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19k Genuine Miles: 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

Having spent its life kept in a garage, and with a claimed 19,000 genuine miles on the odometer, this 1976 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible appears to be in very impressive condition. With Summer heading our way, this would represent a pretty luxurious way to enjoy those warmer days, with a bit of top-down cruising. The Eldorado is located in Millmont, Pennsylvania, and is listed for sale here on eBay. With bidding currently sitting at $9,600, the reserve has not been met on this mighty car.

If you were to look up the word “presence” in the dictionary, you would probably find a photo of this car, because it has plenty of it. The Cadillac Firethorn Metallic paint looks really nice, while the red soft-top sets off incredibly well against it. The only real flaw in the car’s presentation is a small one, and it looks like it might be a fairly easy fix. If you look closely at the rocker molding on the passenger side of the vehicle, you can just see a ding on it right at the rear. That damage also includes a slight scuff in the clear-coat, but it looks like an easy fix. It really is pretty hard to fault the presentation of the rest of the vehicle. With 1976 marking the final year of production of the Eldorado Convertible, there was a bit of a rush on these, with sales reaching around the 14,000 mark. Today, nice examples are still to be found, but the presentation of this one does appear to be well above average.

Hey, it’s a Cadillac. Naturally, that means that the interior is nice and luxurious, which is well within the expectations of the brand. The leather upholstery looks to be in really good condition, as does the carpet and dash. There are really no issues to consider, with the car ready to be enjoyed as it is. Luxury features abound, with the car featuring power locks, power windows, power seats, cruise control, and air conditioning.

Tipping the scales at more than 5,100 lbs, the Eldorado Convertible certainly isn’t a lightweight. The 500ci V8 is renowned more for refinement than for outright performance, with a mere 215hp available to get this giant up and moving. Backing the engine is a 3-speed automatic transmission, while it is no surprise that you also get power steering and power brakes. The owner doesn’t provide any information about how well the car runs and drives, but if the low mileage claim and the presentation under the hood are any indication, it should be quite good.

When a car is more than 18′ in length, it would be fair to describe it as a giant. There are some who would also describe it as a land yacht. It is doubtful that any manufacturer today would consider building a car that combined this vehicle’s size, weight, and fuel consumption figures. That’s what makes this such a great car. If someone looked at this Eldorado and said, “They don’t make them like they used to,” they would be spot on.


  1. Avatar photo Tony


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  2. Avatar photo TimS

    Love the top in a color other than black but damn that’s a lot of red.

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    • Avatar photo Daved

      I agree! That red top looks very nice!

      White seats would be perfect and a lot more tolerable in the sun.

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  3. Avatar photo Mountainwoodie

    I think this year came with the rare human digit license plate obstructor feature. That alone makes it worth considering . The triple resale red is icing on the cake. Sweet ride

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  4. Avatar photo LARRY

    Beautiful, and you could sleep in it comfortably. ( I’ve done so in one)

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      So have I Larry, a 1967 model. The car sleep four comfortably.

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  5. Avatar photo Stevieg

    I have a thing for open air motoring and for Cadillacs too. Nothing like putting the top down & floating along. I have a 1972 Eldo convertible very similar to this that will be for sale shortly. I just want to get the ’51 Pontiac paid off first. I’ll use the funds generated from the sale of the Caddy for the restoration of the Pontiac. I am looking forward to seeing what this sells for, knowing full well that mine has higher miles, a different year, so on. Mine isn’t worth as much, but this sale can give me a “guide” to go by.

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  6. Avatar photo Stevieg

    Another picture of mine

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    • Avatar photo Johnmloghry

      It must have been about 1986-87 I worked for a man in Miami Florida. He owned a body shop and I did mechanic work for him. He owned a beautiful black on black 76 model Eldorado convertible. On slow days he always had doing something to his Eldo, maybe working on the brakes ( which the rear disc brakes did give some trouble with the parking brake) or front end alignment or some other such minor infraction. Anyway he had a car mounted cell phone in that car ( that was the early days of cell phones) so when I took the car for test drives I’d pick up my teenage step son & daughter from school and she loved calling her friends telling them she was calling from a car phone. The owner didn’t mind, he got a kick out of it.
      God bless America

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  7. Avatar photo Stevieg

    Wow! That second picture turned out horribly lol. Trying again!

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  8. Avatar photo Stevieg

    Never mind! Lol

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    • Avatar photo james malone Member

      I have the same problem with picture orientation and have tried all the logical corrections. Can anyone help us with this?
      BTW, if your car were white over red like the one Eastwood and Bridges rode off in at the end of Thunderbolt and Lightfoot, I’d have to get a bigger garage and give you a call!

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  9. Avatar photo Will Fox

    There are alot of cars from the last 40 or so years that catch my eye, but NONE like a `76 Eldorado cvt.! I wanted one of these ever since this last-year model debuted, but was only 16 then, so it was a far away dream. In good condition like this one, they have maintained a decent value over the years, and while I have no idea of the reserve on this one, I’d guesstimate it’s probably in the $30K+ range. I love it, and would snatch it up today if I could. Now…..where’s that Brinks truck I can rob…….

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  10. Avatar photo James

    I had a ’85 Biarritz convertible, Autumn Maple with a Dark Bordeaux interior, white top. Stunningly beautiful car, but the 4.1 engine sucked. The local Cadillac dealership sent me a letter 5 years ago saying that they wanted to purchase it. They had serviced it, so they knew the problem with the engine, less than 50K miles, I said it’s yours.

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  11. Avatar photo Lynn Dockey Member

    Take that car to Del Boca Vista and there will bidding war!!!!!!

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  12. Avatar photo Bob McK

    I want this baby! To me, it is perfect as it sits.

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  13. Avatar photo Denny-Nevada

    Absolutely Gorgeous part of American History…an American Icon, and it is the Perfect color combination. Yes, this beautiful Automobile, is definitely full size, but still not as long as the Silverados, and Suburbans that fill our streets, and clog our parking lots today. The Perfect Weekend Cruiser, and eye catcher at local car shows…and yes, I would enter it in every years Christmas, and July 4th Parade, with pride.
    Yes, I will be watching the Bidding, as I would truly Enjoy owning this gorgeous American Classic Cadillac 🇺🇸

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  14. Avatar photo PatrickM

    So many nice things said here. I agree. Bidding at $20,975.00!! Wow!! I bet it goes much higher.

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  15. Avatar photo firemedic2714

    Red on red on red. Perfection.

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  16. Avatar photo plwindish

    Beautiful car! The under hood liner seems to be the only thing on the car showing its age. A buyer needs a huge garage to shelter this baby!

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