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1979 Camaro Berlinetta With Only 7k Miles!

1979 Camaro Berlinetta

This blanket covered Camaro is claimed to have only covered 7,000 miles since new! It has always been garaged and never driven in the rain or snow. Even the tires are original! This was the luxury model and it has an automatic, so it wasn’t exactly a scorcher and that could be the reason it wasn’t driven harder. Personally, I’d want something a little more sporty, but this thing is perfect for the collector who just likes to look at their collection. It does provide a glimpse into the past for anyone currently restoring one of these though. It’s located in Thornton, Colorado and is listed here on craigslist for $17,500. Thanks goes to Mike F for sending in this tip!

Blanket Covered Interior

Blankets weren’t just used to protect the outside! Everything has been carefully “tucked in” inside too.

Whats Underneath

And it looks like the owner’s protection method has paid off. The seating surfaces look like new! I’d love to take a look at this car in person because survivors like this are always breathtaking.

More Blankets

No ones getting cold in this car! Things are downright cuddly back there.


Looks like the coverings did their job here too because that back seat is like new!

Camaro Dash

Here’s a shot of the dash. It too was covered with a quilt and I can’t spot any problem areas. The photos don’t show a lot of detail, but I can just image how nice this Camaro must be.

7160 Miles

And here’s the shot everyone’s been waiting for! The odometer reads 7,160 and I don’t see any reason to not believe it. How about you?


  1. Cattoo Cattoo Member

    Wow. I would have expected blankets to be that protective. Heck they even look clean. Vacuum packed storage perhaps? LoL. But seriously…

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  2. sparkster

    You have to wonder what his house looks like inside

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  3. Duffy

    Great looking vehicle

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  4. DolphinPorsche

    Most drivers would be happy with the 5ltr engine, These cars don’t get a lot hotter, will happily pull over the ton.

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  5. Jumping g

    Wow it looks like it’s in great condition this generation is just starting to hit its stride .

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  6. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    I’ve had several Gen2 Camaros, and still have a rare ’78 RS/LT. The Berlinetta had EXTRA sound deadening, and was the quietest riding of all the Camaros I’ve had…

    On the other hand, cars stored this long have other issues to consider… dried seals and rodent damage to wiring is most common…. flat spotted cam lobe wear on cars that were started ‘ occasionally ‘ (when the cam had ‘dried ‘) … a stuck ring or two …and stagnant brake fluid and fuel damage, just to name a few.

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    • Frank

      Being a shadetree mechanic , I couldn’t agree more.

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  7. Roselandpete

    Very, very, nice.

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  8. RoughDiamond

    I owned a ’79 Berlinetta that I bought in ’87 from the original owner. It was one of the best driving and handling cars I ever owned. I still miss that car. It was tan with a tan cloth interior and it was really comfortable. Mine had the wire basket looking wheels. It was also equipped with the Turbo 350 trans, but some of them I was told at the time left the factory with the metric 200 transmission. Dang I miiss that car. A guy I worked with at the time told me about it when his friend decided to sell it. When I decided to sell it that same guy helped me sell it when he told a friend about it who was looking for a safe car for his daughter. Hever never would accept a finder’s fee or seller’s fee, he was just that kind of guy.

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  9. Roselandpete

    Back in 86 I was looking for a new car and wanted to get a Berlinetta but it was late in the model year and I could find only one which already had a deposit on it so I wound up getting an 86 Riv which was a very nice car and I’m sure was much better in the snow.

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  10. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Liking the recent “not a Z/28” Gen 2 postings lately.

    It reminds me of my first brand new car – an ’81 Camaro, black w/ tan interior, rally wheels, rear spoiler – that I ordered from the factory.

    The Sales Manager convinced this young guy that ordering a V8 was a bad idea because he had a “car lot full of ones I can’t sell” due to the gas crunch. So, I ordered the 229 V6 with electronic carb and automatic. It was the poster child of “all show and no go”.

    I looked up the VIN one time and found that the entries ended in ’95 or so. It was one of those “I hope it is still alive and being enjoyed” deals. I guess not.

    I did find my ’99 Z/28 though. It was fully loaded with unique white seats – a dealer leftover that I got for an amazing deal. This car had been butchered beyond belief – white seats replaced with black (okay I guess), cheapo wheels to replace the original factory chromes, and worst of all was a Playstation installed in a custom made dash – yuck!

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  11. Mark 'cuda man

    My all original ’79 60k Z-28 with faded and worn paint but, all original……..

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      Very cool Mark!

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    • BMW/Tundra Guy

      That is SWEET!!! Cannot tell “faded paint” from that pic!!! That is a long term keeper!!!! One of my favorite color combos between the factory decals and factory paint. I love the gen 3 vette in close to that color scheme!

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  12. Tim H

    I have an ’81 Berlinetta that belonged to my grandfather. It was a solid, rust free survivor that I am restoring.

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