1971 Ford Mustang Coupe Survivor

Larry D has been busy finding some real gems. We appreciate him sending this one our way. It is a 1971 Ford Mustang with the Spring Sport Special package. This car has only 71,000 miles on the odometer and is located in Coram, New York. This car is being sold by the second owner who has had it since 1999. The Mustang is listed here on eBay. The starting bid is set at $17,500 and the Buy It Now bid is set at $20,000. There are six days remaining in the auction and no bids have been placed so far.

According to the seller, this is a special car and called a Spring Sport or Sport Hardtop. It was produced by Ford and introduced in 1971 to improve sales by adding a sporty version of the Mustang hardtop to the lineup. Ford took the hardtop coupe and added the Mach 1 honeycomb grille and color-keyed urethane front bumper. Nonfunctional NACA hood scoops were incorporated into the hood like the Mach 1 and the car also received a lower body panel paint treatment. In this case, it is black to match the stripes and interior. The car is equipped with a 302 cubic inch V8 engine that is fed through a 2 barrel carburetor.

The car retains its original paint and original interior. The 5.0-liter engine is backed by an automatic transmission that is controlled via a floor shifter. The buyer discloses that there is a 0.25-inch tear in the driver door panel but that can probably be repaired. The car has been in a few car shows and was reportedly driven by Kid Rock in 2000 at a Manhattan Ford dealership with Ford reintroduced the Boss 302.

The seller upgraded the gauges to add a tachometer and center gauges and replaced the original wiring harness. For some time, the seller drove the car with Magnum 500 wheels but went back to the factory wheels and hub caps once he realized how rare it was. This is a 10-day auction and there have been no bids after the first 4 days. Maybe the seller will lower the initial bid and this one will find a new home.


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  1. Euromoto Member

    Who is “Kid Rock”?

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    • 370zpp

      Kid Rock is rumored to be the direct descendent of the late esteemed Sir Frederick Flintstone.

      Like 25
      • Lou Tripper

        While that rumor has circulated for what seems decades. Some investigation done as recently as 2018 revealed through DNA testing that Kid Rock was the illegitimate grandson of the late Col. Bernard Rubble.

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    • RKS

      Kid Rock makes music for people who smoke in the house.

      Like 17
      • David Ulrey

        So obviously his music spans several generations.

    • Dirty Harry

      Is he related to the famous “pet rock” ?

      Like 14
    • Don Eladio

      I believe he is the long-time ring leader of the infamous Trailer Park Mafia.

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    • chuck dickinson

      He was a supporter of DJT for what it’s worth!

      • Gary Rhodes

        I knew I liked him!

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Nice 1971. The “Sport” specialty model trim really wakes up the basic hardtop. I don’t mind the hubcap/trim ring/whitewall look, but take a look at the ebay ad with the pictures with Magnum 500’s installed. That wakes the car up even more and makes it look really sharp. Long-time owner, I appreciate his efforts to keep/return it to near stock. As long as you are happy with a 302 automatic cruiser, this looks like a nice example.

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    • Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

      As soon as I saw that I investigated further & found that they don’t come with the car, which is sad. They would really sweeten the deal.

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  3. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    It’s a nice looking car, but 20K for a ’71 302 2V auto notchback?

    This one may sit for awhile.

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    • Howie Mueler

      And not a single bid yet, but still some time.

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  4. Walter Sia

    He is a pet rock

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  5. Joshua

    Back in 1987, my senior year of high school I brought my first cat for $300 it was a 1972 Mustang notch back with a 302 V8 and auto. Earl Scheib would paint any car for $99 back then but he charged my $300 but man did that matador red looked great. I really enjoyed that car so much so that I brought a 1971but sold that rather quickly because I brought a 1973 convertible. Besides the 641/2-65 the 71-73 are my favorite Mustangs.

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  6. Tom71mustangs

    Reintroduction of the Boss 302 in 2000? Uhhhh, I don’t think so. 2012 would work. Cool car, though!

  7. CCFisher

    Seller: “This car was driven by a celebrity in Manhattan at the re-introduction of the Boss 302!”

    Buyer: “Ohhhh???” :)

    Seller: “It was Kidd Rock!”

    Buyer: “Ohhhh……” :(

    • Don Eladio

      I would have politely declined. A 302 2bbl? Gee, what a perfect choice to help announce the introduction of a new high-performance car. I guess they must’ve had very few options.

  8. DON

    Cool shot of it at a Mustang show with the Unisphere in the background – I’m sure everyone knows the significance there ?

  9. JoeMac JoeMac Member

    My guess is that we’re seeing two different cars in the pictures. Sure the paint and stripe kit are the same color, but look at the pics with the Magnum wheels. That car has a different license plate, a protruding front spoiler, and dual exhaust, not to mention a much better shine to the paint. I think this is what the seller WANTED his Mustang to look like. Conveniently, the Magnums don’t come with the sale even though they make the car look kick ass. I smell some shenanigans going on here. GLWS.

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  10. Gary Rhodes

    Way to many paint/trim issues for 20k, needs alot more than a scuff and buff. JoeMac is correct, the car in front of the Unisphere IS a different car. It has the mentioned get spoiler, magnums, new paint, etc but did you see the dual exhaust on the supposed car? Joe Mac did. You would not take the duals and spoiler off, nor the magnums as they would add value and a possible quicker sale. The car is not nice enough nor rare enough to worry about trivial things like that.

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    • Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

      While everything you said is true, let’s consider that dude’s had this car since 1999… no telling what has transpired in 22 years. He may have just taken that picture quite a while back.

      • JoeMac JoeMac Member

        ….and changed the plate from “71 STEED” to “1971PONY”?

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