1971 Thunderbird: Rust Free But Needy


This 1971 Ford Thunderbird features original paint, a 429 cubic inch V8, and a completely rebuilt front suspension? So why is it listed here on eBay for a buy-it-now of only $1,600 and lower bids accepted? Well, part of it has to do with the caved in driver’s side door, and the fact that the front seat upholstery is pretty bad. There are also issues with non-functioning power windows, a missing battery and the wheels in these pictures have been replaced with plain Lincoln wheels with hubcaps and tires not suitable for driving distances. It still looks pretty solid, though, as long as you can come up with a driver’s side door. It’s located in Tucson, Arizona, which undoubtedly accounts for the rust free body. Is it worth finding a door for?

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  1. Mark H.

    Somebody better save it. I had one that got away too cheap. 429, check. Power steering, check. Power brakes, check. Manual windows, A/M radio, and a lever to adjust the seat?, check. Man, I wish I still had that car. Red rocket ship!

  2. randy

    Yep, I’d buy it in a heartbeat, if it were closer. I loved my’69 4dr.

  3. Texas Tea

    I like the car. Very cool looking front end. I always get a kick out of how some sellers grade their car. Example, the interior is 8 out of 10. Really,…………………that maybe a little on the high side.

    Could be a good buy for someone.

  4. Ceezy

    If only it were closer, this is definitely a good but.

  5. Catfish Phil

    “It’s just a flesh wound!” On the seats – looks like the PO drove a lot without a shirt on. And the interior appears 80% nice while you’re siting in the driver’s seat.

    This is a cool car and appears to be a good candidate for a rolling restoration. Find a junkyard replacement door and get to work.

    Didn’t like these wheels on the T-Bird anyway…

  6. Howard A Member

    Save it? Well, that depends if you can feed it, and with what? My old man had a ’72, and it was thirsty. ( but that hood went on forever) A-C says between 8 city and 11 highway. Still, these were nice cars, with a claimed top speed of 130 mph. (in 80 seconds) That’s the trouble with big 70’s gas hogs like this. Just not too practical, today.

  7. randy

    I currently have 2 vehicles that get worse mileage. The 429’s in these later T-birds were even detuned from the ’69 specs. I’d jump on it with both feet, were it within a 4 hour drive.

  8. Ed P

    Current bid is $1500. That sounds like a good price for this car. As Howard A said this car will use plenty of gas, so don’t try to use it as a commuter car unless you live very close to work. But these are wonderful hiway cruisers.

  9. Rex Kahrs Member

    I believe I know why the driver’s-side window is stuck in the down position…

  10. gunningbar

    No battery?
    I ll pass…. seroiusly… this looks like a deal.

  11. Warren Bryce

    Take the door trim off and apply some pressure, probably be surprised how it turns out!

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