19K Mile: 1977 Pontiac Grand Le Mans

This Starlight Black 1977 Pontiac Grand Le Mans is located in Woodburn, Oregon just south of Portland. As can be seen here on Craigslist, the seller states that the car has less than 20,000 miles. The asking price is $9,999 and the car’s condition is stunning! This was the last year for the colonnade body style for the Le Mans and Grand Le Mans that was initially introduced in 1973.

The pictures provided by the seller indicate that this Grand Le Mans is almost factory fresh with its velour buckskin bucket seats.  There are some minor issues with the console door, a crack in the passenger side dash and a tear on the top of a rear seat. This car is loaded with power windows, automatic transmission, tilt steering, air conditioning, and a leather wrapped sport steering wheel.

The car is equipped with a Pontiac 350 cubic inch V8 engine and 4 barrel carburetor. This engine generated approximately 170 horsepower and is equipped with aftermarket headers. Pontiac V8 engines were not available in California in 1977 because they could not meet California’s tougher emission regulations. The air conditioning has been converted to R134 and the suspension has been freshened up.

The seller states that they bought this car from a collector in Illinois who got it from the family of the original owner after he passed away and the car was stored for 30 years. Here is your chance to own a clean, yet roomy Pontiac. Check it out and let us know if you would keep the fender skirts!

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  1. Moparman Member

    I like this one better than the ’73 posted earlier! In four years time, the “cowcatcher” bumper look seems better integrated w/ the front end, and that buckets/console interior is great! For me, the only downer is the CHEAPO blanks for the optional gauges. Really looks sleek in black! GLWTA! :-)

    • Fltdds

      Those are air vents, not blanks to the right. The gauges are in the center.

      • Moparman Member

        I was referencing the cheap looking “lightning bolt” generator indicator light, not the vents.

  2. jerry z

    This car is perfect (at least in the pics)! Pricewise don’t see this car lasting long. I would own it and this isn’t my favorite Lemans, like Moparman posted, the ’73 looks nicer.

  3. 4spdbernie

    @Bruce Johnson, that “Pontiac” 350 is a Chevrolet. The air cleaner lid decal is an add on. Regardless of which engine, looks like a nice car.

    • RH

      Pontiac 350 was available in the ’77 Grand LeMans.

  4. Mike D

    Nice car. Seems like a good deal.

  5. Cattoo Member

    Looks like a’76 going by the headlights.

  6. CCFisher

    Based on the grille, it’s a ’77, and it’s an odd one. Most buyers looking for a coupe equipped like this one chose a Grand Prix.

  7. RXGreat

    Anyone notice the 1000 mile difference in the odometer pictures? Also mention of a Florida title and an Oregon title. Craigslist at its finest….

    • Doone

      Agreed, something fishy between the 2 oceans. Does not anyone proofread their copy anymore? Impressive looking Ponte Carlo tho.

  8. local_sheriff

    IMO the fender skirts would have to go, otherwise it’s nice as is if one likes the 70s style. This one should be proof sweet cruisers below 10k are still out there if one only go looking for alternative models

  9. SteveTheD

    I would be very cautious with this one. Seller’s description has a lot of I believe this and I believe that, but nothing to back it up. With both rear quarter panels having been poorly repainted, good indication of damage or rust repair. Looks like recent black paint or undercoating on floors underneath. Proceed with caution!

  10. Doone

    Agreed, something fishy between the 2 oceans. Does not anyone proofread their copy anymore? Impressive looking Ponte Carlo tho.

  11. Dennis

    Whatever the case with fishy stories. I love this thing just as it is, $10,000 for this car even if it was restored, which I doubt, when was the last time, if ever, anyone saw one of these low horse gorgeous beauties? Just love it!!! In it’s own right, this was a decade of special cars. Not horsepower but something more to offer buyers. For me very few 80’s auto “products” existed with much to offer, with a few exceptions of course.

  12. JCA

    Compared to yesterdays ’73 pea green grandma special, this looks like a much better alternative. Low miles, mint condition, nice mods, $10k in receipts…

    • RH

      Nice, but if you look at the photos and read the description, definitely not “mint” condition. The $10k in receipts means very little.

  13. Comet

    Nice car ………but those fender skirts gotta go! At least it doesn’t have a continental kit.

    • John

      As a teenager, on a rainy night I broke one of the skirts on a 73 changing a tire boy did I catch hell it.Changed the look of the car when snow tire time came

    • Jimmy Jones

      I may be older but Love the Skirts.

      • John Oliveri

        They covered my Spokes

  14. Maestro1 Member

    localsheriff has it right; they are out there. I live on the Left Coast and I can tell you there are 10K and under Puppies here, if one wants an interesting driver like this one. And yes, I,too, can live without the fender skirts. But they are a rare option?

  15. John Oliveri

    This is a nicer color car, and better optioned car than the 73, from yesterday, I owned a 73, in 77, mine was black w white interior and full white top, skirts were removed, wheel opening moldings installed, Appliance Spokes, 1.5 white walls and the car had everything in it, including power seats windows and locks, it was gorgeous and stood out in the club days that were drowned in Grand Prix, Monte Carlos, Regals and Cutlass supremes that all my friends owned

  16. Del

    Skirts make a Woman and a Car look great. Forget about getting rid of the skirts.

    Ask any Woman who wears one 😁

  17. Fireman DK

    What are the current California smog requirements ? Does this have to still pass being a 1977 ? Would the headers make it non-registerable in California ? Heck, I live here and I don’t even know . What I do know is my local smog shop just got busted for using u-hauls to pass smog on two of their personal vehicles for sale : bye-bye smog business and my $10 discount…….

  18. BB

    Here we go again low mile under 20,000 original miles from an estate or bla bla bla. 5 digit odometer, no this is as all the thousands of others out there on ebay or craigslist are and that is a nice car with 100,000 miles plus! This one at best 119,000 miles more like 219,000 with really good detailing.

  19. Kenn

    Finally BB, someone feels as I do about the mileage claims here on Barn Finds. Very, very complete documentation and I would lose my doubts. Well, most of them.

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