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1969 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Project

Without the big block hood and thin bumpers, few enthusiasts would even slow down while passing this yard find, one of countless abandoned third-generation or “C3” Corvettes. With a location listed here on eBay as “Camden, DE, Germany,” the other vehicles in the pictures suggest its true location is Camden, Delaware in the car’s country of origin, the United States of America. What we really have here is an abandoned C3 with no motor or transmission that might have left the factory with one of four 427 engines and a four-speed manual transmission. On the positive side, the seller holds a clear title in his or her name and the No Reserve auction started at an appropriate $1000.

Full instrumentation adorns the fighter-jet cockpit. Once the motor and transmission left, odds of the forgotten two-seater returning to service must have appeared bleak. At that point it became a storage shed for its own parts and who knows what else. There are no engine bay pictures, but even the mildest of four available 427 engines made 390 HP, and that will definitely get you home before the milk spoils.

While Monaco Orange made 1969 the year of the first orange Corvette, this one appears to have worn Daytona Yellow when new. There’s no “trunk” access on the C3 except from inside where you’ll find a tray to hold the removable rear window, plus room for your overnight bag, a box of cigars, and a fifth of Black Velvet.

All non-convertible Corvettes featured the removable T-tops during model years 1968-1977 according to MelroseCorvette. The missing driver’s window renders moot any discussion of failing seals on the T-Tops.

Presumably, all contents of the vehicle come with the sale. It would be doubly rude to take these pictures and THEN clean out the car. Mold and all manner of biodiversity quickly took residence after the loss of one or more windows, and potential buyers should expect rust attacking this once-wicked ‘Vette from above and below. Are you bidding on this leaf-strewn Fall Special?


  1. George Mattar

    Pass. 38,000 69s made. This is a total scam and a big money pit.

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  2. ACZ

    Makes you wonder. How many times, over the years that it’s been sitting, did someone ask if it was for sale and was told “no, I’m gonna fix it up”.

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    • piston poney

      you know that happened in this day and age. (ngl i would be all over it where i live c3 vettes are like gold my dad traded his 77 for a 71 challenger slant 6 car that has been sitting since 2000 been after it since he was 16) it had a 350 and a 3 speed auto

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  3. gbvette62

    If it’s original, the 5600 rpm redline tach indicates that car started life with either the 390 or 400 version of the 427. Daytona Yellow, doubtful? The emblems have been removed, and the holes filled, so the car’s been repainted. I’m guessing it was originally blue, since I see blue paint under the yellow on the stripped passenger side door. Without seeing the trim tag, who knows what the original color was, but does it really matter, this car isn’t worth restoring.

    From looking at the pictures it’s a pretty safe bet that the frame, birdcage and a-pillars/cowl area are probably toast. At best, I think this i a car for someone in the parts business, to part out. I do see some good usable parts, but at it’s current high bid of $2300, it’s getting close to what it’s ultimately worth, even to part out.

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    • bone

      It was definitely yellow ; the left inner door panel and the floor of the car is yellow, so I’d bet the rt door was a replacement . This car led a very hard life , I’m guessing its only good for parts at this point too

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  4. Steve Feld Member

    Before this I had never seen rusted fiberglass.

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  5. Frank Farrell

    I’m not even sure what part can be parted out without damage – maybe the drivers side light cover?

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  6. PLE

    I think he meant “parts car” not “project car”.

  7. john hugh

    no thanks dont

  8. Charles Sawka

    Why ?

  9. Rob

    Ill have to possibly disagree with some here. Restoration wold depend on how solid both the frame and birdcage are. Engine and trans are available, though won’t be matching numbers. It’s a rare and desirable color combo, big block, 4 speed. A good set of ingredients which will make for a valuable car down the road.

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  10. Al camino

    The ad should say FREE TO GOOD HOME.

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    At the ridiculous current bid of $4,335 (probably fake), even a perfect birdcage and frame (impossible) would still mean that you are being an idiot.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      My prediction: This will end up as “Listing removed because item is no longer available”

      No way is this selling to anyone.

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  12. Martin

    I sometimes wonder how many of these P.O.S. are actually dug up out of old country salvage yards… Just sayin’

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      As long as it had a BB in it at some point in time, these rusted out hulks will continue to haunt us.

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  13. Larry Z

    I’m a corvette lover, have owned at least 10 o er the years. As much as I love them, this one is a goner, not worth it,you’ll have way more in it then it will be worth. Can’t believe it’s up to $4300. Like they say “there’s an ass for every seat”. Sometimes you have to walk away and don’t listen to those voices in your head. But good luck to who gets itcom

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  14. Gerard Harings

    Someone wil buy and restore , afterall it is a corvette C3 BB and it dous not matter if it costs more to restore you buy because you want a C3 and it wil pay itself back in sheer pleasure of having one and don it all yourself….

  15. Patrick Farmer

    Hey Johnny,
    You remember that Corvette you had to leave in Germany when your tour was up?
    Don’t have a stroke now.

    They found it.

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  16. Claudio

    Buying fake papers , fake money, fake clothes , knockoffs and all, it is certainly possible to get a numbers matching engine and transmission stamped accordingly …

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