1969 Chevrolet Camaro: Real Z28?

1969 Camaro Z28

The seller of this 1969 Camaro presents it as a X33 code Z28. That’s a really good thing because the Z28 package added a lot of desirable features including better suspension, quicker steering, rally stripes, and front disc brakes. Oh, and a hugely underrated 302 V8. There were many cool options available in ’69 too such as disc brakes all around and dual carbs on a cross-ram intake. Anyway, that’s exciting and all, but the seller of this car doesn’t provide the proof I would need to pay the Z28 premium. I’m sure a couple of phone calls could clear up any doubts, but their auction listing here on eBay doesn’t include a VIN. They do mention that the engine and carburetor are not original to the car and that it has suffered a color change at some point. Maybe some of our bowtie experts could take a look and let us know their opinion on this one?


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  1. jackmac

    ALL Z28’s have the reverse lights in the lower panel UNDER the bumper…X33 is supposed to be Z28..In 69 the VIN will tell you nothing, not until 1970…the cowl tag is the giveaway,seller claims long ownership, was it rearended?, why no rev lamps in lower valance?This car did sell 27K+…oh well..seems fishy!

    • Bob

      I found three examples of 1969 Z28s with the back-up lights with the taillights.

      • Bob

        another one

      • Bob

        one more

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    • Zeif

      Only Camaros with the RS option had the reverse lights under the bumper. All Z28s did not have this set up.

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    • Dave

      I have a documented 69 Z-28 and the reverse lights were in the tail lights except when you order the RS package then you got the hideaway headlights and the RS taillights with the backup lights on the lower valance.

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    • Robert

      No they didn’t. Only RS Z28’s had reverse lights below the rear bumper.The x33 is the “style group” z28.Most but, not all had the hidden headlight front.The Vin can actually tell production date ranges is you can find the date chart.Thats the fact Jack.

  2. blndmarc

    Seller needs to provide the in and the block stamp. It could be a 307 as far as anyone knows.

  3. blndmarc

    Says it sold for $27k.

  4. jackmac

    The car did sell I went to the original listing..This is the real deal..X33 with the D80 spoiler set up..originally green with green interior, 12 bolt, wish he showed some under pics, the RS/SS had the rev light’s down low, also has the RPO ZL1 cowl induction hood, but the interior has the Rosewood glove door added and the ashtray, the main dash lower Rosewood panel is not there.

  5. justin

    Having restored many ’69 SSs and z28s in the my past 35 years, this car has all of the correct parts to indicate that it is a true z28. From the non power steering, the 1-1/8″ front sway bar, 12 bolt rear end, 4 spd and no A/C. Even if this is not the correct engine, it is a DZ coded engine.These cars were built to do only one thing…race!

    Do not even try to say that you or your friend had a real 1969 z28 that had power steering and/or a/c. Chevrolet did not offer that in a z28 until 1970 when the new body style came out.

    • al8apexer

      Power steering WAS avail, no a/c though

      again, power steering WAS avail, the pulleys were deep grooved too (same as the rest of them), 35 years should’ve taught you something … :-)

      • justin

        @al8apexer, In the 35 years of restoring these cars I learned that it is best to keep my money in my pocket and away from fools like you who tried to sell clone z28s.

    • Jeff

      Major warning sign is the lack of rear bumperettes which came with the mandatory HD rear suspension. Or it may have been in a rear end accident. But the non correct DZ engine makes me lean towards clone. Back in the day, if you blew up your DZ, you sure didn’t put another one back in. And as there’s 10x clones for every real one, it’s the safer bet.

    • bob

      justin. ’69 z28 did have a power steering option. go to “camaros.org” and look it up. http://www.camaros.org/suspen.shtml#steer
      this site is run by the true experts. if it says they had it on this site, you can believe it.

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    • Lonnie McCauley

      I bought a 1969 Z28 new in 1969. I still own the car today. It has power steering, and power brakes. You could not get ac on z28 package

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  6. Tom Member

    I am not a Z28 expert but wasn’t one of the facts of a 69 Z28 an 8000 tach? All others had 7000? DZ is the right motor code all be-it non matching. isn’t there a stamping somewhere on the car, in the VIN, something that would prove it to be a Z28 and not a clone? Just curious.

