1971 Lincochero Mark III 6-Wheeler!

I’ll bet you haven’t seen one of these lately — if ever! This full custom 1971 Lincoln Mark III 6-wheel pickup conversion is listed for sale here on Facebook Marketplace and is located in Chewelah, Washington. The seller is looking for $8,000 for this unique vehicle — what price exclusivity, I ask? And a special thank you to Patyrick S. for submitting this cool find!

If you’ve read this far and you are seriously considering purchasing this beast, this view will only commit you further. The builder of the Lincochero Mark III (hey, why not name it!) did a nice job of integrating what must have been a second set of factory wheel arches into the build, and also left the iconic Continental spare wheel hump in the tailgate (I’m not really sure if it is a functional tailgate from the pictures).

I can’t say I’m fond of the wheels — I wonder what the factory hubcaps would look like on there. I really wish we knew the story behind this one — I’d love to chat with the builder.

The blue leather interior must be a factory setup, and apart from the single split I can see in the dash top, the rest of it looks nice too.

The under hood appearance could stand to be cleaned up a bit, and the spliced battery cable on the left bottom of this picture doesn’t fill me with optimism. But a couple of hours of elbow grease would make this engine look much better! As I said above, this unusual vehicle will only appeal to some of you — perhaps a minority of you readers. I happen to be one of them!


  1. Rock On

    I would swap out those wheels with six aluminum wheels for a Lincoln LSC. Then I would gas her up with premium and go cruising to Funky Town.

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    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      I really like those LSC wheels…great idea!

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    • William Kopp

      As in ft.worth?

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    • Fiete T.

      I have a set of 5 LSC “Turbines” for my ’76 Valiant…they look good on the old A-bodies. Only takes a few minutes to open the center register to fit the axle centers

  2. Ian C

    Needs to be lowered a couple inches, days worth of air-brush work, shag carpet, some old school mags, and side pipes. Sorry, for some reason I got a custom van vibe for this old girl.

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  3. Patrick Farmer

    This thing looks cool. It’s not a flower car. The rear of the cabin could have been done better. It could be longer. I guess the builder just wanted to follow the Mark III body lines. That is why the tailgate is shorter than the start of the bed. This gives it a broken in the middle look. I could see this thing with a blower through the hood and air boat benches in the back for a camo red neck prom limo.

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    • Tom Member

      Why don’t we go with “Home Coming”, red neck and prom in the same sentence implies graduation!

      SORRY !! I couldn’t resist. I am sorry if I offended anyone, that was not my intent.

      About the car, pretty awesome. $8K. Not sure what kind of price tag to put on this one BUT I can tell you it to A LOT MORE than 8K to put this one together !!

      Those towing mirrors have to go !!!!

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      • Patrick Farmer

        Sorry Tom,
        I was to busy thinking of girls in bikini’s, riding in back, twirling their tops while Jimmy Bill Gluteus Max Crack drives at great speed towards a large local body of water.

        Tom how many Limo’s are used in a typical homecoming vs. a typical promenade dance?

        Red neck and prom in the same sentence implies unwanted pregnancy.

  4. Andrew Franks

    More tasteful than some of the builds I’ve seen. Well done. I think it’s a buy at that figure but I have no room and I would not know what to do with it other than use it as a driver, of which I have a few………best of luck with this.

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  5. DavidL Member

    Odd question but what would tire wear on the back be like? Seems like the 2nd set of rear tires would have extra/excessive wear??
    Like other ‘radical’ modifications, the proportions just seem wrong.

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    • Patrick Farmer

      The proportions are wrong

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    Much better than the 4-door Vette.

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    • Richard Ochoa

      You mean you didn’t like that Phsyco Billy Cadillac???!!!!!! Must be a F word man!

  7. Rex Kahrs Member

    Tasteful is not a word that comes to mind….

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  8. JimZ Member

    OK, I see the ‘gauntlet’ has been thrown!
    Where can I get another axle for my 1974 Eldo-Camino!

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    • Patrick Farmer

      Isn’t this a flower car?

  9. Stevieg Member

    I was going to make a comment about the seat not being an original Mark III seat, but then I went back & looked at the car again lol. What is the difference where the seat came from lol?
    Actually I feel it is executed fairly well, but not for me. I always felt the “basic” Mark III was plenty elegant on it’s own. I just hope this was a totaled wreck that would have been crushed if not modified. If someone made this out of a nice car, someone needs to do this to them lol.

  10. Patrick Farmer

    Uber. I say Uber it. Can you see the look on someones face when their vintage Lincoln Mark turns out to be this

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