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1974 Alfa Romeo GTV: Dusty Italian

1974 Alfa Romeo GTV

This dust covered Alfa Romeo is claimed to have just 49k miles on the clock. The seller makes no mention of its condition otherwise, but it looks solid and I don’t see any of the typical rust that plagues these Italians. I would certainly want to inspect it closer rust hiding underneath. I would also want to know why the car was parked in the first place, these can be expensive to repair. If it is a rust free GTV and the motor isn’t damaged, it could be a good buy but the seller needs to come down a few thousand to be a stellar deal. I personally love the seller’s statement that the keys and title are ready to go, as if this car is going to be driven out of storage by the new owner. These really are fun cars to drive, at least when they are running right. If you want a truly fun to drive car and you don’t mind fiddling with the engine, this would be a good project. Find it here on craigslist in North Jersey, New Jersey for $9,000. Thanks to Robert R for sending this one in!


  1. cory

    Wonder where the rear hatch went?

  2. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    @ Cory (guessing it rusted out badly at the bottom, I’ve seen others like that. Ok, Alfa lovers, school me as to the benefits of the 4-cyl GTV vs. the GTV-6 (other than the obvious power difference)? I’ve admired from afar but never driven either one.

    • john

      The V6 howls and makes the mot beautiful noises, it has enough grunt to make the car really move too. Most are 2.5 litres, but south Africa got a 3.0 litre with a different hump n the bonnet to accommodate it. The two litre is a more snarly machine, just a delightful, not quite so fast but still huge fun.

  3. Steve

    1984 not 1974?

    • Josh Staff

      Yeah I’m wondering the same thing too Steve. The bumper doesn’t look right to be a ’74. Any Alfaholics here that can give us a definitive answer?

  4. flamikey

    fast and fun car, but a mechanical nightmare…true story…car on jack stands, repairing the trans mounts, hadn’t been in a month, water pump just starts leaking…and don’t get me started about the rust, timing belt and second gear issues….

  5. Budzinsk

    This is a GTV6, not a GTV… early/Mid 1980’s is correct..

    • Josh Staff

      Thanks for the info Budzinsk! I’m wondering if they meant to put in ’84. It’s hard to tell the year for sure from these photos, but I would guess that would be closer to the correct year than ’74.

      • pursang

        Haggerty price tool does not list a GTV prior to 1976.

    • John

      Certainly not a GTV6 the bonnet (hood) is wrong for that. 1984 not 1974. I owned a 1983 2.0 litre in UK so know these cars rather too well.
      Rust and more rust, and hidden rust due to poor quality steel in the first place. Inner wings under the bonnet is first check, then get under it and poke about especially round the a posts. rear side window area and wheel arches a nightmare repair. Check tailgate hinges and top of tailgate too. Check front of car underneath. In fact check everywhere you can.Check for rust in the sway bar mountings too.
      Engines are usually quite tough surprise surprise and for an Alfa specialist not too much trouble. Cam shafts though can be expensive mine had after market road race fitted, but that gave a difficult to resolve carb flat spot, even with new carbs fitted, and don’t bother rebuilding carbs on these, if one thing is worn out the lot will be. After market carbs are alive and well and around. Gearbox is notoriously fragile often losing its synchos. Brakes a nightmare, almost guaranteed seized callipers and more. Check for broken springs too.
      Suspension bushes also a nightmare, and will most likely be old and useless on this one best change them out, I fitted a “Harvey Bailey” poly bush handling kit… superb it sharpened the handling.
      Interior trim is a surprise not too much of a problem, mine had the same fabric as a Porsche 924 in places, but the plastic bits might be a tough problem to sort unless you know a good scrap yard.
      Survival in Uk of non V6 is down to under 100 cars. V6 more like 250. Let that be a warning of how terminal and rusty, as well as mechanically fragile these can be.
      But a good one, even a 2.0 litre is really good fun to drive with great road handling…..

      • josez_py

        This is definitely an Alfetta GT with the 1750 engine, it is actually the previous model to the GTV with the 2000 engine. The black plastic bumpers is due to the US specs, the rear quarter grill is only seen on the smaller engines 1,6 and 1,8 models, the 2.0 models had a grill with the GTV script. The GTV 2.0 had the new integrated bumpers and new interior design and dashboard. Look for me at instagram josez_py I have a GTV 2000 and a GTV 2.0 Grand Prix among others AR. It is most probably a 1974 model and NOT 1984

    • Mike G

      This is not an 80’s GTV6, the GTV6 has a more integrated front grill, the earlier models have the chrome alfa front grill trim on the center piece, GTV6 rear side vent are plastic not metal like this one. Plus the wheels are from the early cars, the 80’s cars had fancier alloy wheels. The interior is an early interior, just look at the steering wheel.

