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1969 Ford Mustang With a 428 Cobra Jet and 13k Documented Miles!

Hidden away in this garage is a 1969 Mustang with a long competition history. Not only does it feature one of the most desirable drivetrain combinations available in that model year, but it has a genuine and documented 13,600 miles showing on its odometer. It had been sitting for many years, but the current owner has revived it and returned it to a roadworthy state. It runs and drives perfectly and rates as a rust-free survivor. The time has come for it to go to a new home, so the owner has listed it for sale here on eBay. The Mustang is located in Beverly Hills, California, and bidding has soared to $39,800 in a No Reserve auction.

This Mustang is a two-owner classic. It is an unassuming-looking vehicle finished in Meadowlark Yellow. The seller indicates that its original owner treated it to a repaint in its factory shade in the 1980s. The paint wears a few marks and scars, but nothing horrendous. The buyer may choose to perform a cosmetic refresh, but this is by no means essential. The panels have accumulated a few dings and dents, but there’s nothing that would demand immediate attention. The owner indicates that there is no history of accident damage and that there is no Bondo to be found in any of the panels. However, the big news is this classic’s lack of rust. It has spent its entire life in California, and the favorable climate has preserved its original steel. The prone lower body extremities look spotlessly clean, while the owner claims it remains 100% rust-free. It retains its factory Shaker hood, and this, along with the exterior trim, is in excellent condition. The tinted glass looks flawless, while the Mustang rolls on a set of aftermarket wheels. These may not appeal to purists, but sourcing and fitting a correct set should not prove a challenge.

The drivetrain combination in this Mustang is nothing short of mouth-watering. The original owner ordered this classic equipped with a 428 Cobra Jet V8, competition suspension, a C6 automatic transmission, a 3.50 Traction-Lok rear end, power steering, and power front disc brakes. He planned to use the car in competition drag racing, so he pulled and stored away the original drivetrain to preserve it. When its racing career ended in 1985, he refitted that beautiful Cobra Jet and placed the car in storage in 1987. The current owner located it in 2017, purchased it and returned it to a roadworthy state. After working through the revival process, he has clocked only around 335 miles behind the wheel in the last four years. In its current form, the Mustang should be capable of cutting a ¼ mile in 14.4 seconds. It may be fifty-three years old, but it can still hold its own in the modern world. It comes with a comprehensive collection of documentation dating back to Day 1, including paperwork to verify its incredibly low odometer reading. It runs and drives perfectly and should offer stunning performance to its new owner.

Apart from a column-mounted Sunpro tach and a wrap on the wheel, this Mustang’s interior is original and unmolested. There is a crease on the dash pad where the original owner sat a tachometer during this car’s competition history (he didn’t drill the pad to mount this item), but the pad itself is uncracked. There are also a couple of wear marks on the back of the driver’s seat from the racing harness, but a good upholsterer should be able to blend these successfully without the need to replace the cover. The remaining upholstery and trim are in excellent condition, as is the carpet. Due to the original owners’ focus on competition, it isn’t loaded with luxury extras that might sap performance potential. There is an AM radio to relieve the boredom on long journeys if the song being performed by that Cobra Jet isn’t enough to keep the occupants entertained. Otherwise, this interior is about as basic as they come.

The fact that this 1969 Mustang is not a Boss or a Mach 1 does not diminish its desirability. Its odometer reading is well below what you might expect for a classic of this age, while its drivetrain combination is one of the most desirable available in that model year. I’m not surprised that the bidding has been intense to this point, and I suspect that it will remain pretty lively until the hammer falls. It is hard to determine where the bidding may reach, but it should easily pass $50,000. This Mustang isn’t perfect, but its new owner will rightly drive it with pride. It makes me wonder whether that person will be one of our Barn Finds readers.


  1. Stan

    What a beauty. No manual is a shame but for many the C6 will be fine/desirable. Lovely car and colour, no spoiler looks fantastic here.

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  2. Boatman Member

    13,600 miles, 1/4 mile at a time. Convince me that the drivetrain was ever changed.

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    • rex miller Member

      You mean Never changed, correct?

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    • MadMatt

      In the ebay description, it’s stated that it is the original drivetrain, but he ran the quarters for its racing years with a 427 side oiler and a built C6. When he retired it from racing he put the original motor that he had set aside back in.

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  3. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I’d take this over a Mach I every day…not just any day. Every day. Maybe even take it over a Boss 302

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  4. MikeB

    I think I would have to be very certain that all this conversion stuff was true before investing in this car.

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  5. Jackie Hollingsworth

    Blue Oval Power.

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  6. Stephen Coe

    So I’ll still wonder how the documented are shown?Having the yearly vechicle inspection saved for 53 years, Right? Showing the mileage every year, 24 years ago I bought a 79 ElCamino with 73,250 miles for $700 I helped a guy that drove this car from the o lady he bought the car from. There was a piston rod outside the hole in the engine🤪🤪 turns out the car had never gone out side the city limits or driven over 45 mph. Oil had not been changed in 15 years. Lady sold dead husband car after not being touched in 7 years, they lived 2 miles from their business. So Sam buys the car for 1400, hits the interstate & BAM 15 miles down the road it’s dead. I got my trailer & $700 I already had a 350 sitting so a good deal for me 😎😎😎😎😎

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  7. Howie Mueler

    Very nice and close to me.

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  8. 433jeff

    He should have left the side oiler in it, leave the original motor on the stand where it belongs, with all the stink people and beancounters make about numbers matching money, leave it unhurt on the stand and continue with the upgrade. Ya freakin hoo! Chances are he changed the rear gears to 411? What a fun ride, im sure most of the crowd is thinking 4 speed

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  9. joenywf64

    No fan shroud?
    Not sure if the declutching fan is std or even avail on non a/c cars.
    Is the 428 motor also included & does it have the air pump hardware attached to it(since this is a California car)?

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  10. Al

    Nice! But even if he only drag raced this 10% of those miles having pulled the engine to put a beast in to drag race, not cruise down Main St., that means that car was raced 340 times, 1/4 mile at a time! If only 5% use at the track, 170 1/4 miles lol! At 5% dedicated racing miles, he was casually driving the other 12,920 miles with the drag racing engine in it? The car has been through a lot. Low miles or not, they weren’t pampered miles nor close to it.

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  11. Frank D Member

    Matching numbers back in the 60’s and 70’s. No one cared! A junkyard engine was just fine.

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  12. Timothy Phaff

    Been for sale for a long time I believe. Should be looked at up close with all that drag racing. This would be one in a million if it was never raced with anything pulled from the drivetrain then replace or put back. Nice Stang.

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