2 Owners, 21,000 miles: 1964 Chevrolet Corvette

Considered to be original and low mileage, this ’64 Corvette looks solid and ready to drive. Described as a two owner car, the second owner picked up this drop top in 1974 with 10,000 miles. Fast forward a few decades and this Corvette has 21,000 miles, and looks incredibly original. With some recent maintenance, you are nearly ready to cruise where ever you please. With 5 days remaining in the auction, this ‘Vette has been bid up to $21,400. Take a look at it here on ebay out of Webster, New York.

There is a 327 V8 under the hood mated to a 4 speed transmission. The engine is considered to be original minus the factory carb and radiator. More recently, the brake system has been serviced where it looks to have either received a new or rebuilt brake master cylinder. The engine is a bit grody in appearance considering the fact that this is thought to be a 21,000 mile engine. The car is located in New York so perhaps some of the years were spent in a dusty barn where some moisture and dirt could collect. Also the carburetor was recently rebuilt, and fresh plugs were installed. This Corvette is a driver, but after several decades of rest, this drop top needs a close inspection of its systems to be completely road worthy.

The interior is as charming as you would hope for an original condition Corvette, and the interior certainly appears like a 21,000 mile car. Complete and in fair shape, the interior is free of any major flaws, but there are a few details that could really make this interior very nice. The carpet is a bit faded, and the seats are in great shape, but are a bit baggy in the seat section. The only notable damage to the interior is the top corner of the passenger side door panel. It looks like there is a ripped off piece of vinyl about the size of a golf ball on the top corner edge. This imperfection is virtually invisible when the door is closed.

All of the trim and dash components are in nice shape with no corrosion concerns. As a whole I think this interior is great as is, but I could see where someone would want to make the interior just a little bit nicer.

With a matte finish, and a white hard top, this Stingray has a great appearance, with only one real body concern. The driver side rear apron area has cracked and is actually sagging. Personally, I think this Corvette has a charming appearance, and I would have a difficult time wanting to completely restore this car. With that being said, I think the cracked and sagging apron needs to be repaired as inconspicuously as possible. Beyond that concern, the rest of the body appears very nice, and the panel gaps look great. The only other concern to mention is a rotted out passenger rear bumperette. I find it strange that the bumperette rotted out in such a way, but in the Northeast, anything is possible. Would you restore or preserve this charming Stingray?


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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Cracked rear apron, bumpers look to be shot. IIRC the 64’s still had drum brakes and the soft top likely needs replacing along with sagging interior parts along with some damage.
    Personally I’d clean everything up, replace or repair the interior and top. Upgrade to disc brakes. Mechanically I’d work through all the things. The paint would depend on how it cleaned up. If the paint was redone I’d do the hardtop also to match.
    A lot depends on whatever shows up ‘hands on’ with it. It could be a survivor or it could be restored, depending.
    Personally I expect the price to go up a lot before the auction is done.
    One big thing is whether this had any water damage the other year with the hurricane or not. I don’t know if that area was threatened or not.

    • Mark S.

      I live 30 mi. away, we are way inland in western NY. No hurricane damage here.
      This car looks like a good candidate for a restoration to me. It looks like it has enough issues to warrant it. One of the underside pics show what looks like some fresh spray bomb undercoating in the front a-frame area hopefully they aren’t trying to cover something up. The engine underneath has a good caking of grease and gunk, which to me is a good sign that it hasn’t been messed with too much.

    • Gus

      Is it a two top? Missed that in the description somewhere. I think another ten grand to get it home and and ind decent driving condition.

  2. Chuck Cobb

    21,000 miles??? Give me a break.

    • Hcallaway

      I almost never would question mileage on a car listing. Add a 100K to the odometer and you might be right on the money. I have had parts cars that looked better overall. At no point in this cars life did anyone not know know that this car had value.

      • Hcallaway

        I am the high bidder but a deal is never done until it is in the garage. I am guessing it is a 120K but it is all there. I have worked with less.

  3. Classic Steels

    It’s easy without the additional digit to state the mileage under 100K.

    I don’t believe it my self as that’s a lot of grease and wear for a engine with low miles. The titles are BOS and allows non verification on miles of older ones. The same could’ve said with carb replacement. Where’s the breather and wire loom covers ? Again low mike cars don’t usually have this many missing pieces as well as the beat up caps.

    I have restored two low mileage Corvettes in past and seen surface rust frames and cracked fenders from fiberglass cracks in weather etc. I don’t usually see a worn out dirty engine . I am surprised the flipper didn’t steam or chem the grease off and search eBay for a close breather to Maximize profit. (Leave dirt in body and interior but clean that low miles engine )😫😬

    If i am wrong then prove it by showing water pump serial numbers as a covette is a telling numbers machine to match on originality 🤑

  4. Chris C Kennedy

    221K miles would be more realistic!

