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1969 Citroen DS for $2,900


I have secretly been lusting after a Citroen DS for a while now. Weird, I know, but there is just something about these quirky French cars that gets me going. Maybe it’s the adjustable hydro-pneumatic suspension? Or perhaps it’s the novel removable body panels? Whatever it is, I like ’em and if this one wasn’t in Canada, I’d be hooking up the trailer right now. This one might even have the trick swiveling headlights! Find it here on eBay in Edmonton, Alberta for $2,900 or best offer.


This Citroen has been in storage for many years and is going to need a lot of work before it will be roadworthy again. The seller does state that they got the engine running and that the suspension did start to lift, but that they have not attempted to drive it. I sure hope they knew what they were doing when they attempted to start it and that no permanent damage has been done. Things do look complicated in there, but that is mostly because of the packaging. The four-cylinder engine isn’t anything fancy, but the inboard brakes and hydraulic suspension system do take up some space.


The interior doesn’t look too bad in the photos. I wish the seller had mentioned whether this is an older restoration or an original car. I’m no Citroen expert by any means, so I won’t pass judgement there. I can tell you that it’s a plush ride in there though. The suspension helps absorb the bumps on the outside and the luxury appointments keep the occupants comfortable on the inside. These seem like luxury cars to me, but some were actually raced when new. I suppose it would have been a perfect choice for those long distance endurance rallies. Drivers could even raise the whole car up to cross rutted roads or even shallow rivers if need be and then continue on in smooth riding splendor.


Understandably, these cars aren’t for everyone. Many Americans don’t get the styling and even more are afraid of the mechanicals. I can’t blame them actually because my taste for these cars has been slowly acquired over the years. I also have never worked on or driven one, so perhaps my view will change after having some real life experience. Either way, I hope someone will appreciate the quirky beauty and advanced engineering of the DS enough to save this forgotten French Canadian.


  1. RickyM

    Jesse, it’s spooky that you should post a 1969 Corvette and a 1969 Citroen DS both today as it is my birthday today and I was born in 1969 !!! Love the DS and I think it has aged better than me………

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  2. John A

    Is this “Block the Wheels Monday”? First the Corvette now this!

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  3. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    Looks like the seller just dropped the BIN to $2,550!

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  4. Dan Roney

    Everytime I see one of these Citroens I think of the one that Richard Dreyfuss drove in the movie American Graffiti.

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    • Juan

      Richard Dreyfus drove a late 50´s 2 CV, not these one.

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  5. jean Lecointe

    How I enjoyed the words you said about the DS without having even driven one.
    I did recover a 1971 DS in the woods, it was given to me. The engine was stucked. We went with a trailer to take the car, It was flat on the gound. We removed the radiator and got access to the high pressure pump. With a battery operated drill and the proper nut we were able to turn the pump after cutting the driving belts. Within minutes the car lifted itself from the ground and stayed level.
    Many people think that the hydraulics in the DS is complicated, that’s true, but the cars after 1967, equipped with the mineral fluid (Green) are suprisingly reliable. Go ahed with a DS or a ID. Driving these cars is an experience that no other car in the world can provide.
    Good luck from a Citroën addict.

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  6. Mark E

    Glad it’s in Edmonton. If it was Thunder Bay or even Winnipeg, I’d be hooking up the trailer…

    Growing up in a small town in Southern MN, I remember when one of these came through town. I was simply dumbfounded. I’d seen pics in magazines but thought they were only in France! Since then I’ve always thought these were the most aerodynamic, futuristic looking cars ever, at least until they came out with the SM!

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  7. stanleystalvey

    It’s a funky looking car.. Might be interesting with the right paint and rims.. The one in Wisconsin looks better than this..

