1969 Porsche 911E Field Find – A Bargain?


Unlike a lot of Porsches we see on Barn Finds, this one doesn’t seem ridiculously priced. At least at the beginning of the auction–we’ll see what it looks like at the end. It’s located in Eads, Tennessee and is listed for sale here on eBay with bidding starting at $5,000 without a reserve.


The car has been sitting for at least 15 years, but it’s obvious that someone had big plans for this car as they have included both a brand new factory manual and parts catalog! Actually, the rust doesn’t look too bad from the sides, but the severity of the dent in front of the driver’s rear wheel could be serious. You have to wonder how it got a dent like that, too.


Unfortunately, it looks like the car has been tarped in this area for a long time (look at the lines of dried mud on the windshield). That really makes me afraid for the underside and floor of this car. If only we were shown the underside! By the way, the 911E was supposed to be the somewhat more luxurious, easier driving model versus the 911S. It was only produced from 1969 to 1973. According to 911e.org, there were only 1,968 made in 1969, and only 1,014 with bodies made by Karmann as this one was.


The interior–well, it’s rough. Really rough. There’s been a lot of moisture in here. You can tell that from the rust on metal components. I’m not fond of the leaves and debris either. If squirrels and vermin can get in, not only are there health issues, but there are holes in them there floors!


You can see the rust here around the gauges. I hope there’s more than carpet holding the seats up! However, it is that iconic 911 dash layout, isn’t it? Now, if you are looking at the eBay auction and wondering where all these pictures came from, there’s a dropbox the seller has set up here. However, they have not included any engine pictures, which I would think just might be important to a potential purchaser. I don’t know if you share the P-car love that so many folks do, but this might be a very inexpensive way to get into the club. On the other hand, it may be a hole you are pouring money into. What do you think?


  1. Chris in Nashville

    I am not too far away from this, so if anyone has serious interest, I could make the drive and be your eyes.

    • Jim

      That would be great

  2. Jumping g

    I just wonder with all the rust and the line acrossed the windshield and a few other tell tale signs inside was this car in a flood ?

    • Pete

      Bingo a few years back the city of Memphis had major flooding in that area including the Gibson Les Paul Guitar factory. If this car is owned by the same dishonest dude I know in Eads then I can promise it is a local flood car.

  3. Jonny the Boy

    Mud daubers on the dashboard!

  4. Brian in Reno

    Growing up in Seattle and rescuing a few 911’s worse than this, I can tell you exactly what that car smells like….. Ahhh! Big Spider!!!!

  5. Paul

    Gi, maybe just me but I couldnt find the link to ebay listing – interesting if the price stays reasonable.

    • Clinton

      Somehow the links for ebay don’t ever work for me on my phone either. It would be nice to have the author add the item number as well. Then readers with same issue could easily find the listing.

      • brian crowe

        does you phone have the option “show links” in your settings? If so then turn them on.

  6. Dave Wright

    I owned and rebuilt a 1968 911L in 1976. It required new rockers, fenders and pans……can’t remember everything. Parts were cheep enough. It was a low mileage car that ran great. I bought it from a USAF officer that had bought it with his Vietnam bonus. Mechanically it was wonderful and was a nice car when finished but sold it to buy my Mistral. There is not enough information on this one to make a decision. The E’s were better than the T’s but at today’s prices an inspection would be mandatory before exchanging cash.

  7. Michael Slavitch

    Can’t find the listing.. Anyone have a link?

    Wait found it http://www.ebay.com/itm/1969-Porsche-911-/192016895805

  8. ccrvtt

    Not sure if I remember correctly, but I thought the 911E was fuel injected (einspritzer) versus the Weber-carbed 911S. The E was rumored to be quicker 0-60 while the S was more powerful and had a higher top end. When I worked in a Porsche dealership in 1973 the 911S was the uber Porsche.

  9. milesS

    Seller told me that he “guesses’ there is and engine and trans. Also will not take photos of the floors or of the front trunk pan.

  10. Dolphin Member

    It comes with a brochure, some nice books, and a big dent, but the engine / trans are guesses and there will be no pics of the pan, and it’s bid to $7400 after a couple of hours.

    Sorry folks, I’m due back on planet Earth now…..got to go…..

  11. Glen

    I think he’s more interested in showing us the manuals.

  12. moonshooter

    The mfis and the completeness of the engine are the real bummer here. Given the limited numbers, without knowing that the engine is complete, expect some very very big bills. And i say this from experience!

  13. Jack Quantrill

    This is like leaving the Mona Lisa out in the rain. A travesty!

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