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1978 Trans Am Survivor With Adams Upgrades


It’s obvious that the original owner of this 1978 Trans Am was looking to go places quickly! As the seller says, “From the paper work that I have, the original owner went through the Herb Adams catalog in 1979, and ordered a TON of parts.” You can see the purposeful stance of the car from the picture above. This seriously enhanced Firebird is located in St. Paul, Minnesota and is for sale here on eBay, at a tempting (for me) buy it now of $14,000 but even lower offers are being entertained.


This car is just gorgeous to me–I prefer the white with blue to any other T/A color scheme. The seller thinks this is the original paint (I see no evidence to the contrary in the pictures) and the car is said to be completely rust free. Considering the location, I’m pretty sure that means it hasn’t been driven in the winter. And I love that it doesn’t have T-Tops! I’m afraid I would have a tough time keeping the miles low on this car!


Yup, this is the view I would have loved to see outside my window when I was in high school. Not that my TR4A was bad, mind you, but the rumble of the few Trans Am’s I saw back then put my ANSA system to shame. The seller is the third owner, and the one previous to them had the car for 20 years. Among the add-ons that were installed when the car was new are front sub frame braces, an oil accumulator, a lowering kit, oversize anti-roll bars both front and rear, and racing-type safety harnesses. The build sheet and original safety belts are included.


The interior honestly looks unused! Seriously. It’s hard for me to believe the car actually has 70,400 miles–it’s obvious that it has been loved since the day it was delivered. And yes, that is a Hurst manual transmission shifter and a third pedal you see. I told you this was a serious machine!


By the way, the seller has just finished a tune up, with fresh plugs, wires, cap and rotor, as well as an oil change and radiator flush. Oh, they also have 100% feedback with a previous $15,000 Chevelle sale to boot. In other words, there’s nothing preventing you (ok, there are 14,000 reasons, but still) from buying this car today and totally enjoying the drive home. Wherever you live. I’ve almost convinced myself to do it, so one of you save me and buy the car instead. You can post below when you have, ok?


  1. Al8apex

    great deal, great colors, love the tan interiors, MANY had the blue, prefer the tan

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  2. 2VT

    Didn’t hear if it had the 180 degree Herb Adams headers or not.

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  3. Van

    Now you’re talking.
    Back then I didn’t know I was drifting.
    Everybody just thought I was out of control.
    This car looks great. Close isn’t a problem as long as you don’t hit anything.
    I really like my RA3 formula better, but this car would have handled much better.

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  4. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I see someone agreed with me–the buy it now price was chosen :-) Oh well, so much for the lottery tickets I was going to buy!

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  5. Kincer Dave Member

    If I had the cash I would’ve clicked buy it now too, I would’ve hit the buy it yesterday button if there was one lol.

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  6. David Wilk Member

    Great car, great buy. And a reasonable, realistic seller. No surprise it went quickly. Thanks Jamie, this is a good one.

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  7. redwagon

    white with blue and ….. tan? oh well whatever floats your boat.

    i grew up with these and still they just dont do it for me. the white and blue better than black and gold but the front end just is not right. ’79 is worse.

    glad someone is happy with their purchase and hopefully the seller is happy to move on – that’s what this is all about.

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  8. flmikey

    …and….it’s gone! That must be a record…..

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  9. Blindmarc

    Nice to see it said T/A 6.6, not just the 6.6 on the scoop. Good car and a great buy.

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  10. Kincer Dave Member

    Man I love these old T/A’s the only thing I’d change is the wheels, don’t care much for the gold, I think it would look better with the deep dish silver snowflakes.

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  11. Steven C

    Man, if i had the money i’d have Montrose cranked up, foot to the floor, headed to the sunset in this thing!

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    • chris

      lol. I wonder how many people alive even remember Montrose!!! lmao

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  12. RoughDiamond

    Having owned a ’79 T/A 6.6 4-speed, that was a bargain.

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  13. Zack

    I do believe that was a good deal on that T/A, seeing as how it disappeared so quickly. I’m in the process of getting my ’76 T/A ready for its new paint. When I bought it 10 years ago it was white with a black interior. When checking the specs on it I learned it was originally Yellow….. I don’t think I can do “yellow”…. on pretty much any car…. ok, maybe a little Fiat Spider or something like that…. but not on a T/A. What do you guys think? I was thinking White, with the Blue decals… like this one, only with a black interior… and of course… the last of the single headlights… Oh, btw, I remember Montrose quite well…. all thru college… that was great music back then..

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  14. Charles

    That was a bargain! This looks like a nice original car and it is one of the last Pure Pontiac cars built. I’d like it better if it had T-tops, just because a TA is supposed to have T-tops. Can you imagine Smoky and the Bandit without T-tops? Do they leak and rattle? Hell yes they do! Only a dummy would buy a car this age and this nice and expect to store it outside in the weather. Cruising one of these cars with the T-tops on a mountain highway, along the beach, or any good cruising road is just too much fun to miss!

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  15. Rob

    I keep telling the wife when I retire I’m getting a T/A growing a mullet and a fu-manchu.

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  16. Kincer Dave Member

    My uncle has a 78 Martinique blue T/A, ordered it brand new, no bird on the hood, black velour interior, Pontiac 400, WS6 suspension, what a beautiful car! I got to drive it a couple of times, what a blast!

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  17. PRA4SNW

    It’s funny to think these late 70’s TAs are getting up to 20K now. They were ignored and unloved for so long.
    I’ve always liked them. Had a coupe of friends who had them and they always got a lot of attention.

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  18. 68custom

    that’s as good as a mid 70 T/A will get with a Pontiac motor 4 speed and no T-tops. though I prefer the looks of a Formula.

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