1969 Oldsmobile 442: Unfinished Business


It always amazes me how cars can sit ignored for years, looking as if they hold as much value as an aluminum can, and then they suddenly become prized possessions once listed on eBay. This 1969 Oldsmobile 442 here on eBay is a real-deal example and was painted red from the factory, a nice change of pace from the abundance of white-on-gold 442’s we’re accustomed to seeing. I can’t cast too much blame on the seller, as he acquired it as a parts car after it was broken down for restoration and never put back together. Why are people so anxious to tear a car apart but not to re-assemble it? Seems like if I’m gearing up for a tear-down, I’d have the money, time and resources in place to see it through. Oh, well – the asking price is $3,500 for this 442. Do you think it’s worth that much to have the fun of hunting down parts and putting it back together?


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  1. JW

    If I was a decent body & paint man maybe BUT I’m not so I would pass as it would cost me more than it’s worth to put it back to even driver condition.

  2. MH

    Sorry but seems really high priced. It’s a 1K car at most the way it is. Should would be a fun car once completed.

  3. Ed P

    Looks like a parts car to me. There is to much rust repair to make this worthwhile at this price.

  4. Jason

    “Do you think it’s worth that much to have the fun of hunting down parts and putting it back together?”

    No. Way too much scrap these days masquerading as rusty gold.

    No use in having these listings at BF other than making money from affiliate links.

  5. Texas Tea

    I like the car and think it’s worth saving, but not at this price. I’d like to see it bought cheap and go to an auto mechanics and body shop vocational school and let the high school kids go at it. It would be a great hands on project and many lessons could be learned.

  6. Frankie Paige

    Definitely worth the time. The other people commenting are only thinking of the almighty dollar, this is a labor of love and pride when you can sit in the drivers seat and drive it you’ll understand it was worth the time.

  7. pontiactivist

    Amen! Frankie. Don’t think I could have said it better myself.

  8. Al Member

    A Goat maybe this parts or cans.

  9. Eric

    give it about 10 or so years, and y’all be looking at worse, kicking yourself in the ass for not jumping on this 1

  10. Chris in WNC

    If floor pans, rockers and trunk floor are solid then it MIGHT be worth restoring. Maybe.
    Otherwise it’s a parts car and should be priced accordingly…….

  11. Luke Fitzgerald

    I’m going to be sick –

  12. Tom

    I like the under dash 8 track, could it be restored?

  13. Booya

    The only reason to restore this would be because you want to do it.

  14. Another Bob

    This would be a real pain to restore. You’d have to tackle everything and then pay huge sums for 442 trim parts. What a waste of time. Look what this gorgeous Cutlass SX is going for? That is the price of paint on this dog.
    As a Quebecer who grew up watching cars dissolve, can’t see how anyone enjoys working on rust. Maybe a Brit!

    • Jim

      Wow…that is a beautiful example of the Cutlass SX. Thanks for the link. I actually prefer a “wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

    • Josh Staff

      Wow that is a sweet find! Thanks for posting this Bob!

  15. Adam B

    Another Bob, you cannot compare a 1969 442 to a 1970 Cutlass SX. They are completely different body styles. The 442 is a much more desirable car and will bring more money.
    If the rust is not bad it may be worth saving. I would like to know where you guys are buying your 1960s and 1970s muscle cars for less than 3000 that have no rust.

  16. Ed P

    Another Bob’s find would be a better buy. It looks like it is waiting for someone to drive it home.

  17. Jim

    If ever there was a best year for the 4-4-2, then 1969 was the one. Great body style, and in the Hurst Olds version in gold/white, it never looked better. Unfortunately, this one looks a bit expired.

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