1993 Cadillac DeVille Gold Key Edition With 889 Miles!

I’ll go out on a limb here by saying that if this Cadillac DeVille Gold Key Edition isn’t the cleanest 1993 model in existence today, then it can’t be far off it. Take a look at the photo gallery that I’ve supplied with this article, because you won’t believe how clean it is for a car that is 26-years-old. This is easy to understand because the car has only covered a genuine 889 miles throughout its life, making it essentially a new car. If you fancy the idea of owning this immaculate Cadillac, you will find it located in Hamilton, Montana, and listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding has now reached $14,100, but the reserve hasn’t been met. There is a BIN option, and this has been set at $34,000.

The Cadillac doesn’t look like it has just rolled off a showroom floor. Its condition is more in keeping with one that is still sitting in the showroom waiting to be sold. The original Pearl Red and Silver paint has an incredible shine, and even though it doesn’t show in the photos, the owner says that there is a minor flaw in the paintwork near the aerial. He feels that this will buff out, but hasn’t touched it in order to protect the car’s originality. He says that the car has never seen rain and that the only moisture it has been subjected to is when the dust has been washed off it. There is an incredible array of photos of the underside of the car, and I have included a number of these below. It looks brand new underneath, with no signs of rust, corrosion, or even gravel rash. If you didn’t know better, you would look at the photos and swear that the car was brand new.

I’m sure that you won’t be surprised to learn that not only does the interior of the Cadillac look new, but it has the smell that can only come with a new car that is fitted with leather upholstery. Once again, there is nothing that can be faulted, but there is one deviation from original. The factory premium Bose sound system is present, but a Sony CD stacker has been fitted in the trunk, and it plays through the original system. The control for this is mounted just to the right of the steering wheel. As well as the Bose stereo, the Cadillac comes equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power locks, a power trunk release, cruise control, an adjustable wheel, power antenna, a trip computer, digital dash display, and a driver’s airbag.

A Cadillac is about smoothness and luxury, not performance. To that end, you will find the HT-4900 V8 engine under the hood. This produces 200hp, which is sent to the road via a 4-speed automatic transmission. It should be no surprise to learn that the car is equipped with power steering and power brakes. The presentation under the hood is all that you would expect from a car of such low mileage, with no signs of dirt, corrosion, or leaks. The good news here is that even though the car has such low accumulated mileage, it hasn’t been sitting idle for years. The owner does take the car out for a drive once a year to keep everything lubricated and healthy. For peace of mind, the next owner will probably have everything checked before undertaking an extended journey, but things do look quite promising.

This Cadillac really has me torn. It is a car that is in amazing condition for its age, but it also represents a lot of money for a 26-year-old Cadillac. I doubt that there is another example in existence that is as clean as this one is unless it is sitting in a museum somewhere. The owner is right when he points out that the BIN is half the price of a new Cadillac, and its condition would be as good as a new car. We all know the conundrum with cars like this. A major part of their perceived value lies in the low mileage claims. For every mile accumulated, the vehicle’s value is going to drop. Just how great this impact will be is unclear. Would you be interested in buying this one to drive, or do you think that it will ultimately find its way to a museum?


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  1. PaulG

    Not 34K nice…

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  2. David

    Low miles…high price. Very nice but…..

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  3. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Airport location.
    Just goes to show….
    Not only airplanes can be kept in hangars. This one seems to contain at least 4 cars, plus a pickup truck, a tractor, and a camper/trailer. None of which are flight-ready, but probably really nice anyway.

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  4. Classic Steel

    This is like having an old zenith 40meg laptop 💻 never used but alleged rugged gulf war ready for sand and heat just now put up for sale at a high price when the average laptop is a grand with gigabytes in memory. Lil late..

    This caddy with lows miles and old technology is listed for the price of a newer model with driver assist, smart key, driver avoidance and much more confront plus horsepower ..
    If this hits nostalgia with the buyer who knows on price..
    But if this was a 60s or 59 model…

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  5. Bill Shields

    I love caddies but the mustang with the interesting hood in the first photo catches my eye much more!

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  6. Will Fox

    “Gold Key edition” = Palm Springs blue-Hair Special

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  7. Shingo

    Wow, could it be parked any closer to the silver SdV in the second picture?

