1987 Jeep Wrangler With 2,734 Genuine Miles!

The original owner of this 1987 Jeep Wrangler traded his beloved Cherokee on the vehicle back in 1987. Over the past thirty-five years, this Wrangler has seen little use. It now has a genuine 2,734 miles showing on its odometer. It is in as-new condition and comes with a vast collection of documentation. Quite why the vehicle has led such a sheltered life is a question to which we will probably never have an answer. However, this is your chance to reap the reward by owning a perfectly preserved classic. Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, you will find this Jeep listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a sale price of $42,900, although they may listen to reasonable offers. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder CJ for referring this survivor to us.

Jeep launched the Wrangler YJ in 1986, and it remained on sale until 1995. Our feature vehicle is from the second year of production, and it presents superbly. Its Colorado Red paint holds a winning shine, with no visible flaws or blemishes. It covers panels that are equally impressive, with no bruises or marks. The plastic fender flares and stripes add a purposeful air to its appearance, as do the flawless alloy wheels. The black soft-top is in as-new condition, and when you climb underneath this classic, the floors and frame are perfect. Throw in faultless glass and trim, and this Jeep makes a positive first impression. If you told me that this Wrangler had just rolled off the showroom floor, I would find that claim easy to believe.

In 1987, buyers had a couple of choices regarding what they would slot into the engine bay of their new Wrangler. The original owner of this one selected the 4.2-liter six-cylinder engine that produces 112hp. That power finds its way to the road via a dual-range NP207 transfer case and a five-speed manual transmission. The original owner’s decision to order this classic with power steering should make light work of any off-road adventure. While straight-line performance isn’t the Wrangler’s forte, it should still conquer the ¼ mile in a neat 18 seconds. This Jeep has a genuine 2,734 miles showing on its odometer. The engine bay presents as nicely as you might expect in a low-mile survivor, with no evidence of corrosion or long-term fluid leaks. It appears that it has been appropriately maintained throughout its life and is ready to go with the new owner behind the wheel. Included in the sale is a significant collection of documentation, including all of the original dealer paperwork.

A life lived hard in the great outdoors will almost always show on the interior of any off-roader. However, when the vehicle in question has a four-digit odometer reading, it is fair to expect the interior to present perfectly. That is the case with this Wrangler. There are a couple of creases on the driver’s seat, but that is merely the result of someone sitting in this vehicle, not a sign of abuse. The seats themselves are upholstered in a combination of black vinyl and cloth with the “Jeep” brand integrated into the weave. The carpet is immaculate, as are the dash, pad, and door trims. There is no wear on the wheel, and the overall impression is that the interior is in showroom condition. It isn’t loaded with luxury extras, but an AM/FM radio/cassette player should provide plenty of entertainment on those longer journeys.

If you wandered out today looking for a 1987 Jeep Wrangler, you would be spoiled for choice. There are plenty out there, but finding one with such a low odometer reading is going to be virtually impossible. I performed my own search and located one that sold back in 2020. It had around 4,000 miles showing on the clock, and it sold for $27,750. Values have been rising slowly, but whether the condition and mileage of this example justify such a premium is difficult to determine. It will be interesting to see if the seller can shift this Wrangler in a reasonable time frame. It’s also questionable whether this classic will find its way back onto our roads or if its fate is to serve as a museum piece. Sadly, I suspect that the latter will be the case. What do you think?


  1. JCA Member

    $43k? For $10k less I can buy a brand new one

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    • Bakyrdhero Bakyrdhero Member

      Right, but that one would have a vast assortment of creature comforts, far more power with better MPG’s, a much more comfortable ride, and, AND a factory warranty. You wouldn’t be able to call yourself a true Jeep enthusiast..

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  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    Oh my gosh! I know that I’m starting to sound like Howard A, but that price is just crazy! Low mileage or not! I just bought a 2021 Wrangler Sahara diesel, loaded with every option except the advanced safety package, and it wasn’t a whole lot more than the ask on this. I must admit that this is a nice Jeep, but there is no way in the world that it is worth the price of brand new Jeep that is safer, technologically advanced, more powerful, and all around a much better vehicle. Unfortunately, this hobby is going nuts!!

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  3. angliagt angliagt Member

    Aren’t real Jeeps supposed to have round headlights?

