1970 Cougar Boss 302: The Eliminator

1970 Cougar Eliminator

Reader Michael B tipped me off to an incredible find, with a bit of a sad story. The Cougar was Mercury’s take on the Pony car, as a matter of fact it was based on the Mustang. It was more luxurious and subsequently heavier, but in ’69 Mercury decided they needed a more performance orientated model so they introduced The Eliminator. It was for the most part an appearance package, but they gave it a Boss 302 V8 and a sport tuned suspension. This Eliminator has been garaged since 1981 and has been in the care of the same owner since new. Sadly, they recently passed away and now their widow is trying to find a new home for it. A friend is helping them with the sale and has posted it for sale here on Facebook.

1970 Cougar Eliminator Boss 302

It is always sad to see a widow in this situation, but at least they are trying to find a good home for this rare cat. Most of the Eliminators built in ’70 came with the 351 Cleveland, but a few cars were optioned with either the Boss 302 or the 428 Cobra Jet. While the 351 and 428 were both great engines, I would have also gone with the high revving 302. Combine the Boss with a 4 speed and you had a street car that was ready for weekend trips to the race track! The seller doesn’t seem to have a price in mind, but I would assume they know just how valuable and desirable this car is. I want to thank Michael for letting us know about this Cougar and I wish the seller the best of luck finding a good home for it!


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  1. Woodie Man

    Maybe you guys can post some pix of the Eliminator on here. All I get when I follow the link is some guy named Hubbard. Now I have to scrub my computer so Facebook doesnt follow me around!

    • Josh Staff

      I guess I should have saved the photo album, as it has been removed. I’m going to guess he got more interest than he was expecting and decided to take it down to cut back on messages. Or perhaps they already sold it? If anyone hears anything from the seller, please let us know!

  2. memikeyounot

    My dad remarried in 1980 (after my mom passed) and his new wife, when I first went to her house, had a 1970 Cougar that had been her daily driver. Her previous husband was a car guy and worked at a local Ford/Mercury dealer for many years.

    Her Cougar wasn’t an Eliminator but it was a nice burgundy color with matching interior and black vinyl top, and they had owned it since new.

    I only saw it once and the next time I went to visit them, it wasn’t there. I asked my dad what happened, and he said that her oldest son had taken the car, saying his dad wanted him to have it. He was going to pay her for it…..I wish I could have bought it.

  3. The Chucker

    Torque thrust wheels…looked great then, look great now.

    • Don Barzini

      Very true. It may be the only after market wheel that never looked dated.

  4. Mike_B_SVT

    Another fellah uploaded some of the pics to the Classic Cougar Community forum, here:


    I’m guessing the seller has been getting bombarded over the last few days. Last I heard they had offers of $60k+.

  5. pontiactivist

    I always liked first gen cougars. Second gens are cool too. But in a different way. I know of a yellow eliminator in espyville pa. Would be a good project car. Cool cars.

    • Mike_B_SVT

      I’m always on the lookout for Cougar Eliminators ~ I track sales and provide data to help out the Eliminator Registry and the Mercury Cougar community. Would appreciate any leads you might send my way! I can be reached at: A1970Eliminator(at)gmail .com


  6. Mark E

    Back in the day there was a doctor in my hometown that had a yellow one of these. Was always parked in the street by the hospital. Sweet looking car!

    • Mike_B_SVT

      Mark, you wouldn’t happen to be from Georgia or thereabouts? Familiar story, and I may know the car…

  7. Rob K

    I have the exact same car in orange. Complete with the Boss 302. Mine has the styled steel wheels, but now I am thinking how good those torq thrusts look.

    These cars are rarer than virtually any mustang. The boss 302 is an awesome engine. Much overlooked for its big block counterparts. All Boss 302’s were 4 speed, but you had a choice of close or wide ratio boxes. Mine has the much rarer wide ratio. Also mine was a California car without A/C, not surprising really, when it was bought almost exclusively for 1/4 mile use and virtually devoid of any options at all/

  8. Patrick

    I have always loved these first gen Cougars, especially the Eliminator. Back in 1985, while shopping for a proper drivetrain for my 1965 Falcon Sprint (had a 302 and I wanted a 289, I know, picky) a friend told me about a junk yard in Ware, MA that had a Mustang GT with the hi-po 289 that the owner had promptly wrapped around a telephone pole just after restoring it….ouch. The owner of the junk yard told me I could have the hi po 289/toploader/9″ rear combo for the princely sum of $650.00, and that he would pull it for me. Being a broke teenager I couldn’t afford it :((( While walking over to see the Mustang (it was in a “special”, private section of the yard) I noticed a lot of other muscle and performance cars that were there. One of them was a 1970 Cougar Eliminator, just like this one, blue with the Boss 302. I had never seen a Boss motor up until this point and was extremely intrigued. Unfortunately, it was in the junk yard because a tree had placed itself across the middle of the car and, if I remember correctly, one or both of the rear tires no longer were touching the ground. My other Eliminator story…..my family vacations in Aruba yearly and 3 years ago, while out driving around the island, I spotted this dilapidated Cougar sitting in a driveway in San Nicolas which is at the southern end of the island. I immediately turned around and stopped in front of the driveway. It was a white 1970 Eliminator! I got out to look at it and the owner came outside to speak with me. He said his father had purchased it new and that he was planning on restoring it. It was in really rough condition (the island is rough on vehicles!) but he was gonna restore it and I was happy for him. He said he had been offered a lot of money for it but wouldn’t sell. It was a 351/4 speed. Well, the next year I went back and I guess he changed his mind because it was gone. Love these cars and will own one…some day!

  9. St.Ramone de V8

    I’ve had a 69 Cougar with the 390 for decades. Still love the thing. Mercury created the Eliminator as Ford created the Mach 1. Just another step in the muscle car thing. The Cougar already had a performance image with the GT in 67 and 68. Those cars had the same 390 as mine 335hp, 427ft/lbs torque. Great engine. Mine has drum brakes X4 and no assist. Came with E78-14 white wall bias ply tires. That’s how it got it. Scary. Fun.

  10. Mike_B_SVT

    This one IS still available.

  11. Mike_B_SVT

    This one is now sold and off to a fine home. The new owner was able to get it running again after a borescope inspection of the cylinders, cycling fresh oil, replacing carb gaskets, and some brake work.

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