  8. JMG

    The bids have already exceeded the value at $14k… what are people thinking. LOL

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  9. Bob McK Member

    I would love to add this to my Cadillac collection, but the price is too high for me and I would want to drive it, but adding miles will lower its value. So, I guess I wil pass. Good luck to the new owner!

  10. Keith Keith

    Why? Let’s see, dude buys this Cadillac back in 1993, packs it away in some dark corner and now wants 34k plus? What was he thinking???

  11. Walderschpeil Squirrelneck III

    Wow, dumb idea. Just running the math…

    1) $37K initial investment, 5% return compounded over 25 yrs = $125K total account size – $88K profit

    2) Renting out a spot in your climate controlled hanger for $75/month income, 5% return on that savings = $43K profit

    $131K car fund allows you to cruise around in a new Shelby GT350R instead of your low mileage old tech luxobarge. Hmmm…

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  12. More Monkey

    Could someone refresh my memory about what exactly “original miles” are? Are there unoriginal/aftermarket miles that unscrupulous buyers will tack on?

    No mention of whether or not these original miles are numbers matching or not. For $34,000 I sure hope so!

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    • Roseland Pete

      I’ve also often questioned those so-called “original mile” claims. “Original miles” as opposed to what…”unoriginal miles?” Is that like something being a “genuine imitation?” So many cars claim “original miles” but I have yet to see one single listing saying that a car has “unoriginal miles.” There must be at least one or two cars out there with “unoriginal miles.”

  13. LARRY

    I love the car and actually had one back in the day..that being said I would not have another one..those engines were nothing but trouble and the ones that are still on the road are still trouble

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  14. Rob

    Larry, these cars have great engines. The previous era had the troublesome 4.1. These had versions of the 4.5 (88-90) and 4.9 (91-95). They had great performance and MPG (27+ highway). It was no problem laying down rubber on takeoff. In the day the engines were the engine of choice out of wrecked vehicles for airboats in FL. I agree $34k is stiff. I have a friend who just bought a ’93, 60- Special edition for $5,500. It is an excellent driver car with 85k on the clock.It is a beautiful gray with white custom top. I personally have owned 3 of these. I currently own a white ’93 with a blue cloth top. I still get stopped with offers to buy it.

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  15. 4501 Safari Member

    A service nightmare and the car that made me swear and swear off front wheel drive ever again. Cadillac’s burgundy leather, which I had in mine, is micro thin compared to that in a Buick Roadmaster and wore through in time. There are other choices for a park ‘n polish…

  16. Roseland Pete

    From the side view, at first I thought it was a Buick or an Olds.

  17. Peter Teller

    The HT 4100 was the worst engine cadillac ever made next to the v8 6 4……the owner is dreaming about a $34000 bin price…the bidding has reached $14000 which is too high already. 889 miles is the only positive thing about it…..

  18. CJinSD

    Somebody should take their fourteen grand and then change their name and address.

  19. Kenn

    What sort of proof is offered re: “original miles”? Yes, the cars professing this are clean and neat, but that can be accomplished with careful detailing. And if in fact this particular car was “driven once a year” I would question the condition of the cylinder bores. Rust can accumulate quickly there, and then be scraped by the rings before oil has a chance to reach there. Just a thought or two.

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  20. Del

    I agree with JMG. Bids at 14 plus have exceeded value of car.

    Yes I realize its still a new car but its a sedan.

    Who stores a Caddy sedan from new of this vintage ?

    They were ugly and unwanted when brand new.

  21. More Monkey

    When it’s a low-mileage 911 or 308 or Mustang or E30 or XKE or Camaro or just about anything else attractive and engaging, the comments all trend towards “what kind of person has such an awesome car but doesn’t drive it?” Not seeing that sentiment on this ride.

    Those of us who experienced GM cars of this era when they were new know we didn’t want them then and don’t want them now. Back in the day they were a shameful manifestation of the disdain GM had for consumers.

    “I’ve always wanted a 1993 Sedan DeVille” said no car-nut ever.

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  22. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Apparently sold at $20,500

    I guess the seller wasn’t firm on the $34K BIN, or anywhere near that.

    I suppose that if the buyer was looking for transportation, in an as-new sedan, this could make economic sense. Like any new car, driving it sends the value into a spiral downwards. But at least the investment here, and the actual cost to drive this one 100K miles should be lower than most new cars, and pretty much all of them which have anywhere near this level of comfort/luxury.

    An investment as a collectible? Hmmm… in another 20 years, maybe?

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