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  4. Howard A Member

    Oh, mercy, so soon in the new year? Let’s take a closer look,,,be right back,,,okay then, they have got to be kidding, right? No really, what have we become for someone to ask a price like this, and more importantly, do they think someone will actually go for this? HALF THIS? Okay, 1st, there’s no question in my mind, it’s original mileage. I can’t figure out why, but stuff happens, and they are a “limited use” vehicle. I knew a guy that bought one to pull behind his motorhome, never did drive it, it just looked proper, for the rich to have a Jeep behind your ultimate behmoth motorhome. True story, I kid you not. As you can see, mine is just like this, a ’91, I’m surprised at the “AMC” tag, I thought the YJ was the 1st Chrysler Jeep. Mine says “Chrysler Corp”. To be clear, mine has 95K on it and looks nothing like this, it’s used, bumps and scrapes, a what a Jeep is meant to do, not sit in a garage and collect dust. Mine has the 2.5, 4 cylinder, a stout unit ( a 4.2 with 2 cylinders gone missing) and adequate, but extremely “hill shy”, almost to the point of “4 way flashers” on the big hills. Downhill is okay. I love the Jeep itself, a note on the headlights. The YJ’s are known as the “commie” Jeeps, because Chrysler broke tradition, by using square headlights, all the rage in the 80’s and beyond. The round ones looked so dated, but caused a flurry of uproar in the Jeep community, and there really is a Jeep community, we wave at each other kind of thing,, and they went back to round. I happen to like the square, and the YJ has just enough modern touches, while still retaining the classic Jeep simplicity. The only thing I’m paranoid about, is I found out, Jeep uses a “slave throwout bearing” setup, and while much simpler, eliminates all the linkage, if it leaks, the whole trans has to come out. The way I figure, I got a good enough deal on the Jeep itself, $1500 on a clutch isn’t the end of the world, I suppose.
    Okay, on to whether I, or anyone would spend $42 grand on this. After looking at dozens, I paid $3500, with a hardtop, both sets of doors, new windshield and a slew of new parts and might have gone to $5g’s, for a nicer one It’s the absolute LAST vehicle I will ever buy,,,,maybe a Limey motorcycle, but I’m done with vehicles. Mine will go back to the UP with me towed behind the squarebody, should that day happen. Naturally I’m flabbergasted someone would even have the nerve to post a ridiculous sum like this, just doesn’t make a lick of sense,,,to me, anyway. Fascinating, Captain,,,

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    • nycbjr Member

      the yj was designed under AMC and was released the year after purchase, too far along in development for chysler to intervene. but yes this is crazy tunes pricing!!

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      • NHDave

        The Wrangler YJ was designed by AMC and launched by them in May 1986. It was on the market for about a year when Chrysler announced its purchase of AMC.

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    • Stevieg Member

      Nice Jeep Howard! New purchase?

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  5. angliagt angliagt Member

    Never say you’ll never buy another vehicle –
    I’m guilty of that way of thinking,but things happen.
    Something comes along that’s such a good deal
    that you can’t pass it up,or you find something that
    you’ve always wanted.

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    • Howard A Member

      Oh, the mind is willing, the pocketbook says otherwise. :(
      If it wasn’t for the virus money, I wouldn’t even have mine.

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  6. Evan

    Comedy gold!

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  7. Doug from MD.

    Must be the bug shield that makes it so valuable.

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    • Howie Mueler

      It looks too big for this, but they made it work.

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  8. Bick Banter

    Why is this on eBay and not Bring a Trailer? They should put it on BaT and let the babe’s bid the thing up into the stratosphere. There’s always a big BaT premium and this would bring it.

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  9. Rbig18

    I am not a Jeep expert but weren’t these the years when Jeep’s were notoriously unreliable? Note ( I am not bashing Jeep I just seem to remember they had that rep in those years).

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    • Howard A Member

      Good heavens, I hope not. I’m not sure what would be unreliable, the motor design is from the 60’s and everything else is proven stuff. Borg-Warner 5 speeds, Dana axles, war proven mechanicals. When looking at Jeeps, I couldn’t believe some of the mileage claims. One guy had a YJ, 4 cylinder, he had 354K on the Jeep, 130K on a replacement engine. I thought, Jeez, Swift Transport would like to talk to him. The only place I could see trouble, is with the electrical system, like most subjected to the elements, they don’t age well.
      This was cool, when I replaced the thermostat, the “years” for the gasket said, “AMC-Jeep, 4, 6 cylinder,,,1968-1995”. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. I changed a water pump in a couple hours ( and it was cheap, like $50 bucks) and a starter in 5 minutes, all things that usually get replaced at 100K, while it has been “civilized” considerable, it was the TJ in ’96 that was really an updated design.

