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1975 Buick LeSabre Survivor–What’s It Worth?

Aside from a minor dent in the driver’s side front fender that looks like it can be popped out (why wouldn’t the seller do that?), this 1975 LeSabre looks to be a 32,511 mile survivor. While relatively ordinary at the time, this car has become somewhat extraordinary now just by remaining intact while most similar cars have been recycled. It’s located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and is listed for sale here on eBay, where bidding is quite low but has not yet met the reserve.

Here’s a closer look at that dent. But look at how shiny the paint is! The seller doesn’t specifically state that the paint is original, but certainly implies it by saying the car was never in the rain or winter (although it’s in the snow for pictures!) I think my first stop would be a paintless dent removal operation and then I’d be ready to drive it anywhere.

The sharpness of the reflections says it all. The vinyl top is perfect as well. You can see what I think is a little wear in the paint just below the tail light on this side, but I’m surprised the filler panel has survived intact at all!

The interior looks absolutely mint. Either it was never allowed to get dirty, or the seller is pretty good at detailing a car. Again, it’s a pretty plain car, but wow, the condition of this one just demands your attention. By the way, the air conditioning actually works! According to the seller, so does everything else on the car. So theoretically, after that stop at the dent removal place, you might actually have a classic cruiser that needs…nothing. Nothing at all. My family wouldn’t know what to do with me if I showed up with a car like that!

Under the hood looks remarkably intact and well taken care of. That’s a 350 V8, so while this isn’t a light car, it will get out of its own way. I like it as a potential bargain–of course, that depends on what it sells for! Speaking of which, what do you think this survivor will go for? And would you like it at the price if transportation after the purchase weren’t an issue?



  1. rmward194 Member

    Amazing , albeit a Plain Jane Buick LeSabre.

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  2. Greg

    owned a 1974 LeSabre,basicly the same car.remains one of my all time favorites.

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  3. Jim B

    My grandfather had one of these in gold, I believe. It was his first non-Chrysler car and he loved it – driving it until his passing in 1980. It was a fine car. I’d guess it’s a $4-5K car today.

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  4. joeinthousandoaks

    I would agree with Jim B. Not special enough to fetch more. Plus it has too many doors as they say.

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  5. Paulbz3

    Not sure what it’ll sell for but if they’re selling gas for a buck a gallon, I’d better bring a tanker truck!

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  6. flmikey

    ….well, it’s at $3,650.00 right now….I would think the seller should take 4 and run to the bank…nice car, but, as always, too many doors..

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  7. nessy

    I like the big Buicks almost as much as I like the big Oldsmobiles but LaSabres and Delta 88s do nothing for me. Now, if this was an Electra Park Ave in that color combo or a 98 Regency? Let me at it!

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  8. Mike

    Man this could have been my Parents car back in the day, Mom wanted a new car, not one rebuilt by Dad’s body shop, so he handed her the check book and said go buy whatever you want. Now first off, Mom had always been a Ford Girl, and had only owned Fords before and after she meet Dad. Well anyway she comes driving home a car that could have been this ones twin, including the interior. She walked in to Fitz’s Chevy Buick in Farmington, and paid for it with a check. I remember hearing the story about the car dealer’s loan officer asking her about how many payments she wanted on the car and she said 1, She said, I am going to write you a check, he then tells her he can not take a check for this amount without it being a Cashiers Check from the bank and then it would take 14 days for it to clear the bank, she hands him a business car from the bank President and said call this number and talk to the President of the bank. Well to make a long story short she wrote 1 check and drove it home.
    They had that same car when I graduated HS in 1981, traded it off for a Newer Buick, and they are still driving Buicks. She said that she had gone to the local Ford Dealer which her and Dad had dealt with for years and they asked her where Bob was, and she said at the shop why, and that salesmen said well just wanted to make sure you have his OK to buy a car without him seeing it first. WRONG THING to say to MOM, she was beyond pissed.
    Other than that it is a nice Buick, I can see it going for 5-6K

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  9. Joe Haska

    Hate to be the bad guy, but its a 1975 4-door Buick, although in excellent condition, it is still a 1975, 4-dr Buick. I have a 1991 Cadillac Sedan DeVille, as nice or nicer than this car. I paid $900 for it, great Transportation, and I have already driven it 900 dollars worth, its now free, which is a little less than its worth!

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  10. Luke fitzgerald

    Too many doors? – who cares for that money – I’d be too busy washing the shining paint and counting the savings – bargain this one

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  11. JMC

    The old man bought a new ’75 Lesabre convertible,medium blue with a white top.What a big boat! As a teenager who occasionally got use of the car for going out on dates,I found out years later that I was lucky to have been born when I was,for to engage in ‘social activities’ like I did in that car in a newer one would probably involve a visit to the chiropractors office afterwards….

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  12. Chebby

    1975 was a dismal year for American cars, so this is one of the nicest examples you could find. Great colors, hardtop with no window posts, GM doing what it did best: big dumb RWD. Add a set of Buick Rally wheels and dual exhaust, and what a nice cruiser. While it will be thirsty, you could DD this–the brakes, engine, and suspension are more than adequate for modern highways. I bet it will get bid to stupid money, but for under $5k this is a lot of car. If I had my dream warehouse and disposable cash I would buy it just to have one so nice.

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  13. Rob

    My mom had this same car as a 1976 two door. She was seven shades of pi$$ed when my dad traded it in on a Citation. (Rightfully so) It is still a sore spot. Brought back some good memories.

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  14. JW454

    Here is the ’76 I had for the two door lovers. I sold it in 2004 with less than 50K on the clock when I received a company car. These are good highway cars for long trips. It got about 14~15 MPG and 18 or so on the highway.

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  15. Rustytech Member

    Had a73 Centurion conv back in the day. It was a 455 ci monster. Fuel mileage wasn’t as bad as one might expect 14 to 17 mpg which is about the same as my Grand Cherokee Hemi gets now. This would be a great cruiser, what you get here that you couldn’t get in anything today is room for 6 with space left over, without resorting to a third row. Nice find at a good price.

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  16. Tremain Smith

    My first car at the age of 16 was a 1978 duce with a 454 400 turbo trans from this lady from my church for $250 buck i kept that car for 3 year’s till the motor just gave up great first car ever ⭐

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  17. Stephen

    Though in very good condition, it is not a very sought after car. But market that would be interested in this is probably more concerned with condition than future value. These cars were once more common on the roads of america than the muscle cars that today fetch huge money at auction. These were the cars that people drove to work in, took the kids to school in, and drove until they literally rusted or wore out. That is why today cars like this are far less common than a chevelle ss or a mustang gt. The fact that there is little market for daily driver cars, where as “muscle cars” started becoming popular and collected in the early eighties. However just because this car is rare and even perhaps interesting, there remains little market value for it. But with it being such a nice example I would say $6- $7 grand would be a fair price to pay

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  18. Ron L

    Took driver ed in one of these back in 75. If you can parallel park one of these boats, you can park anything! Went in one morning for class to find the Buick sitting on blocks, some stole the wheels off of it right in the school parking lot! Great memories, nice car.

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  19. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    It took relisting it, but this sold for $5,000.

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  20. Keith

    If you couldn’t afford a Ninety Eight you get a Delta Eighty Eight If you couldn’t afford an Electra 225 you get a LeSabre…

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