1970 Plymouth Superbird Garage Find!

Oh Boy, here we go, a for-real 46K mile 1970 Plymouth Superbird barn (garage) find! How often does that happen? What do you think the story is here – there is always a story! Well, stay tuned and I’ll fill you in. This Superbird is located in Chalfont, Pennsylvania and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for a cool quarter mil ($250,000). Thanks to Chuck F. for this special find!

The Superbird story is an oft-told tale and they were not universally praised upon introduction. I recall a Plymouth dealership in my hometown that had three ‘Birds languishing on a remote storage lot late into the 1971 calendar year. Of course, all of that has changed over the years as every one of the 1,935 (debatable production volume?) Superbirds produced has become a major league Mopar must-have. Truth be told, I have never been a fan and that’s in spite of my appreciation of first-gen Road Runners and GTXs – my favorites. The extended proboscis, obviously done for NASCAR homologation rules, is just, ah, well, awkward to my eyes. Nevertheless, these and their 1969 Dodge Daytona cousin, are hot, valuable properties.

So, just how does one of these rarified air collectibles end up languishing in a garage (and why would you use Facebook Marketplace to move a quarter-million-dollar car)? Typically, as with most automotive treats offered via the FB medium, the details are extremely light.  The images do some of the talking and this Superbird’s exterior is in surprisingly nice condition. It has some surface rust but nothing of a destructive nature is evident. The exterior, which looks like “Alpine White” is faded and now resembles beige, but it’s not in terrible shape and the mandatory black vinyl roof covering is in better than expected condition. Three cheers for the nose piece, it doesn’t look like it has been kissed. Note the tires, I don’t believe that I have ever spied a Superbird wearing white stripe tires.

Hmm – what’s going on here? Does the front end appear to be a bit nose high? It probably is as it’s claimed 440 CI-6Bbl. engine is missing. The seller states, “This car is an Original 440/six-pack car. I need an original 1970 440/six pack engine for this car” So, I take that to mean that this car needs an original style 440-6 engine or…he’s looking for one to install himself – the listing is not clear.  And that probably explains how all of this probably came about – something happened to the original engine so the car ended up being parked. There is no image of the engine compartment included and as to whether this is a legitimate 440-6 car, as opposed to a standard 440-4, we would need to see the VIN tag – an all-important item that is not documented.

I can tell you what the passenger seat looks like but not much else interior-wise. It’s obviously a bucket seat/center console car and the black vinyl upholstery that is revealed looks fine (other than the dust) but that’s about it for details.

So, we have an original condition, garage found, 1970 440-6 Plymouth Superbird, sans the 440-6 engine. It’s actually sans anything engine room-wise and it’s available for a cool $250,000, right? Talk among yourselves…


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  1. Moparman Member

    For $250,000 it should come WITH the engine! This 440 six pack car is listed for $179,950 and is immaculate!
    https://classiccars.com/listings/view/1525083/1970-plymouth-superbird-for-sale-in-chatsworth-california-91311 I also found an immaculate twin to the article car with rare white bucket seats and 46k miles listing for $185,000; methinks this one is way overpriced as it sits.

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    • CJinSD

      Sadly, a 6-pack Superbird isn’t on my Christmas shopping list this year, but I would go with the lovely and complete California car for $179,950 over the quarter million dollar rusty roller were I looking.

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    • Rex B Schaefer

      What a overpriced “joke”!

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  2. Cadmanls Member

    Hey if the seller finds the willing buyer Mopar to him. I know the collector world loves these, myself not so much, but do understand what they were built for and it was quite the time in winning on Sunday sell them on Monday.

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    • Stephen Miklos

      I clicked on to the FB market place and NO WAY I spending 1/4 mil for a 1970 Plymouth Colt!!!😂

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    I guess there is a strategy for selling high-dollar collector cars on Facebook Marketplace, but I’ll admit I don’t get it. Is it today’s expectation that someone in the market for a Superbird would have Facebook on their list of places to regularly look?

    I recently sold a surplus near-new-condition tire on Facebook Marketplace. I had more description for my $100 tire than this seller has included for his quarter-million-dollar (??) gem.

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  4. Tooyoung4heyday Member

    Dream on. Just cause its from Ma Mopar doesn’t mean you get to ask a fortune. There are tons of really nice or restored ones that have an engine and you can take turn key for this price or less. In the condition shown and that price i thought i was going to read that it was a hemi car.