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    • Rob Hunter Staff

      Some of the transmissions Jeep used were not that great. 1987 Jeeps used a Peugot BA10 5 speed transmission with the 4.2L. It was fazed out in the next couple of years because it didn’t hold up.

      The 4.2L and 4.0L engines were bullet proof and fun to drive from my own experience.

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  10. Bob Mck Member

    I recently sold my 92 Sahara edition with 53K miles for $20,000. I was surprised to get that much. Unfortunately it was shipped to France.

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  11. Wild Bill

    It’s worth close to this. I spoke to Dennis Collins and he says people are paying North if $50k to restore their YJs to new spec. It’s a new world and these ok’d Jeeps will continue to appreciate.

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  12. Troy

    Shop Collins brothers jeep in Taxes and you will see the asking price is close to what they can get.wish the seller well hope they find a buyer

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  13. Steve Clinton

    Only driven to church by a little old lady when it snowed…she lived in Orange County, CA.

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  14. Denny N.

    Those rectangular headlights and “bent” grille – the ugliest era for the Jeep!

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  15. swa240z

    That is crazy money for a square eyed, half door soft top!

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  16. FrankD

    Ouch!! Really, it’s a short wheelbase CJ Jeep great for plowing driveways. I have owned two of these. Its a mobile Bucking Bronco on the road. Speaking of Bronco. Jeep needs to be afraid. No power in any Jeep model with outdated suspension and no interior room. Jeep prices will take a hit once Bronco gets production numbers up.

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  17. Phipps

    That price is kinda silly. But its also silly to have a YJ for 35 years and drive it that little. I miss my 1990 all the time but actually used the absolute hell out of it and enjoyed it for years

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  18. Cadmanls Member

    43 K is an incredibly stupid amount of money for that. Probably a better buy would be attending the auction for the jeep guy, the buddy of Richard Rawlings. Dennis Collins I read somewhere is selling off his Jeep collection and it is quite extensive. Sure to be more fun than clicking on this and looking at it when it’s unloaded and wondering what you just did.

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  19. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    2.7K miles and 3 owners. Nice EBay ad, but no story of how or why this happened.

    The original owner renewed the registration every year, but never drove it – it would be nice to know why.

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  20. John Member

    Had a 94, same everything as this one, gave it to my son. Replaced the engine @100,000 mi(wife left it gear behide the “behemoth” MH), had 130,000 on it when I gave it. Was a great vehicle, but needed posi-traction as would get stuck on flat ice/snow. Didn’t replace the fuel filter
    until over 100,000. Great vehicle

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  21. wasjeepnowsaab

    Goodness what a crazy price…and that’s about the nicest thing I could find to say

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  22. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Goodness what a crazy price…and that’s about the nicest thing I could find to say

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  23. piston poney

    jeeps are high but not $43,000 high, my dad has a 95, sky jacker lift kit, super swampers, straight 6, black, removable hard top 4 wheel drive with danna 33’s front and rear 5 speed, it was a trail jeep and not a single pannel is striaight just all small dents, the rear diff is locked it sucks in rain (not saying we drifted the square the other night on the way home but there was no one around at 1:30 am and it was raining) we put a radiator and a water pump in it and injector plug (they dry rot and the tabs break and it’ll start missin when the plug comes loose) put a winch on it, some hella 550’s and some kc lights on her and hasnt given any trouble, its got about 150k miles and gonna need a new motor soon its getting a bit tired but she still runns good

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    • Howie Mueler

      I think this owner is also high.

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  24. Steve

    Drove both 4.2, 4.0. Far as im concerned the best find is a TJ w coil springs, 5sp, and the f.i.4.0 190hp six.

    The ride is so much better with the coil springs. To be fair if off road is what someone wants to do with their jeep the 4.2 and leaf springs do fine. Easy to lift up the leafs also.

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  25. PaulG

    If you want a reasonable offer, start with a reasonable price…

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  26. ed the welder

    “The original owner’s decision to order this classic with power steering should make light work of any off-road adventure. ” Yeah . This thing is gonna sit in a garage or a showroom floor more than likely .

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