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1977 Volkswagen Shorty Bus

Over the years we’ve featured short buses here on Barn Finds. They make very unique projects that get a ton of attention and when they are done right, Volkswagen vans look almost like a factory creation. This one is from 1977 and can be found here on eBay with a current bid of $5,700. Located in Simpsonville, Kentucky, there isn’t much information in the ad, but by looking at the photos, you can tell this was a decent conversion. Have a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

The ad doesn’t say where the dash/steering wheel and seats came from. They are certainly not 1977 VW, but maybe from a later model Volkswagen.

The back cargo area appears to have a nice flat surface and what appears to be a full-size spare tire. The trim panels are an odd mix of carpet, upholstery, and what appears to be foam. The ad does say that the interior needs finished. Unfortunately, there are no photos of the engine compartment or undercarriage, so it’s a little hard to see what else might need to be addressed.

Here you can see the roof/headliner. The cut line appears to be behind the center rib with the front portion of the cab being black and the rear portion in white. Although the black part appears to be some sort of coating or paint, the differences in color may indicate this bus was created from two different vehicles? What do you think about this one?


  1. alphasud Member

    I had to ride the short bus to school 😭why would I want to drive the short bus in my adult life!

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  2. Fred

    Congratulations, someone made an already marginal vehicle into something completely worthless.

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  3. oakweb

    If you like to drive things that brings smiles to people faces, this is the perfect ride.

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    • wardww

      The only person NOT smiling would be the driver as he struggles to keep it in a straight line at anything more than 30 kph.

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    • stu

      I’m crying at this crappy car… completely ruined my day….worthless

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  4. sir_mike

    What a waste of a VW bus…sorry

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    • DanaPointJohn

      Most likely two pieced together. One with front damage, the other rear. So this is actually a good ending to two busses! Tillamook Dairy out of Oregon has a small fleet of promotional shorty VW busses.

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  5. Rex Kahrs Member

    Yeah, but it’s 30% off!

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  6. Al


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    • DavidL Member

      Because it can be done?? Beyond that, I got nothing.
      It’s not even finished. Door handles?

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  7. John

    Clown car. Paint polka dots on it and have fun!

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    • stu

      Over a cliff is more like it….

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  8. Richardd Adams

    Quite rudely, this is a stupid waste of time and energy.

    It is (not appears to be), a cry for attention by the workshop gofer that managed to take the stolen welder home one night.

    This creator needs to change his friends, but it is probably too late now, his brain has grown into that shape.
    Mr. ThinksHisClever cannot even realize, his boss will know where the welder went, when he sees this contraption crawl up.

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    • Little_Cars

      This answers the question nobody was asking! The later bus design already emphasizes and exaggerates a stubby design…take three feet out and it’s just a dumpster on wheels. At least the early splittie versions have some sculpting out front….

  9. Rick

    Very easy to tip over if that sort of thing turns you on.

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  10. Rob

    That is so dumb. The ride would be like the worst tetter totter of your life.

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  11. PairsNPaint

    First bay window bus I’ve seen subjected to shorty status. Why the haters? These are cute and fun, easy wheelie poppers.

    Sold for $6200.

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    • David Kokkeler

      Agree 100% Back in the Van Rally days you would see a few people adding on to there’s. Had one guy down in Iowa that screeched his about 3 times the last time I saw that is was sporting twin axles also, really did look cool. My friend had one that was shortened up like this, it was a older panel model, Had that at some of the show and shines Nose to Nose with the other. It was a blast to drive around town, got lots of looks and smiles, and if you needed to turn around you could do it almost in the same lane. Fun Days…

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  12. Steven Kramer

    In high school someone had one of these…pile 3 people in the back, drive around popping wheelies! Great fun.

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    • David Kokkeler

      Yes Steve it is fun to do, the one we used at some rally’s we used to go to watch parades. Was really easy finding small parking spots close up that we could get into where you could not with full size. Hit one parade one year we had 6 adults and about 7 kids loaded in it, Tons of smiles when we got in downtown, even more when we started to pile out. Leaving we had to go up a hill from main street and Yes, Lots of wheelies, fun for us and the other parade viewers. This was not a open highway vehicle though, in town only.

  13. martinsane

    That box raised floor in the rear is weird. Why and whats it hiding .

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    • Little_Cars

      @martinsane It’s a rear engine, air cooled VW, that’s why “the box” is there.

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  14. MarveH

    How adorable…now put it back right.

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  15. CharlesMann

    This made a VW bus ride WORSE…

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  16. chrlsful

    seen em drive, ur right dangerous. A few ft might B nice, that’s too much…may B even a pillar chop? Subbie copy?

  17. dogwater

    death trap

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  18. tony t

    “Simpsonville” = Homerland

    Bet this is pretty twitchy on the twisties …

  19. wardww

    That thing would drive like a turd on wheels with that wheelbase.

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  20. David Kokkeler

    These are not really good for the open highway for sure, but were a lot of fun for driving around town. Always got a lot of attention, and used in town it handled fine. It would pull wheelies pretty easy if you wanted …

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