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1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale With 455 V8!

Now, this is a cool daily driver! The seller of this 1970 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale two-door Holiday hardtop says that they have used it as their daily driver and it doesn’t get much better than that in my world. Did I mention that it has a 455 V8? Now I have and that’s the engine that you want in a 1970 Oldsmobile. This one is listed here on craigslist in Ashburn, Virginia and they’re asking $3,500 or best offer. Thanks to Jay L. for sending in this tip!

I’m in love with the 1970 Oldsmobile 98 but I would not turn down a nice Olds 88, especially one in this two-door Holiday hardtop coupe body style configuration. The Royale trim line was the top for Olds in this model in this era and it reportedly only came as a two-door hardtop Holiday coupe. My dad had a nice light-green Olds 98 four-door sedan and it was a screamer and a very nice car.

This is quite a car. I can’t see this Oldsmobile being available for too long at this price and I would absolutely love to have it. The bad thing for me is that the way our garage is configured this won’t fit, just as my 1966 Lincoln Continental Coupe didn’t fit. This car needs a little work as you can see. The body looks a little rough in spots, and I believe that it would have originally had a vinyl top.

The interior is much cooler than my dad’s Olds 98 was, although I loved those green brocade seats in that 98. Black seats would be incredibly hot in the summer but some seat covers would help with that. The optional “sports console” is fantastic but I might remove some of the accessory gauges that are attached to the steering column and under the dash. As always, I would have liked to have seen power windows and locks on a top trim level car but there’s nothing wrong with having to roll down your own windows.

The big deal with this car is the engine, it’s Oldsmobile’s famous 455 cubic-inch V8 which in this case has a four-barrel carburetor and should have around 365 horsepower. There are no mechanical issues and it has a new timing chain, tune-up, and the carb was rebuilt. The car also has new shocks and springs all around, a new 3-core radiator, and a new power steering pump. They do say that it leaks a bit of oil, a couple of gauges aren’t working, and there’s an exhaust leak at the crossover. This looks like an absolute steal at this price to me. Have any of you owned an Olds 88 of this era?


  1. Arthell64

    These were great cars but this body style didn’t age well.

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    • nlpnt

      It’s setting my “something’s funny here” receptors off the same way a Holden or something South American does. The ’80 98 coupe does the same thing. B/C body Oldsmobuicks need four doors, coupes should be either A-bodies or dedicated PLCs.

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  2. Todd Fitch Staff

    “So many pedestrians, So little time.” Love this thing Scotty! I agree the column-mounted tach seems a little high school since the stock 455 will be out of breath way before redline and then rip the tires loose on the upshift anyway. Hang on a minute [google maps, distance from here to Ashburn…] I also love how the Gold Theme continues inside outside and through the engine compartment. Solid Gold baby! Nice find and write-up.

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  3. Little_Cars

    Love it and I know Ashburn well. Not many of these could have been made with a black vinyl bucket seat interior with console! I would lose those Silverado slotted steel wheels and go for some Vintique repros of the original Olds rallies but with deeper offset, profile and radius. Then, drive it like I stole it while working on the body for final paint. NO vinyl top!

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  4. Fear_Nothing

    Perfect for an Uncle Buck starter pack. Or just a car to park in your driveway to drive the HOA nuts. A solid win either way.

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  5. Winfield S Wilson

    Back in 1985 I bought a 1970 98, 2 dr hardtop. Gorgeous car: That color gold, with a white vinyl top and gold vinyl interior. I got it from a guy whose mother was too old to drive and he let me have it cheap-$500.00 cash. 455 engine (low compression) and loaded with options, everything but cruise control. I just couldn’t afford to keep it due to a long commute and high gas consumption. I sold it for $700 and bought a Honda motorcycle. Those were the days…!

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  6. OldsFan88

    The first clear memory I have of. New Car in the family was a 1970 Blue With blue brocade interior and black vinyl roof 2 door Holiday coupe.

    I was about 3 1/2. I loved that car, I have found several, but I live in a city so not an option.

    That car flew, also had the 455 in it, I don’t think power windows were much of N option till a few years later.

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  7. CCFisher

    In addition to the 365hp 4-barrel 455, there was a 390hp version available. Any experts out there know how to spot a W-33 Delta 88?

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    • Ken

      Could you explain to us a W-33 option.

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    • ASX455

      I do. It used a specific carb and distributor along with some internal differences not seen from the outside.