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  8. Ken Nelson

    This car is not a 1972 – the dash is pre-1970, the exterior doorhandles are pre-1972, which is the first yr the handles went flush and aren’t nearly as nice as the originals as shown on this car.
    The photos appear to show the fluid tank left front in the engine compartment as being black, and the red plastic top of the nylon fluid pickup tube which feeds the pump is supposed to indicate the fluid used must be conventional DOT 3 brake fluid. Citroen only switched to the green fluid – LHM – a mineral fluid like Dexron III – half way thru 1969 thanks to our idiot DOT folks. Europe got the better noncorrosive fluid around 1968 while we had to wait around for the Feds to get smart. Canada might have gotten the green fluid earlier than the states, but the tanks and all spheres, including the hydraulic pump were green in color to differentiate these later cars so mechanics wouldn’t destroy the hydraulics by putting DOT 3 in them when only auto trans fluids and similar hydraulic oils were useable safely.
    Finally, the dash also gives it away – this dash changed completely in 1970 cars – to 3 round gauges on a straight-across dash instead of this early swoopy design. This seller should talk with one of the Canadian club members and list this properly – it ain’t what he calls it. This one could be saved by someone who really knows these cars, but not at that price, as the trunk floor being gone means lots of structural rust and major metalwork. The good thing about a rusty Cit is that the structure is all sheet metal shear and brake work with flat sheet and a cheap mig welder – virtually no compound curves in the lower structure, and they’re easily made as strong or stronger than factory with slightly thicker metal – all under 1/16 inch. Heck, several of us long timers have put them back together with a pair of tinsnips and pop rivets with great success.

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  9. Bocatrip

    This car is not for the fainthearted.

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  10. Ken Nelson

    Just sent my apologies to the seller of the red ’69 Cit – I had just seen the ad for the ’72 wagon and my mind crossed wires, then shorted out my eyeballs! The ’69 is of course the proper year here, and the ’72 wagon in Colorado is correctly listed – too many Cits too close together today……must’ve been that 2buckchuck last night…..

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  11. jim s

    i like these too, but not interested in dealing with the suspension system, had a more then 1 life times worth with the Rolls. again, i see more in parts then the asking price. very nice find.

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  12. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    You can keep your 40mil Italians, this is where the real style is.

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  13. Brian

    This is an interesting car. I would assume aquiring parts in North America would not be simple or inexpensive. I know I’m getting older because at an earlier time, I would be excited about this car. Today, the thought of tracking down and purchasing parts sounds overwhelming and frustrating. Going to go take a nap now…

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  14. Alex

    Hello everyone, this is actually my car… Looks like someone spotted it on ebay :)
    I picked this car up with intentions to restore it. It’s all there and very doable. But I just finished my jensen cv8 mk3 (manual trans 1 of 2) and have been dumping all of my pay into finishing it :)
    I hope someone can bring her back, and if anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them. Surprisingly parts are not hard to get, and this suspension system is one of their best… Just was sitting a while and needs going over! :)
    All the best fellow gear heads :)

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  15. Alex

    Not sure how to post on here… But would be happy to show pics :)

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  16. Eli

    Unless there is a parts car on hand, the suspension system alone can make restoring a car such as this a formidable task.

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  17. DT

    do the headlights articulate? thanks

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  18. Alex

    Yes, the headlights do articulate, and still work when you turn the wheel.

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  19. skloon

    Not good,I live in Edmonton and my 850r just got written off seeing as I work 200 metres from home this may be a daily driver candidate

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  20. Dolphin Member

    Looks like a decent price for what must be a real scarce car in pickup-dominated Alberta.

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  21. Barry

    These cars are so wonderfully goofy looking and that gives them a charm all their own.

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  22. Tom

    Go for it!

    I live in Oregon and bought a ’58 XK150 in Calgary 2 years ago. It was a great adventure, and I could not be happier with my project. I already have it runnning and driving, and while a bit rough I tool it around at least weekly.

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  23. gunningbar

    The writer says hes never owned or worked on a Citroen…but wants one….gotta love the spirit and courage of car guys!

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  24. Joe Howell

    Brought to you by the same guys that eat snails………..

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  25. Mr Stink

    The headlights rather disappointingly are cable operated. Good price, in France it would make 2-3 times that money. Id love one, the hydaulics aren’t really a big deal its the subframe that is the concern, that and replacing any of the lovely but fragile interior.

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  26. Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

    SOLD to the best offer. Maybe Alex can update us on what it ultimately went for? It would be interesting to know where it’s going.

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  27. Alex

    I thought it sold but the buyer is in Uruguay and has not paid… Have a feeling I will need to relist it again :(
    On the plus side I verified it is a ds20 Pallas and started it again last night, motor still sounds good :)

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      If I knew how to import it, I’d be tempted myself. Please let us know how it goes. Good luck!

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  28. Alex

    Just re listed, if anyone has questions just ask, would be happy to answer. Ps put some gas in the carb and fired right up, motor sounds very strong, compressor was ticking away but only managed to empty the contents of it’s remaining hydraulic fluid on my driveway… Talk to you soon:)

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