1k Mile 1993 Mustang SVT Cobra!

Yesterday, we featured Pete’s beautiful low mileage Mustang SVT Cobra. Well, a few people messaged me that they liked it, but they are fans of the Fox body SVT Cobra and that they wanted to see one of those. It just so happened that a 1993 SVT just popped up on eBay and this one has just 1,126 miles on it! That’s insanely low mileage for a Fox body, especially one with a factory tuned 5.0 V8. This was the last year Ford built the Fox body mustang, so it’s also the only year for the SVT Cobra to be offered in this body style. You can take a closer look at this Mustang here on eBay in Terrell, Texas with bidding already over $29k!

As great as the 5.0 was in these cars, it doesn’t produce as much power as Pete’s SVT does. The later 4.6 was rated at 305 horsepower, while this cars 5.0 is said to have 235 horsepower. I’ve heard that both engines produced more power than what was stated by Ford, but by how much I don’t know. When this car was brand new, it was capable of hitting sixty in 5.7 seconds and clearing the quarter mile in 14.5 seconds.

The interior is as you would expect from a car with just over 1k miles on it, it’s like new. The seats are in fantastic condition, but they look better suited to long distance trips than a day at the track. Considering most of us would only ever drive this car on the street, it really isn’t an issue. I’m just surprised that a performance version of the Mustang wouldn’t have been fitted with high bolster seats that kill your back, butt and legs!

Looking this Mustang over, I really do believe the mileage to be correct. It’s in immaculate condition and clearly has been well cared for over the years. I’m a little surprised by the current bidding, but this is a one year only car. Ford produced 4,993 of them, so this car actually isn’t as rare as Pete’s convertible, but it has a different kind of appeal all it’s own. So which Mustang SVT Cobra do you like more, this Fox Body or Pete’s SN-95?

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  1. Bmac Bmac Member

    Only 1k miles! Somebody missed a lot of fun, but to each their own.

  2. Jimmy g

    Backed into and had to replace the quarter panel ? Just how hard was the hit ?

  3. RayT Member

    If I owned one, it would probably have about 301,126 miles on it by now. Every mile a delight!

    Even though the Fox-body ‘Stang is less powerful than the later SVT Cobra, it’s just as nice. Subjectively, it’s a little more tossable, too, which you can’t experience when it’s sitting in a garage.

  4. Albert

    I worked for one of the more prominent Pittsburgh Ford dealers 10 years ago. The owner had a 93 Cobra, identical to this car. If I remember right it only had maybe 300 miles if that on it. They were one of those dealers/collectors that thought ahead to put away the unique Fords that came down the road. They also had a 94 Cobra Indy Pace car that was literally still in the wrapper.

    • Nathan Member

      Ant idea where they ended up/ if they are still in the same condition?

  5. 408interceptor

    Nice car but the Taurus front end never looked as good as the four headlight 79 cobra.

  6. Phoenix1024

    I have a 94 GT Convertible (just over 100k miles), and hubby has a 93 Cobra (18k miles, still wearing the original Gatorbacks!). We love them both!!

  7. Rob S

    Foxbody all the way! I have a SSP and love the style. Even though these had less HP than the 4.6 I always thought they had more curb appeal. Owned a 94 SVT lightning. They had a great product with the SVT line.

  8. Rocco

    To me the best all around Cobra Mustang is the ’95 Cobra “R” with the 5.8 (351W) eng. with a Tremec 3550 trans. It is still easy to work on, and you don’t have to have a Masters Degree and/or a fat wallet like you do with the 4.6. They were limited production(250). If you ever get a chance to ride or drive one, you’ll be hooked.

  9. Randall

    Bid ended with 0 bids and under $2,000 as start bid – what gives? Post says bidding may have neared $30k?!

    Any help for the auction newbie?

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