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1970 Mach I Mustang for $1,200


We have featured some high dollar Mach Ones lately, so it was refreshing to receive an email from reader Robert J. with a link to a $1,200 1970 Mach 1 Mustang. This one has been sitting in a field though and appears to have suffered an engine fire. Still, this is a Mach 1 for a little over a grand! Find it here on craigslist out of Santa Rosa, California. Do you think it could be brought back to life for less than a more preserved car? Thanks for the tip Robert!


  1. Jim-Bob

    Bring a weed eater? (Sorry…I couldn’t resist!) The thing is, it may not be all that bad. It seems relatively complete, and it’s a Mustang. Whatever isn’t there is reproduced, so it can be salvaged pretty easily if it isn’t too rusty. Also, it’s in the People’s Republic of Kalifornia. While this may be a negative for those who have to suffer the horrors of the Smog Stazi (or SS for short), it can also be a positive since it is a dry state and out and out rot is rare. As for a engine fire, I am not certain it had one, or at least not a bad one. The carburator is not melted and so I doubt that any fire damage is more than superficial. It also seems to be a 2 barrel Motorcraft carb, so I am not certain it is the original engine. Perhaps the poster is mistaken and it is just a 2 barrel 302 fastback and not a Mach 1.Then again, the engine looks too wide to be a 221-302 Windsor, so maybe it’s a swapped in 385 series engine or Cleveland, or even a 351 Windsor. At any rate, a 1970 Mustang fastback for $1200 is a bargain if it is salvageable. Even if it isn’t, it’s probably worth that in parts alone if it has a title. (The title and VIN alone have value if there is a reproduction shell available.)

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  2. St. Ramone de V8

    Ya, I don’t see evidence of a fire, either. That hood may have been burned, but it looks like a Camaro hood to me. Seller makes no mention of title. May have to be a parts car?

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  3. Gary Fogg

    I wouldn’t mind having the seats to recover for my 69 Mach 1

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  4. rancho bella

    Gary, just a long as you stay with the ’69 pattern……..’70 was different.

    Who knows……this could be a B2 for all we know. If I only could read a Vin, that would tell the tale.

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  5. off2hcky

    Definitely not a Mustang hood! It does look like a deluxe interior for a Mach. Definitely worth a look as at minimum there is at least $1200 worth of good parts!

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  6. Bryan Cohn

    Jack up the VIN and drive a newly refreshed Mustang under it creating a restored “Mach 1”.

    You’ll spend $1200 getting it out of its resting spot. I don’t think a weed eater will do, I’m thinking a machete might be in order.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

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  7. paul

    Is this what they are getting for a parts car these days?

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  8. Robert J

    Let us know how it goes Bryan. :)

    My best friend and I both drove Mach 1’s in high school. I suppose we should have held on to them. Ah life.

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  9. Alan

    Yep, that could be a Camaro, or even a Chevelle hood, definitely not Mustang!

    Funny to me how some Craigslist posters supply only one or two terrible photographs, when it costs nothing but a little time to add several really good ones. I’d be inclined to include at least 4 more, including one of each rear corner, the interior, and the engine bay.
    Then of course there is the sparsest of descriptions. Is it that hard to add a few lines of informative text? Sheesh!

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  10. Dolphin Member

    Couldn’t agree more that this and so many other listings have far too few photos and little info—very frustrating for anyone who might be seriously interested. And guess what, CL listers: You don’t want to frustrate and annoy those people because they are the only ones you have any hope of getting any money from.

    As St Ramone said, no mention of title, and the location also makes me wonder whether the lister even owns the vehicle…..looks like it’s in the middle of nowhere, owned by Mr. Whoknows. I would be very careful before handing over any cash fior this.

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  11. Sim

    It looks like the car is sitting just inside the guy’s property line. Most importantly it’s worth more than 1200 if parted out correctly ..cleaning up parts and categorizing for sale online. Although this ad screams “I really don’t care, I’m not a great ad poster, just come get the #*#*#* thing” …He should be congratulated, at least he’s being reasonable by posting a Mach parts car that doesn’t constantly read “reserve not met” for a month.

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  12. Chris H.

    Shoot! That’ll buff right out!

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  13. TuckerTorpedo

    At least he’s not asking $50,000 like the delusional owner of the white Mach 1 “project” posted here a week ago.

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  14. Tim

    Posting has been deleted

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  15. Aidan F

    Totally worth it to me….

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