this generation of Ford pickups are increasing in value almost daily and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight. What do you think of this truck and would you own one?


  1. Howard A Member

    I had, or drove for a job, many F series trucks. I had a 1970 like this, only a long stepside, same color, 6, 3 speed, similar to this truck originally. Someone sure jazzed ‘er up considerable with the V8, but after seeing that Chevy, I feel they should have gone with the top loader 4 speed, be a lot more fun. Sounding redundant, I never in a million years thought a truck like this would bring this kind of money. Just goes to show, people are fed up with the new stuff and are going back to the basics and it doesn’t get any more basic than this. I think I’ll keep the ol’ Jimmy, just to see how far this craziness goes. Clearly I couldn’t afford to replace it with anything.

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    • whmracer99

      There is somewhat of a feeding frenzy around the 60s to early 70s F100s right now. Complete industries have sprung up around modifying them and/or providing parts for them. It’s very interesting that you see trucks like this bringing major money but if you dig some you can still find decent trucks under $1k. There’s a bubble to these prices but where it stops and how long it takes to burst is anyone’s guess. Right now, if you want a solid original truck with a reliable drivetrain this is the going rate.

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      • bry593

        Amazing Patina = Needs Paint

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  2. Chris in Clover

    too bad they did not retain the 6-cylinder…….

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  3. Ted

    Nice little swb, but doing the rubbed out paint faux patina is a bit over the top.

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  4. TimS Member

    “Amazing patina.” So in other words they did a good job not maintaining the finish.

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  5. green66

    Fake patina bothers me more than real patina, which bother me alot.

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  6. KevinLee

    What?!? No mention of Richard Rawlings? Oh, wait…

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  7. Kenneth Carney

    Owned a ’71 and loved it! Mine was a 302 3-speed and was a 3/4 ton long bed.
    It was a really good truck and I don’t know why I traded it for a ’73 Galaxie 500
    but I did. There’s no doubt that this truck
    would never run out of uses around my

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  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I like this truck. I would like it more if it had the original 6-cylinder 3-on-the-tree drivetrain. Something about a basic truck with a basic drivetrain appeals to me. Also I would ditch the patina look; fresh paint in this period-correct color would look great.

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  9. CanuckCarGuy

    It’s painful to see these F100s lose their originality…they are well built and nicely executed trucks in their own right.

  10. Tony S

    After reading some comments here, I think the resurgence of 60s & 70s trucks has a lot to do with “progress”. Older trucks are much easier to work on and much cheaper to insure….not to mention what the base price is of a new truck.

    I have a 1960 Ford F-250 long box, Str8 Six – 223 with a 4 speed stick. I bought it on-line, sight-unseen when I got home from Iraq in 2004, it was an Iowa farm truck; 1st gear could pull a house off its foundation. And tune-up parts are still pretty cheap – I can change out the plugs and wires for under $30.00 I changed out the radiator last fall – two hoses, four bolts and one pair of hands – amazingly simple. And…yes, I’m keeping it original and will get it cleared coated with high gloss, no garage queen for me.

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