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1979 Firebird Formula for $999!


I did a double-take when I saw the headline listing a ’79 Firebird in good shape for $999 – then I read the rest of the craigslist ad and saw the number repeated! This Firebird Formula does have a skeleton in its closet, however – the title is missing. Now, I don’t know how tough it is in other states to register a car like this, but in my dwelling of Rhode Island, we don’t even need a title for a car that’s more than 10 years old. Still, it might keep you up at night knowing someone else could hold the paperwork without your name on it – or you could be awake from too much excitement at getting a manual transmission-equipped Firebird with a limited slip rear end, disc brakes and honeycomb snowflake wheels for only $999! What do you think – is it worth the hassle of getting a new title or taking it as-is with the bill of sale?


  1. Dolphin Member

    No gearshift knob—dealbreaker.

    But seriously, for $999 it’s hard to go wrong if it runs and drives OK. It’s been sitting for 20 years so R&R the brakes and fluids for no great cost. Then check for leaking seals after it’s been run a little.

    Even if somebody else holds the title it’s a reasonable bet if you don’t need to put a lot into it to make sure it’s a good driver. Looks like there’s some rust perforation in one of the panels shown in a photo, but at $999 that’s not a dealbreaker.

    They aren’t making any more of these…..

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  2. Blindmarc

    Doesn’t state it even has an engine & no pictures either.

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  3. the chucker

    Has the WS6 option…bonus!

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  4. Kevin Harper

    Engine or no engine looks like a deal.
    After years of playing with imports I have come to like these things for the shear simplicity, availability of parts and the relatively low price of performance parts.
    The looks have also grown on me now that every yahoo doesn’t own one.
    This one looks like an excellent base to build a hotrod.

    Kevin Harper

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  5. Bullethead

    It’s a trap. The real price is $666 and your immortal soul.

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  6. Tundra/BMW Guy

    IMO, when you have rust on the door handles, when you have a car on a lift with no underside shots, when you have a vehicle on a lift with no drive train shots, or when you have stick with the potential of a bad a$$ power plant and don’t mention it, no matter the price, there is a lot to “think” about!!!

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  7. DJ

    No title is no big deal in Alabama. You can get one for a small price. There’s a company that will do it for you or you can file the paperwork and do it yourself. Great deal. I’ve got too many or I’d get it.

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  8. Charles

    First question, did it ever have a title? Some states did not issue titles in 1979. It the car has always been a bill of sale car, great. If it had a title at one time, it is probably a parts car.

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  9. Clay

    There is something fishy about this $999 Firebird. The question is , what is missing besides the title which is no big deal. Even rough Formula Firebirds with the equipment this one has are going for up to $4-5K. So why is this owner being so generous

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  10. Myron Bird

    $999 May be the payoff. You’ll get the title later.

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