1975 Hurst/Olds W30 455 V8!

By the mid-1970s, the horsepower wars were still going on but at a fraction of the rate that they were just a handful of years earlier. Most manufacturers were still trying their best despite new regulations and recent memories of gas shortages and other factors. This 1975 Oldsmobile Hurst/Olds W30 was one of those cars that tried its best and they’re becoming quite collectible today. It can be found here on eBay in Orlando, Florida with an asking price of $35,000 or you can make an offer.

I was a teenager in the mid-1970s so cars like this were and still are on my radar. It isn’t a second-generation Olds 442 which is what most people would want, but for those of us who could care less about values and profits in the collector car world, it’s about the memories. The Hurst/Olds was more of a brutish (for the times) boulevard cruiser than a hairy-knuckle bruiser. They came in black or white and this example has had only two owners since new.

With only 76,970 miles on it, this car appears to have had a pretty good life. The seller says that it’s had only two owners and the last one had it for 25 years. The 1975 Hurst/Olds was the first one to get GM’s Hurst/Hatch t-top and given the condition of the interior, it sure looks like this one hasn’t leaked a drop over the decades.

The interior appears to be in amazing condition but I’m somewhat surprised to not see power windows in this car. Then again, even though Oldsmobiles were a mid-level luxury brand, such power options wouldn’t become standard fare for another decade or two. The seats, though, now those are fantastic! Not only are the inserts reversible, but each front seat also swivels to make it easier to get in and out.  I don’t really see a flaw inside anywhere front or back. The Hurst dual-gate shifter worked a GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 transmission.

There were two versions of the Hurst/Olds, a W25 with a 350 V8 and 170 hp, but this car is the more desirable W30 model with a 190-hp 455 cubic-inch Olds Rocket V8. The horsepower figures were way down by the mid-1970s but 350 ft-lb of torque helped to move this car out to a 0-60 time of 10.5-seconds. I know, that’s slower than minivans are today but for 1975 that’s what was available. This car looks incredible original and incredibly nice. Have any of you owned a Hurst/Olds?


  1. Midwest Jeff

    A Hurst Olds has been on my bucket list since these cars were new. At $35,000, a need a bigger bucket. Rats.

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    • Ava

      I agree! Had a 1975 W-25 and loved it, but a nice one sold in Cleveland a few years back for under $10k so I think he’s dreaming.

  2. BRAKTRCR Member

    Well…there is no crime asking for the world, but I think it’s a pretty optimistic price. Very nice car, but I think you can get an earlier nice one at that price.

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  3. Steve

    These are cool cars, but will never be 35k cars.

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  4. Sam61

    Reversible rear inserts would be cool. A college friend of mine had one of these in black that was bad a$$.

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  5. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    The horsepower wars ended in the early ’70s and by 1975 it was more like a feeble skirmish. Nice car, in and out but $35k? I wouldn’t say one of these will never be worth that at some point, I just don’t believe that point is today.

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  6. Spanky

    Who here needed the V8 after 455 to know it was one?

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  7. Doc


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  8. Troy s

    More like the emissions wars in that era. Getting cars to meet tight new emissions standards was all the focus under the hood, and miles per gallon took over 0-60 and quarter mile honors which only added to the big mess.
    Still, looking at this car today it has style, lots of it inside and out. A little tweaking and removal of certain items could make this at least somewhat more exciting to drive, or leave it dead stock and rejoice the mid seventies…nah.

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  9. Superdessucke

    Oh good, this can join that 1976 Charger Daytona that was on here on the overpriced malaise era iron bench. I like the car itself but I would want it a much lower price point.

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  10. Doctor Olds

    Had a 1973 Cutlass with a 455 and TH400. Jet black and gold. Looked tuff and would scream.

    This Hurst looks nice. I’d rock it.

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  11. Dave Rhodes

    35 gs for 190 hp ….. nope

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  12. Steve

    These cars always had a great look to them. Those that had the seat inserts were pretty different even for the 70’s.

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  13. Dane

    I gotta say, 75 was the best look for the Olds Gutlass Wonder..absolutely FAB

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    • Steve

      Gutlass…LOL…. I’d forgotten that nickname.

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      • w9bag


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  14. JimmyJ

    I bought a 75 Cutlass Salon as my first car when I was 16. Was always on the lookout for a 442 hood for it and didn’t realize how rare they were at the time. Loved that car. Owned it for 4 years. It was totaled by a kid that had just turned 16 the day before he t-boned me. So, I bought a 76 Cutlass Salon with T-tops. Wish I had both of those back!

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  15. John Oliveri

    It’s a beautiful car, no power windows kills it for me, 35,000 ? Long shot, I own a 73 Grand Prix SJ factory sunroof 455 car, Black , white interior white landau roof all the options plus Era correct Spokes and Vogue tires, real sharp car, maybe, maybe I’d get 15000,00 maybe if the guy or girl had one and lost they’re innocence in one, it otherwise the guys dreaming with that price

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  16. JimmyinTEXAS

    35K seems a lot, but he is open for offers, so who knows. An engine rebuild with a small lift in the cam, EFI, and a dyno-tune and I’m thinking it would be ready to cruse.

  17. TimM

    It’s a good looking car and well preserved!!! The sad thing is that it’s a 455 and it only gets you 190 horse power!! Sorry but that’s the saddest thing I’ve read here in a while!!!

  18. John Oliveri

    Yes almost as bad as my 73 Pontiac 455, pushing 250 hp 4000 lbs

  19. John Oliveri

    Absolutely I love the car, no power windows though, probably no 8 track no power seats, if it’s not fast I like comfort

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  20. George Mattar

    I want a black one BAD. I was ready to bid on the best one in the world last year, a black perfect original in Arizona. It bid to $39,000 at Barrett Jackson and the owner took it home.

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  21. One bad jazz 455

    Have had my black 455 for 28 year’s and is worth every dollar, pedal to floor and I’m sure its more than 190 hp yee haaa

  22. 1 bad olds

    Any one thinking 190 is the real hp doesn’t remember the 70’s math lol it’s a pavement pounder

  23. 455 up da

    George I have the best one in my garage ,not letting it go either

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