1969 Mustang For $800!

I know this Mustang needs tons of work and is missing lots of parts, but unlike many of the rough Pony cars we’ve seen lately, this one is actually realistically priced. At just $800 or best offer, taking it on isn’t a major risk and in the end, you could have a nice driver. Reader Scott Y shared this tip with us and happens to know the owner, who he says is a nice guy and would likely take less for it. You can have a closer look at it here on craigslist in Vashon, Washington.

Over the years, we’ve some seriously rusty projects with outrageous asking prices. While this Mustang isn’t a highly optioned example, it’s still a V8 3 speed car! There’s no word on the condition of the engine, transmission or rear end, hopefully nothing is damaged or stuck. Thankfully, parts are readily available for these and major components can be had second hand for reasonable prices.

The biggest issue with this one is going to be rust repair. The driver’s side floor is in bad shape, but the seller has a replacement panel that comes with the car. I also see some rust spots along the bottom of the body, but it doesn’t look too rough at this point. After you fix those issues, you will need to source an entire interior. It isn’t an impossible task, but could get pricey. The most expensive parts will be the dash and seat frames, but neither of those will break the bank.

Given the demand for Mustangs, even coupes, I’m actually amazed this one isn’t already gone at this price. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a pre-1974 Mustang in any condition for less than $1,000. I’m going to guess it’s location has something to do with it still being available, Vashon is an island between Tacoma and Seattle. If you are in the area though, I think it would be well worth making the trip to pick this project up!


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  1. JW

    Well it’s been picked clean of quite a few parts, so no it’s not a parts car. I would worry about the trunk area because no fuel cap, maybe gas tank, taillights, moisture will get in there like a waterfall. With a close inspection and if no title is not a big deal in your state I guess a long term father / son / daughter project for a first car would warrant $500.

  2. Anthony Rodrigues

    The trunk floor on these is the gas tank, so if the tank is missing the water will run right out!

    • JW

      Anthony I know that as our 70 Mach1 has a gas tank trunk floor but you still have to worry about the trunk drop offs on each side and that back piece below the tail panel. I had to replace all that in ours and it only had a bent up outer wheel house letting water in when it rained while driving.

      • Anthony Rodrigues

        Oh I know just a poor attempt at humor my wife had a 70 Mustang coupe back in the day…. engine and trans were still running great when we got rid of it due to the right front wheel well letting water into the passenger compartment every time we drove it in the rain….

  3. Adam T45 Staff

    I’ve seen plenty of these in worse condition that have gone for significantly more. If it turns out to be a numbers matching car, that’s a bonus. Definitely worth a look.

  4. Red'sResto

    Is it just me or does this Mustang look like it’s received a MOPAR paint job? I probably shouldn’t admit this but I kinda like it…

    • tugdoc

      I thought the same thing when I saw 302 on the flank and read 340, then looking at the stripe .. hmm Mopar. Without the 302 I am fine with it.

  5. JamestownMike

    I think $800 is an absolute steal. REALLY surprised it’s still available!

  6. Taylor

    Hi Anthony, could you please send me an email to get in touch with you about your car? My email is milnerta@hotmail.com and my name is Taylor.

    Cheers mate

  7. 8banger Dave Member

    That sure is a lot of fuel hose…

  8. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I’m kinda surprised this hasn’t been ‘deleted by author’ Makes me think a family of wet-forest rattlers has taken up residence in it or something.

  9. JagManBill

    umm…vintage racer?

  10. Harry Hodson

    I assume folks saw the part about No Title. So a Vintage racer may be in order.

  11. Oddimotive Cason Oddimotive Cason Member

    This one’s a tough call. Because it’s an early Mustang, essentially all parts are available, but the bills will add up. Add in body work and one could spend more than the value of a 100% perfect pristine 302/3spd hardtop like this, which is somewhere between $7.5K and $20K, depending on who’s shopping, the options on the car, etc.

    Still, as the owner of a ’70 Grande, I want to see this one saved, too! I think of this as a good opporunity for someone who wants a restomod, as numbers matching and originality don’t matter too much on a basic hardtop; and replacing the three-speed would make for much better highway driving, anyway. Interior could also lean toward custom at about the same price as sourcing all original or original-type parts. Race car is also a good option (?).

    The title may or may not be an issue, depending on the state in which the new owner lives.

  12. John

    You can’t buy a mustang under 5k and not get rust of some kind ….it just wouldn’t be right!

  13. Rob

    Im curious,, I wonder way the car is off the ground in the rear? Are some jackstands hidden somewhere to hold it up so the suspension doesn’t come crashing upward thru whats left?

  14. Don

    this is reasonably priced..even if you have to put 10- 15K into this sled, you’ll have a classic ride that is so much more novel than a toyota or honda @ the same price..This is an excellent project for a dad/son projector dad.daughter project.

  15. Greg

    its a coupe so not really desireable! 69 fastback much better looking!

  16. RS

    In 1977 my brother’s brother-in-law bought a Boss 302 in this same color for $800. (And it looked great.) A high school kid had bought it for his first car and ruined the clutch. Brother’s brother in law fixed the clutch, drove it for two years, and sold it for enough to put a down payment on a house.

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