1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible Project

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The Olds 442 (aka 4-4-2) joined the Pontiac GTO and other GM muscle cars in 1964. Its best sales year would come in 1968 when all of General Motors’ mid-size vehicles would get redesigned. Convertibles seem to go with speed and Oldsmobile built more than 5,000 of them in ’68 with 442 badging. This one may look rougher than it is and we’re told it ran until recently. This numbers-matching muscle machine is in Raleigh, North Carolina, and is available here on craigslist for $15,000. A round of applause goes to Chuck Foster for another vintage tip!

Most folks say “442” stands for 4-barrel carburetor, 4-speed manual, and dual exhaust. But there are other possibilities. It was one of the longest-running muscle nameplates, staying on the GM books from 1964 to 1987. It was popular enough to warrant series status from 1968 to 1971 and included the Hurst/Olds versions in nine model years. The seller’s drop-top may have been residing outside for some time, and the paint and convertible top (or lack thereof) stand as proof.

We’re told the 400 cubic inch V8 engine was started and ran not long ago. And the car has the desirable 4-speed for shifting. Though it may not look that way, the seller says the vehicle is mostly complete and wearing original sheet metal. The paint color is said to be red according to the door jambs and the insides of the door panels. Rust may not be a problem and all of the car’s glass remains intact. What’s left of the drop-top is said to be operational with the flip of a switch.

On the downside, the door panels and top will need to be redone and the windshield is cracked (better call Safelight!). The front end below the hood seems to be the most problematic in terms of damage and no reference is made as to those parts being around. It’s best to assume no, so the buyer may want to be on the hunt for a new front clip. For those of you who want a deeper dive, the seller has provided a video for your review.

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  1. Casey

    This is going to cost a fortune to bring back to show quality.
    To me just too much money and time to make it worth it.
    It’s a no for me.

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  2. Connecticut mark

    Four-gone , fourtion to fix , four get it. My illiterate 442

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    • Bunky

      What’s a 4-4-4?

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  3. John

    The tranny is likely the most desirable feature. The stock 400, though numbers matching, was a long stroke engine where a 455 is a direct bolt in. Some body parts like hood hinges, doors, and chrome trim are nearly impossible to find. If you buy new fenders, buy 69 hinges which open further and can be bought new.
    I have one of these. Have spent a lot of money converting to disc brakes, updating the steering and suspension, building a stout 455 and a 200R4 overdrive tranny and it’s such a fun car. Gets thumbs up everywhere I go but this one looks like it may be a better diner car for something in better condition.

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  4. Sam61

    It just needs a little more of a beat down and some bad paintwork to be a Kingpin tribute car. I bet you get Woody Harrelson to sign the glove box. Maybe make a wood/plaster prosthetic hand to complete the tribute…maybe include a Rose bowling ball.

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  5. Eddie Pennsylvania

    $15k?! Another case of a price set based on “what it was” versus “what it is.” The bones seem strong enough to warrant restoration, but not at that starting point, particularly as Olds parts get harder and harder to find (thus more and more expensive)

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  6. Eric_13cars Eric_13carsMember

    Only a few miles away from me. From the pictures, it looks like a salvage yard of some sort, although I’m not aware of any in the vicinity shown in the Craigslist ad (6 Forks Road area of North Raleigh). I’m guessing that this car in very nice driver condition is $45K-60K. Considering what this car needs (front clip and chrome, gas tank, tires/wheels/caps, top, full interior redo, likely engine rebuild (clutch assembly), brakes, exhaust, good paint job, you’re under water from the start at this price. If I were in any way interested (it being so close to me), I’d be offering $5-7K and not a penny more. Since I can do almost all of the work myself, I might make out and have fun doing it. Anyone else, go find a nice driver and save yourself the headache.

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  7. Joe Padavano

    It will take at least $30K to make this a $25K car. Someone has Barrett Jackson disease.

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  8. Wademo

    Is it just me, or does it seem like there is an inordinate amount of these convertible ’68/’69 Cutlass/442’s for sale compared to hardtops?

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  9. Bunky

    This is an awesome car and hopefully someone will restore it. Red, 400, 4 speed, convertible, 442. Talk about checking all the boxes!

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  10. Paolo

    This is the one to have although maybe not this particular one. Knock that price in half and get a Year One catalogue. For genuine Olds parts there a hundreds of Olds nuts all over the country who have been squirreling away parts for decades. I’ve met half of them. Join the Oldsmobile clubs and make friends.

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  11. 19sixty5Member

    I’m more partial to the 69’s, I think they refined the design over the 68’s. I’ve had 5 69 442 converts, including a W30 4 speed… the ultimate one that got away!

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