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  5. Harvey Member

    Just my thought,but for 250k should be able to limp to the trailer:-)

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  6. No Fear

    I agree with wondering what the thought process is behind advertising a car like this on Facebook Marketplace. To me it limits the potential buyers, or those who shy away from having a Facebook account like me. Though I will admit I search the site for interesting cars.
    I saw a ’74 SD-455/4 spd Trans Am on Facebook Marketplace being advertised by the original owner that had sat in his garage for 20+ years. The add had three pictures and a two line description that mentioned nothing about the car being a super duty car.

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  7. Tracy

    Another case of “I want all of the money” but I have less than half the car. He needs to share what he’s smoking.

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  8. Chuck Foster Chuck Foster

    Yes dear, I have the Superbird up for sale, yes, I’ll buy you a new car when it sells.

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  9. Melton Mooney

    It looks to me like he’s looking for an engine for the SB, not advertising the car for sale.

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    • 1st Gear

      Someone is full of hope, dreams and is amazingly high up in lala land thinking $250k. A loss of reality is a mental disorder, isn’t it?

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  10. Anthony M.

    My reading of the ad makes it seem like he’s seeking an original 440 6-Pack motor for his find and that it’s NOT for sale (though I agree it’s unclear). Since it’s FB Fraudketplace, my guess is that the price is for attention. At no point in the ad does he indicate even a little bit that the car is for sale.

    Also, my ultimate dream car.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Another take is that he’ll sell the car with a “correct” engine, once sourced, for $250,000. It’s hard to imagine how one could be so vague in promoting such a car at this price point.


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  11. PaulG

    In 1996 or 97 I was off-roading near Superior AZ and spotted an orange / black interior 440- 4 barrel 4 speed Superbird in a pole barn along US-60 coming into Town. Covered in dust, it hadn’t run in years. BUT really complete and very promising.
    I stopped and spoke to the owner who would gladly sell the car for 25K cash. Not having that kind of cash back then , I just took several pictures (35 mm camera) and went on my way. The camera was stolen shortly after; I went back by a few months later and the car was gone…
    If only…

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    • Queequeg

      Paul G: When I was in high school in the late 70’s there was a kid who drove one of these to school every day.
      Southeastern Arizona.

      You probably spotted his car.

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  12. CCFisher

    To my eyes, it reads, “I found this Superbird and I’m searching for its original engine.”

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  13. Melton Mooney

    Any F coded 440 HP block will do. Add big rods/damper and a new six pack setup and voila!

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  14. DST1965

    Asking & getting are two different things-I’ve heard the saying ‘start high you can always come down’-but a 1/4 mill, really?!?

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  15. Joe

    It is on FB market place because the seller doesn’t have the guts to list it on Bring A Trailer. He is dreaming of some fool to come along and throwing money at him. Not going to happen.

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  16. peter k

    440 six pack? so what. Now if it was the 426 hemi it would be another story. 250 large for this is crazy money. I think that its 150K overpriced for what is basically a roller in need of complete restoration.

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  17. mainlymuscle

    Even a numbers matching Hemi isn’t bringing $250kin this shape.
    (former 440-6 owner.Sold BJ 2017 )

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  18. Terry

    From the ad ” I need an original 1970 440/six pac engine for this car. ”
    This is a great example of people not reading the whole ad before making themselves look dumb.
    Yes the ad could have been better written, but it’s right there in black and white.
    Just one more reason I hate selling online.

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      I would have to disagree with you. If that were the case, such as in my response to Aaron Clark, then why bring up the entire matter of the car and the price if engine acquisition is the sole goal? The comment, “I need an original 1970 440/six pac engine for this car“, I agree, is clear, the context in which it’s used isn’t.


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    • Michael

      Terry- So he’s looking for an original 440 and will pay $250K for it, OR after he finds an original 440 then he wants $250K?
      Don’t want to make myself look dumb…

  19. Aaron Clark Member

    I just looked at the ad he’s looking for a correct motor

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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      If he’s just looking for a correct motor then what does the car and the $250,000 price do with the engine search? I’m confused, really, seems to me if he was looking for just an engine he’d advertise his desire to find a 1970 vintage 440-6 engine for a Superbird and dispense with the rest.


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  20. piper62j

    It’s all in what the market will bear.. It’s difficult to place a value on any classic car until it actually sells..

  21. Frank

    Sucker Fishing! I think it’s a great day to be fishing. But not at $250K!

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  22. BeCarSmart Member

    Agree with most all said. I am not a Facebook guy so, ….I am trying to find the transmission…..4 speed or automatic? I don’t think this article mentions that important info.

    Not like it matters, I love the Superbirds but I will never own one as it is far down my “to buy” list. The car is going to need $100K+ in restoration so maybe it is worth $70-100K as is, So that when it is done, it might be worth and sellable at $200K?

