Time Capsule Camper: 1974 Winnebago Custom

This 1974 Winnebago Custom is in surprisingly nice condition, especially for one that has been off the road for many years. Most of these are in fairly deplorable condition by now, so to find one that isn’t completely funkified inside is a needle-in-a-haystack discovery all by itself. The interior looks quite tidy, and the seller notes it runs off of an external gas can. Find it here on eBay where bidding has cleared $7K.

That number legitimately shocks me, as old R/Vs seem to suffer from the greatest depreciation of any vehicle. The seller maintains that the high level of preservation makes this one a stand-out, and bidders seem to agree. This is despite the fact that it needs a radiator, transmission, and possibly an engine given the seller notes a faint knocking sound.

I suppose the interior photos are what’s selling bidders on taking a chance on a potential engine and transmission rebuild, and I get it – the interior surfaces and seating areas really do look nicer than expected. As the seller points out, with a 440 and 727 automatic, finding spare mechanical components is easy, but far harder to find clean furnishings.

The seller has not attempted to fire up the furnace or AC, but notes that when plugged into 110V, “…everything worked.” No bad smells are noted, even in the fridge, which may indicate the Winnebago was stored with some care after its early retirement. As long as RVing and glamping stay popular, I’m sure decent examples like this will command a fair price.


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  1. Cadmanls Member

    That’s another story pulling a big block out of one of those. Trucks were shipped bare frame and coach was built around it. Could be a really big project for an engine rebuild.

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    • madbrit

      Very easy job to remove the engine. They come out the bottom. Had to do a swap on a 1977 Apollo which is the same chassis. Place chassis on stands behind front axle. Undo U bolts and swing axle away rolling it on its wheels. I did not have to disconnect the steering as I had enough room, but had to disconnect the brake lines. Remove seats, use a frame with a come-a-long to lower the motor. Raise motor enough to remove motor mounts and frame mounts, disconnect from trans and lower motor onto piece of carpet and slide out. Installation is the reverse.

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  2. Mike

    Wow, that’s some rear overhang.

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    • PatrickM

      Remember when all sedans had large trunks AND decent rear seating???


    I was waiting for the Brady Bunch to jump out!

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    • Dave

      I was looking for Barf and Lone Starr, and Princess Vespa myself…

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      • Howard A. Member

        That was a dang funny movie!

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  4. On and On On and On Member

    That’s a great write up Jeff…………’Funkified’ I learned a new word and I really like it……Might change my name from On and On.

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  5. Chris M.

    Steam clean, black light… repeat.

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  6. Howard A. Member
    • On and On On and On Member

      Didn’t take much to funkify that one Howard. You got some big tires for your PU.

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  7. BlondeUXB Member

    Gee… Mr. White

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  8. Robbie M.

    Had one of these old Winnies, but it was the Brave. Got about 10 gallons to the mile and was a bear to drive over 40 MPH. An God help you if you are on the interstate and a semi passes you. It’s cool but driving one sucks.

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  9. Ike Onick

    Cousin Eddie. Microwave.

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  10. Charles Moorehead

    Cool old tank handles like old tank too.
    Lumbering top heavy body roll baby for sure!

    The real deal breaker is the toilet is mounted over the carpet!! YIKES
    Get that carpet OUT NOW!

    Keep looking!

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  11. Robert L Roberge

    Beware hidden roof rot due to missing antenna guts.

  12. John Member

    Had a 94 Winnebago, handled like crap, no turning radius, swayed, of course no Jake brakes, used it for 3-4 yrs and traded it for a Hoiday Rambler Endeavor.
    The problem was that the chassie was a jerked over 1 ton, built up W/bigger tires/wheels; larger springs; but I think ours had a sway bar. Like a boat the best
    days was when we bought it and got rid of it….but had some fun init.

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  13. John Oliveri

    Only if it has a 8track Ana white plastic color tv, and some scooby snacks

  14. John

    That is an exceptionally nice vintage unit, there is a lot of value in the fact that it has been kept indoors all of his life. RVs left out in the elements for 30 or 40 years generally need more work than is worthwhile. Mechanical items can all be corrected and updated but the shell and Vintage interior are expensive and difficult to repair/replicate. The fact that it probably doesn’t have structural rot from leaks that develop is also very significant. Fix a few mechanical items and do a light cosmetic restoration and you will have a like-new 70’s vintage Winnebago. Refrigerator will probably need a new cooling unit but they are available . A standard issue new similar size replacement would be well over $100,000, so for probably in the $15 to 20K range you can have a very unique
    RV ready to go. A unit like that will get overwhelming attention rolling down the road or rolling into a campground. An upscale 70’s vintage RV gives a great blend of vintage look and creature comfort. I have a vintage Foretravel that has been garaged all of its life and I prefer it to just about anything new that I could replace it with. I’m a member of tincantourist, a vintage RV group, and there are various other vintage RV groups, but I also just enjoy rolling into a campground or down the road in my vintage motorhome.

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  15. doug edwards

    There is a photo going around in the internet of a vehicle like this cut down to a ramp truck. It is WAY cool and I believe it to be driving this sale.

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  16. Richard

    I had no idea there was a market for these things. I can’t imagine wanting to own one.

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  17. Michael

    The faint knock that was heard was 1974, wanting to revisit its lurid interior decor past…

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  18. Steve

    I suppose the super clean interior is what’s driving this sale. The seller doesn’t seem to be hiding any problems, as he/she states up front that it needs a radiator (rad in the listing, so I assume radiator), a valve in the transmission, and the engine itself sounds funny, even possibly a rod knocking…..all rather costly repairs that on any lesser rig would completely kill the sale! As an owner of a vintage Georgie Boy myself, I prefer the older vintage RV’s to the newer ones, and I have to say I’ve not seen one that clean in a LONG time! BTW, that little miniature RCA console tv dates back to the late 60’s, and while only a black and white set, still command several hundred dollars! I’m surprised to see it included in the sale!

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  19. Russell Ashley

    I had a 1972 Winnebago Indian with a 440 engine. It was shorter than this one but roomy enough inside for my wife and two kids to camp in comfortably. It got about seven miles per gallon so not exactly cheap to operate. I’m surprised that this on has bid up to that price considering the repairs that might be needed. I don’t remember mine being unstable and hard to drive, maybe because it had good tires and shocks, and sway bars. It would cruise at highway speed but the faster I went the less gas mileage it got.

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