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1970 Ford Thunderbird 429 Barn Find

This 1970 Ford Thunderbird has been barn-bound in Georgia for the last 13 years, and recently emerged from its temporary tomb as a complete car with minimal rust issues. The Thunderbird is equipped with a thundering 429 under the hood, and while appearing complete, the seller doesn’t confirm if it still turns freely. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $3,000 and located in St. Mathias, Georgia.

The “before” pictures give some indication as to how long this Thunderbird was stationary, and unlike most barn find sellers, he actually cleaned the big coupe once it was removed. The Thunderbird was running when parked and supposedly without issue, which makes it even more curious as to why it was left to sit. This generation Thunderbird still made respectable power as it debuted before the malaise era turned cars like the T-Bird into shadows of their former selves.

This example is equipped with attractive bucket seats and an interior that, overall, is still in very nice condition. Mileage is indicated as being 96,122, and that certainly looks believable based on the condition on display here. The seller notes the Thunderbird is well equipped, featuring air conditioning, cruise control, power windows, power locks, and power brakes. It also comes with the landau-style roof.

The big block Thunder Jet 429 was rated at an impressive 360 b.h.p. when new, making it a very capable straight-line cruiser. The distinct “beak” on the front end was another distinguishing feature of the fifth-generation Thunderbird, and while this one looks like a tired used car at the moment, they are quite imposing when cleaned up and running. The seller is asking very reasonable money for this Georgia project, which will come with a bill of sale as Georgia doesn’t issue titles on older cars.


  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Doesn’t seem like there is much interest in these in the marketplace. This example is obviously rough around the edges. But it is cheap, and maybe with some basic repairs and upgrades, it could be made into a fun cruiser. And something not commonly seen at the Sonic cruise-in.

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    • Big_Fun Member

      Yes, agreed. I like the personal luxury coupes. Lots of detailing will make this the decent cruiser you talk about. Obviously, new tires, and maybe some new wheels to make it stand tall.

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  2. Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

    Ive never sat inside a 70 T-Bird. Does anyone know if there is anything behind that panel on the center console with the T-Bird emblem on it?

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    • Tom

      it open’s

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    • Hwy 101 north

      That T-bird emblem is in the center of a 6”x6” door with hinges on the right.
      It opens up to a little metal cube storage compartment, almost safe-like. I had this exact model, with buckets, in root beer tan, with the cayman alligator top. Yes spinning the tires was never a problem! It was owned by a dentist out in California. This and the Porsche 911 were the most expensive cars you could buy that year…$5000ish…

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      • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

        @ hey 101
        Thanks for the answer. I was guessing storage, but wondering if it was hiding a CB radio or maybe an 8 track.

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      • Chris D

        I had 1971 t-bird. I used the the small box to hold my 8 track. Just enough storage.

  3. Steve R

    Too many unknowns for the $3,000 asking price, $1,000 to $1,500 would be more realistic. Any potential buyer should pay no more than the value of its parts to protect their interests.

    Steve R

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    • Tazman

      Classics are getting hard to come buy I know it’s not a muscle car but it’s a 1970 T bird with a 429 and by the looks of it is in great shape I would have to see the car in person before I bought it but I would pay 3 grand for it and If I lived in the area I would go look at it and pay 3 grand for it if it is what it looks like in the pictures

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  4. lc

    Very interesting Special Brougham Option:
    There may have been some running changes with this option, yet this early ‘bird seems to be mostly on target, sans three spoke wheel (though it does have rim blow) and “Thunderbird” interior door panel scripts.
    Another factory custom!

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  5. Skorzeny

    Who knows what’s gonna happen to this Bird, but it would be fun to cruise and get that 429 open on a regular basis. If you hadn’t by now, you would get to know EVERYBODY that worked at your local gas station… 10-11 MPG would be my guess on this. You wouldn’t be driving this looking at the vacuum gauge now would you?

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  6. 370zpp 370zpp Member

    Its what’s parked next to it that caught my attention. 54 Chevy?

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    • IkeyHeyman

      ‘53 Desoto Firedome?

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      • normadesmond


      • Will Fox

        `54 I think. I noticed it too. Would rather have it than the `Bird.

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  7. Stangalang

    My uncle had one like was about 6 years old when he got it. Same 429 4 barrel he put taller gears in the 9 inch rear..I think headers and true dual exhaust. That yaht would scoot

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  8. Troy s

    It’s a neat old Ford, with plenty of power, the interior looks really sharp for this personal luxury highway cruiser. Of course it won’t get any fuel economy out of that 429, nobody would expect it to,, then or now. The pin hole in the gas isn’t helping things here.
    It’s got the look.

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  9. Jeff

    3K for a 429 motor and transmission that fits right into a 70 Mustang fastback sounds like a winner to me.

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  10. JoeNYWF64

    The wild tailites here, the optional hidden headlites on the ’68 caprice, & hidden wipers on both – the future of exterior styling – was yesterday.

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  11. Jason Calhoun

    There’s a beautiful ’71 near me, owner is asking $6,500. At that price, not worth getting a project car.

  12. Paul Porter

    My dad had one of these “Tbirds”. He repainted it candy apple red and made it a sharp car. It sure had the power in my eyes. He hated the mileage it got…got more out of a 68 Cadillac. That’s high miles for that car, but I think it would be worth saving if you could get it for the right price. I’m not sure about the title issue.

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