1970 AMC AMX: Big Bad Orange

1970 AMC AMX

Big. Bad. Orange. Car color names today sure have a lot to learn from the nomenclature of the 70s muscle car era. This 1970 AMC AMX found here on eBay is said to be 1 of only 122 cars made with this uniquely-named paint color, and it bears the additional fruit of a 390 paired with a 4-speed. The seller bought it out of Florida after a low-buck restoration project left it unfinished with paint issues and other needs, and he’s now decided to let it go after finding a similar car in better condition. Of course, the seller did nothing to improve the car’s condition, leaving it outside under a tarp after he bought it. That always strikes me as ironic: lament the way the previous owner treated the car and then admit to not doing much better. When my 535is arrived on a transporter in atrocious condition, it was quickly shuttled into a garage where it stayed warm until I could get to work on it. Not that hard to do folks! Hopefully, this big, bad, and very orange AMX finds a better home soon – but the $10,000 Buy-It-Now may scare many potential buyers away.


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  1. JW

    Well for my first early morning read I think this seller got burned on his purchase and is trying to recoup his money while not treating it any better than buyer #2. If your going to bash someone at least show you have better car morals than he did. Your valuable garage space would be where you work to restore the car to driver or show quality condition until then the soccer mom mini van sits outside like our 2011 Ford Edge since they are replaceable easy enough. I wouldn’t pay over $7500 knowing the seller would not take the time to find out exactly what the car needs to make it a quality driver, all he wants is to unload it on another unsuspecting buyer and get his money back.

  2. dj

    This seller is just as bad as a flipper. Except this seller let the car get into even worse shape since he did nothing with it. I have to agree with JW. He got burned, had no idea how to restore it and couldn’t afford having it restored. So he’s trying to screw the next owner by dumping it on them.

  3. don

    agree with JW & dj, BUYER BEWARE!

  4. blindmarc

    Agree with all. There’s a sucker born every minute……

  5. Rich

    Completely agree with everyone. I wouldn’t buy anything from this guy.

  6. A.J.

    There is no such thing as a restoration project that is worth any price if you are strictly talking math.

    That said I think the car properly presented is probably worth close to the 10k. This guy is doing himself a disservice with the way he wrote his ad. Also, the title thing would be a no-go for me right off the bat.

  7. Tom

    Decoboob bought the car to restore but cannot tell how rusty it is ? Some guy emailed him that it is a solid car but don’t hold me to it ? May be a good one but the ad is totally written in Ebay speak .


    The seller has shot himself in the foot with his ad for sure. Description and pics couldn’t be any worse. He would have more interest at starting it out with a low start price and no reserve. It will bring what it is worth. $10K ? Not likely. The car being from Michigan should be a major a concern. If the trunk is rusted most likely so are the rear pans, rockers and the sub frame structure under the front fenders. The structure under the front of the hood is another common area. This is a one year hood also shared with the Javelin although not many were optioned with it. The 1970 is unique and as stated a one year design. Once considered not as popular as the 68-69 AMX with the AMC crowd. The 1970 had many upgrades namely the ball joint suspension simular to the Mustang. Today with the very low production numbers different story. 20 years ago would have been an easy restore with the purchase of a Javelin parts car. Not so today. The 1970 Javelin is as rare in 390 trim as most got parted out and command big money for an AMC. The 390 4 spd. is a plus. If you like Orange (Big Bad Orange) is another. Still shouldn’t be too bad for someone to tackle. The grille is the nearly unobtainum part not being reproduced. NOS expect to pay up to $3500. for one. Everything else can be located quite easy. Plenty of AMC support groups on the web also. This is only if the seller gets realistic.

  9. blindmarc

    No bids yet,…….gee I wonder why?

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