      • john

        I cannot recall when they changed to the heavier looking plastic bumpers I think 1982, before that they were delicate looking chrome bumpers. In fairness, this car has the wheels of the pre plastic bumpers, and maybe a heavier bumper was used as USA specification. So the car may indeed be a late seventies car and not eighties at all.Think they were introduced in 1976?

  6. BenG

    I owned a 1983 GTV-6 that was sublime (when it worked). Phenomenal handling, good pickup and an amazing exhaust note. I believe this is a four cylinder version that has some but not all of these wonderful qualities. It’s slower.

    Also, while it would be great if true, “rust free” and “the motor isn’t damaged” are both highly unlikely. My car jumped a timing chain at exactly 50k miles (when it was supposed to be changed) and resulted in a very expensive and lengthy rebuild. I believe its a DOHC interference engine. Also the bodies were made from cheap Soviet steel that was already rusting before being made into an Alfa.

    $9k is probably $7k too high. Parts car as it sits.

  7. Garry

    Not a 74. 75 or later

  8. John

    It’s a GTV. Flat hood and different interior.

  9. DT

    HA,HA,for a minute I thought he wanted $9.000,00 HA,HA

  10. DT

    Missing hatch,parked inside,good idea

  11. Dolphin Member

    If this isn’t a scam listing then this guy doesn’t understand the concept that to get people to give you 9 large you need to provide them with something worth 9 large, and this car isn’t it.

    As John pointed out, this is not a GTV6. It’s actually called an Alfetta GT or Alfetta GTV. Unfortunately the engine bay isn’t shown, which would show a 4-cylinder engine. Alfettas were made between 1974 and 1980 and have 1.6, 1.8, or 2.0 liter engines depending on the market they were sold in. I believe the US cars all got 2.0 engines.

    Alfettas had problems, as some comments describe, and are not nearly as desirable as the 1970s GTVs that preceded them and are now worth $15-$20K for just an OK driver—if you can find someone willing to part with theirs.

    Nor are they as good as the GTV6 that followed them, which had many improvements and updates that fixed most of the Alfetta’s problems, better interior, plus a terrific OHC V6 engine that made lots more horsepower and sounded way better doing it.

    Since a good running, unrusty GTV6 can be had for about $5K-$7K or maybe less, that makes this car, (un)described and without a rear hatch worth…what?…maybe $300.

    GTV6s come up for sale all the time, and $9K would buy one of the best ones in the country. I bought a nice rust-free GTV6 out of California for a fraction of what this seller wants for his Alfetta. Best to get them from CA or the Southwest.

  12. alan

    There must be a misprint in the ad. It has one too many zeros in the price.

  13. chgrec Member

    That looks like an alfetta and not a GTv6… check out the previous one here:

    I have owned a couple of them and while they are pretty fun cars, in this condition they are worth more like $900 not $9k..


  14. Cameron Bater UK

    First things first. Tyres will need replacing as their walls will be shot having stood in the same position for decades, Rear drums are going to be seized on (It was parked with the handbrake on and not put on Stands or blocked) if the engine hasn’t been turned over and lubricated regularly then it will be seized, its hardly life threataning but I think the paint looks a bit flat so a re-spray may be in order, I can’t instantly tell but if the dust is impregnated with oil and/or lubricant (wd40 ect) then the body work may actually be in decent condition as it keeps a layer of oil on the bodywork constantly Dust+Oil is a storers/hoarders best friend) just be carefull when removing it, jetwash first, hose next then and only then wipe it down. the tyres do actually look a tad bald, the bootlid is missing, may be expensive to replace.
    Other than that the brightwork looks in decent knick and there will be the mandatory Service items: Assorted Fluids and filters. FUel will need to be replaced as its probably about ready to pump itself out of the tank, then a decent fluch of the tank or just a new tank.
    As I said before the rear drums are almost cirtanlly seized in which case you WILL need new shoes and maybe a cable as it may have stretched over time and maybe some drums.

    Nice GTV6 though (not a GTV)

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