    However, in my opinion, if it is an automatic and white, those are both (again in my opinion) NOT going to help sell it. I am lost on the whole engine thing.??? Have it or not? IF NOT, we might be down to $50K “just because” it is a Superbird. Might be better to clean it up and keep it in “survivor” condition.

  23. bigbird

    He could sit on this for a while and hope someone gives him a fair offer, but I would send it to a “live” auction house. That way everyone gets to see what they will get, good and bad. Prices may start down at any time on all mussel cars….so best to get it sold!

  24. Shuttle Guy

    And I laughed and I laughed and I laughed!!! $250,000.00? OMG! You can buy a nice finished one for $150-$200,000.00 Don’t believe me, Start shopping eBay, Hemmings etc…I hope the seller keeps us up-to-date on the sale if there is one.

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    • John S Dressler

      Especially when it’s not clear if he’s actually selling the car or just looking for an engine. If he’s selling the car as-is, he’ll be waiting for a long time for someone to give him $250K. $50K tops!

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  25. Howie Mueler

    $250K? Good One!!

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  26. Troy

    Fun car if I had it I would look for a helcat power plant and get that thing on the road and have some fun

  27. Richard Pyle

    Dream on is all I can say there’s some ocean front property in Arizona hurry before its to late

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  28. George Mattar

    Not to split hairs, but none of the comments here mentioned that if a 70 Plymouth had 3×2 carbs it was called Six Barrel not Six Pack. That aside, this car is 30 minutes from me. It is way over priced. Maybe his last name is Jackson or Mecum. Another dreamer.

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  29. dogwater

    Super donkey

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  30. Michael Shook

    No Superbird here. Smells more like Super fish….by the name of “FLIPPER”.

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  31. normrey

    I blew my beer all over my keyboard…. No motor @ $250,000 ???? My girlfriend had one back in 1971 or ’72… I hated it…. Carb backfired on her so she threw dirt on it…. never got in the engine, but she was done. I could have bought that hemi orange bench seat auto on the tree 440/4bbl for $1500. And yes, I also found out I can kick myself in the posterior….

  32. MB

    Some people need to put down the crack pipe when they’re typing, a quarter million dollars for a car missing an engine? Nope. The car isn’t that special they made almost 2,000 of them, And add in the fact that it’s butt ugly, NOPE

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  33. jerry z

    To me the $250K price tag is what is called an attention getter. On FB you need to put a price so why not that amount? Heck I would have put a price of $1 million! That would get there attention!

  34. Morgan

    (Flashback) In 1977-78, a car lot in Arlington, Texas had a “Go Green” S/B for 3995.00. Thought it was weird because it had a bench seat, 440-4bbl car…. Also had a Charcoal grey 1965 Rivera G/S with the 425 2/4 setup; For the same price!!!

  35. TracRat

    I don’t care what anybody thinks, you should ALWAYS let the drugs wear off before placing an ad for such a big ask. The ambiguity to me speaks loud to a fishing expedition. The ol “let’s see what sticks to the wall” approach.

    Either way we all know 1/4 mil for that particular rolling parts list is way out of line. No numbers matching, no great documentation, or even pics for that matter, must have watched too many episodes of shark week. I can only imagine what the seller actually has in the car. I sure bet its way sub 6 digits. If the intent is to sell then I’m sure the price will fall or this will be the toy in the garage you always wanted. Not trying to be disrespectful but, SRSLY, you asked for it on this one dude!

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  36. FrankY Member

    FB post says Car has sold. Clicking on the seller info reveals he also has a 1965 Chevy Impala for sale at $10,500. But in the nostalgia note. Lived and grew up in Aberdeen MD in late 60’s till early 80’s. Next to the local strip club was a small garage. Guy had a blue Superbird 440 ( can’t remember 4bbl or 6bbl). But in the corner on a Pallet and in a crate and covered was a 426 Hemi as shiny and new as you please. Not sure what ever happened to the car or motor. But I wish I had bought it. Ah the good old days…

  37. Big Bear

    I guess fishing with a $250,000 bait Superbird .. hook a big catch!! Bird is sold!!! Nothing surprises me anymore! 🤦🐻🇺🇸

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  38. Mike Walsh

    Back in 1978 1980 era I used to work in seaside heights and every day I would take route 37 East to work, on the west side going home before the bridge there was a little white gas station which my family room is bigger than, lol there were two gas pumps out front and a white superbird for sale for $2,500, now back then I was driving a 1969 GTS Dart and it would always say to myself should I sell the dart and buy the superbird? Hahaha

  39. Newlin4141

    Wonder whatever happened to this thing. Best guess: the buyer showed up with a duffle bag full of cash, per the sellers instruction, and neither has been heard from since.

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