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Thanks, CCFisher; I’d never heard of that one. Here is an old ad for one that includes the dealer order showing HD susp, etc. This buyer really knew what they were doing. https://www.cars-on-line.com/gen3-cars/col1/posting/96763

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      • Little_Cars

        Back when you could order a car, bit by bit, line by line. Look at that sales order from Holiday Oldsmobile! No room left for anything else. That car must have been quite a sleeper. Looks to have a tan or off white bench seat and those horrendous wheelcovers. I would have carefully selected some meatier wheels and tires back in the day. Perhaps radials could have been purchased for this coupe. And look, no vinyl top!

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  8. Cav427

    I had a 1970 Delta 88 with a black vinyl top and light green two door body. It was a two door, Turbo 400 and Rocket 350 V-8, I actually really liked that car! The bench seat was wide enough that I could lie down on it somewhat comfortably (I’m 6′ 1″) The timing chain slipped at 106K miles, bent every valve and pushrod in the engine. If I could find another, I would buy one. The body had somewhat of a coke bottle shape, it looked wide, low and long. The picture does not do the car justice, and it appears there some body rust (near the fron fenders in front of the doors the lower sheetmetal is secured by a bolt, the sheatmetal rusts), door issues on this example. Always wished mine had a 4 bbl or 455 Rocket!

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  9. Chris Gall

    I love this car, but I’m probably biased….and by the way, I restored one and own it today. The buckets and console is extremely rare….I’ve seen 4 or 5 in the last 30 years, including mine. Agree with the no vinyl top comments. I deleted it when I restored mine. I wanted to attach a photo so you can see what these look like when restored. She is a beautiful machine. Mine does have all available options except for 8-Track and Power seat. Otherwise she’s loaded with PW, PL, PS, PB, Hood Lock, Light Group, Power rear defrost in the glass, power trunk and I probably forgot a couple things…..great cars! Let me know if there’s some way to post a photo on these comments as I’d be glad to do it.

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    • Little_Cars

      Chris, there should be a “browse” window above the area where you write your comments. Here is where you can pull down your photo from a file or phone, whatever. If you’re not a subscriber to BF I think this feature goes away, but you could always scan/copy the photo and post it within your comment. (I think). Good luck. Love to see your loaded coupe.

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  10. Johnny

    Fix what needs fixed. Take the gauges off on the steering column. Paint it.Don,t put the rust magnet vinlyn top back on and drive it. The body style seems a little bukly to me,but I,ll bet it has a nice ride. If it had a new timing cahin put in,don,t be surprised the rods will get loose. I put a new timing chain in my old Ford pick-up and it brought out the wear in the rods quick. As soon as I started it up. It sounded like every rod in it was pounding. I,d go maybe $2,500 for that reason.

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  11. RegularGuy55

    I had a ’70 Delta 88 (four door) that I got when someone’s lease expired. Green with a dark green vinyl top and yes, it had the 455 four barrel engine. I got the car cheap, because it was during the oil embargo, and keeping the tank filled was both a logistical and financial challenge.

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  12. JagManBill

    I never noticed it before, but looking at the 3/4 front view (right side), cover up the front end (cowl forward) with your hand. Its a 70 Grand Prix

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    • Little_Cars

      Optical trick. The lighting and poor photo don’t reveal how much body sculpting there is in that area on the Olds compared to the similar-era GP. Maybe the roof line is similar. I’d say the cowl back compares more favorably to a Catalina or Bonneville.

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  13. Ken

    Does anybody know about a W-33 Olds 88 in 1970?

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  14. Dan Haney

    I had the 70 Olds 98 with the 455 with the front and back living room couchs.I had six guys in it cruising down the highway at 70 in the middle of a snow storm. Just like your sitting watching the game! With pleanty of room between you. That was a beast, and what a ride.

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  15. ASX455

    I do. It used a specific carb and distributor along with some internal differences not seen from the outside.

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    back in 75 i bought a 71 olds delta 88 royale conv, turquoise with white top and interior, it had a 425 or 455 engine, it is my all time favorite car, started a family and traded it on a chevy station wagon, gotta do what you gotta do. it was a great looking and running car

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  17. Scotty Gilbertson Staff
  18. Wayne Hussey

    I own one of these here in New Zealand. Mine’s blue with the bench seat option. Dark tinted windows and aftermarket rims. I put a twin exhaust system on it so she sounds like a V8 should – angry! Nice to drive and power when you need it.

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  19. Dave

    I own this now, I will post it when its done.Possibly in 2 months

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