    • Brakeservo

      Oh, it’s probably a “genuine” 21,000 mile car, but this is at least the second or third time it’s been a “genuine” 21,000 mile car, haha. Yes, I don’t understand sellers that lie about something that’s pretty clearly not true, all it tells me is that I shouldn’t believe anything else that they say either.

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      • Steve R

        It’s about the $$$$$$$$.

        Steve R

      • Brakeservo

        Re: Steve R – Yes, and it’s ironic, the truly successful car sellers realize that the way to make maximum $$$ is to never exaggerate or hype the car. Best strategy is to slightly under-describe the car so that the first time a potential buyer sees it in person he recognizes it’s better than he expected which makes him think that the seller “doesn’t know what he has” and therefore he better buy it quick before someone else comes along and buys it out from under him and he’ll lose out! Greed is a powerfully motivating factor, and if a buyer thinks he’s screwing the seller, he will buy quick and at full asking price!


    Maybe it was left outside all these years, idling…. Why claim low miles, when that will not make it more valuable in this case? This car needs a lot of work, to make it look like a 21,000 mile car.

  6. ruxvette

    The top is aftermarket vinyl covered (or from a ’67), it’s missing ignition shielding, it started life as Daytona Blue and is now ??? blue (check the right rear corner and the scrape painted over), the rear valance is toast, the bumper brackets are questionable, it’s a 250HP motor (if original) and…21,000miles???
    Other than that, she’s cherry!!!

  7. gbvette62

    I wouldn’t go out of my way, to save the rear valance panel, or get to excited about preserving the car’s “patina” or “survivor” status. The paint is not original, so there’s not much survivor value to it. Someone painting the front suspension rattle can black, doesn’t do anything for the survivor status either.

    The trim tag identifies the car as Daytona Blue exterior, dark blue interior. Besides the fact that Daytona Blue is almost black, especially in pictures, there are obvious signs of a repaint, all over that car. The most obvious is the painted weatherstrip at the base of the A-pillar, as seen in the picture of the open passenger door, and the missing nose emblem and filled holes.

    The engine appears to be base 327/250 (the 300 hp used a Carter AFB), but it would have been nice if the seller had included a picture of the block stamp pad.

    Bidding as of Saturday morning is over $25,000, which doesn’t surprise me. The car could have 21,000 miles on it, or 121,000, it’s hard to say. Either way it looks like a pretty correct, solid and unmolested Corvette, and a pretty easy restoration project.

    • moosie Craig M. Bryda

      There are pictures of the block stamp pad.

      • gbvette62

        Thanks, I see it now. I didn’t see the link for more info and pictures before.

  8. chris

    People who falsely represent a low mileage car to maximize there profits and take advantage of a possibly uneducated person new to the hobby should be tared and feathered. It would be impossible for this car in just 21 thousand miles to completely wear all the rubber off the clutch pedal, complete repaint, rotted bumpers, heavily worn out every aspect of the car , ash tray lid has broken off piece, undercarriage, trans and motor has 121 to 300 thousand miles of sludge,etc… don’t bee a fool. should be labeled as barn find fraud. Label your add for what it is , not some pipe dream that its not

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  9. Nrg8

    Lotta bent stuff in that front end. Nice he got to undercoat parts of hoist while doing this Vet. 22K? First 10 of it in PA. Then 10 in NY. All I see is a tired, beaten, unsubstantiated money pit.

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  10. grant

    I love it when sellers think their audience is this stupid. 21k? Absolutely. 21k since the odo rolled.

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  11. Brakeservo

    Oh, it’s probably a “genuine” 21,000 mile car, but this is at least the second or third time it’s been a “genuine” 21,000 mile car, haha. Yes, I don’t understand sellers that lie about something that’s pretty clearly not true, all it tells me is that I shouldn’t believe anything else that they say either.

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  12. Joe Haska

    I am glad everyone suspects the higher mileage, my first thought was it looks a little sketchy for 21K miles. If it is true, I would just wash it and drive it, once you start down that fix it up road, you have no idea were it will the end .