    • Joey K.

      My Father restored a numbers matching (with documentation) 1969 Z/28 Camaro. It did not have a tach from the factory.
      Anyone who was not planning to race their Z/28 would be wise to do what my Dad did – swap out the original rear end gears for something much higher. Makes the high-revving 302 much easier to launch on the street.
      The Z/28 was not a drag car – it was a track race car – and some people have misunderstood this. What is worse – later variations of the Camaro have offered the Z/28 as a ‘Cosmetic’ package – different badges – stripes – etc – but no actual performance difference. To me – that pollutes the understanding of what the Z/28 was supposed to be – a factory built, street legal, track car.

  7. Chris A.

    Joey K. has a point. I remember a guy in Syracuse who bought a Z/28 as a drag racer and was disappointed with the performance until he put in a drag ratio rear end. With the 302 the torque and power were way up in the RPM range.

    • Joey K.

      Chris A – If I remember correctly (don’t have the chance to look it up at the moment) the stock rear end gearing was something in the 2 range – 2.02 maybe? Just bumping into 3.73 made a HUGE difference – not having to ride the clutch in traffic for instance. Does that alter it from being a completely accurate restoration – yes. Does it make it more practical to drive – very much so.

      • JOHN Member

        3.73 was the stock rear end gear with the Z/28 package.

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    • starsailing

      Friend Roger had blue/white 69 Z28 that he ordered through Grossman Chev Mpls where his old man Phil worked. The Z28 WAS a drag car. They were all over the street. First thing wrong…valves floated at about 5800 rpm. McGinley of Mr. Tuneup fame figured it out by just listening to it. GM strike was going on in 68 sabotaged my mom’s 68 Impala Custom as well. So pulling out 3 hydraulic lifters and putting in factory lifters solved it. Added Super Sun tach and 8 track. Roger went right to 4:11/4:10?s…..then right up the line running it each week with different gears up to 5:12 if I remember right….Settled for 4:56 on street. Eds Headers, M&H wrinkles….Ran bottom 12s all the time. On street tires…they simply did not have traction on street. Roger tried Thermo Quad and a few others seeking even more speed. He achieved collecting way too many tickets so he switched to an XKE…..That 302 pulled the rpms…what a sound.

      • justin

        @starsailing, Your friend , Roger, must have had some major problems after changing out 3 hydraulic lifters as the 1969 DZ 302 in the z28s had a solid lifter cam from the factory. Maybe he had a SS with a 350.

      • starsailing

        Justin….Yes…..the factory cam was solid lifters……yes…GM was striking….so workers sabotaged the cars….deliberately using 3 hydraulic lifters….in place of the solids…hence…the valve float at about 5800 rpm….Car starts fine on line…runs fine…but pops and misfires above 5800 rpm with foot into it…No…was not SS 350….My mothers 68 Impala Custom had pop bottle in driver door and ball bearings and screw driver in the other door rolling around. … and more ball bearing somewhere in front under dash….rolling back and forth on corners…which we just said turn on the radio.
        Another friend Bob Fuller( had cover car or three on Hot Rod mag) early ordered black and white 69 Z28….was months late and when it showed up had problems as well so he refused it. This was in Mpls.

      • JOHN Member

        The 69 Z/28 had solid lifters from the factory, along with the infamous 30/30 Duntov cam. They went 6500 RPM and more from the factory easily. Deeper rear gears certainly helped it’s reputation as a street brawler, but they were designed/built for Trans Am road racing, the engine displacement was limited to 305 cubic inches. the 1969 Boss 302 Mustangs also revved like crazy, but were factory equipped with a RPM limiter or governor that limited engine RPM to 6150. The stock Boss could go to 8000 RPM, not that it is recommended! Pretty much the first thing people did was disconnect it, although it would void the warranty…

  8. nxpress62

    3.73 was standard with Z28, 4.11 optional, anything lower was dealer-installed?

    A base 307 might have had a 2.56, but more likely a 3.08.

  9. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    what Jeff said…..bumper – ettes…and the code is in the wiper area…..stamped….for some reason ….most likely sold to….hopefully the owner or owners friend….

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