  13. Jack

    I usually let things like this go but I just can’t do it this time! That said, I’ve owned thirty five 1963 thru 1966 Vettes and can attest to the fact that these cars are prone to breaking the odometer part of the speedometer while the speedometer still works it doesn’t record the mileage traveled, which appears to be the case or it’s rolled over once or twice to 121,748 or 221,748, Note the current mileage isn’t lined up straight (Not the trip odometer but the (21,748- odometer) and the suspension looks like 200,000.But at least I’m glad they rattle caned the wheels when they put on the new radials In any case this car needs a complete restoration and after spending $85,000 to $120.000 for that restoration, What do you have? One of 22,229 1964’s. A plain Jane base model 64 corvette- 250 hp (RC Code) 4sp, am/fm radio,2-tops and backup lights, worth MAYBE $60.000 to $70,000 Good luck on this one!

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  14. Ronald G Bajorek jr

    one of Jimmy Gucks cars………he can always get you what you want, but you’ll always pay too much (great guy actually, the trick is to find it before he does)

  15. Suttree

    Even at 50+ years old I can’t see a 21,000 mile car looking this tired. Missing breather, repaint & other missing parts? I guess it’s possible but not probable.

  16. ccrvtt

    If this car has 21,000 miles on it then I’m 23 years old.

    And I was born in 1950…

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  17. Mike

    Pull the 327, go through it. I would cross drill the crank and balance same. A mid-range o90b or 30-30 cam would be great. I would replace the 194 heads with FI camel heads sporting stainless steel valves to allow the cheapest of fuel while allowing still yet great performance. Alluminum high rise with 600cfm holley and to top off my creation a pair of coated headers. All right I’ll admit I’m lazy I’ll simply purchase a crate. Lazy perhaps but not stupid. Stupid is attempting to sell without at least decreasing the engine bay and under carriage.

  18. Pa Tina

    Due diligence over and above the normal is highly recommended.

  19. Alan (Michigan) Member

    This smacks of a very “unloved” car. Quite “uncarefully” used, with at least 100K more miles than stated. 10,795 miles in the first ten years, eh? Baloney.
    I’m thinking that the front end was whacked into something, and the fiberglass repairs weren’t quite perfect. The headlights fit wrong (especially the right one), paint mismatches glare, fiberglass seams on the front fenders (which show when paint weathers like this) seem to have been smoothed before the last (long ago) paint.

    Must be loud too. Zero mufflers of any sort, and the bend-outs point at the rear wheels. Ugh.

    *sigh* But it is a C2 Corvette, and people will be lining up to drain their bank accounts trying to make it right, or at least better. There are a lot of hidden expenses in this project, and it is a long way from being driven more than around the block.

  20. Beatnik Bedouin

    Ah, a fool and his money are soon parted…

    I’m with the other guys about people misrepresenting mileage of vehicles in order to maximise profits. As someone who endeavours to sell vehicles and be honest about their condition, warts and all, this sort of behaviour annoys me (just to be polite).

    Still, it would be a car worthy of restoration, even if it’s a Lo-Po 327/four-speed.

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  21. Chuck Simons

    THe pedals are way too worn for the 21k miles

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  22. Bob

    Regarding the mileage, it is important to remember that even a broken clock is right twice a day. I also believe that the odometer has rolled over at least once.
    Not my favourite colour, but I would take a close look at the frame before I got interested enough to bid. I am too far away, but if I was closer, I would give it a serious second look.
    I am surprised by the number of cars that are missing the ignition shielding. Where in the hell else is a person going to use those parts.

  23. al

    anyone else notice the paint scraping on the brace for the VIN but the VIN looks to be untouched maybe nothing just looks odd .

  24. Bill T

    We are about 90 minutes from Webster, New York. We are classic car people, we have two vets in the fold, if we can be of assistance with examination let know we would be glad to help.

    • Pa Tina

      Are you in the Painted Post area?

  25. Jim Jimenez

    I’d doubt that mileage. Is this even the original engine? It is a 250 hp 327 at best. Also I do not believe that the 4GC Rochester carb was used with the 4 speed, usually they are mated to a Powerglide. So where is all the ignition shielding?

    Something shady here——–

    • Pa Tina

      You’re getting warmer.

  26. Pa Tina

    Many questions regarding the mileage and the possibility of odometer tampering being brought up here. As stated earlier, a potential buyer should ask a lot of hard questions about the car. As a Rochester-based Corvette owner for over thirty years I have discovered things are not always as they appear.Due diligence is again highly recommended.

  27. Tim Deal

    Would like to take a close look at the frame,after seeing the bumpers

  28. Ohio Rick

    A lot of ignition shielding lasted until the second or third plugs and points change when the owner decided it was a pain in the butt to bolt back on. Not unusual to see it missing.

  29. Scot Douglas

    First time I’ve ever seen “grody” written out.

  30. Hcallaway

    Funny how I doubted the mileage. See prior posts.. I would suggest 120K is correct. As long as the birdcage is good this will be a good driver with some work. If you haven’t read the entire ebay listing it is worth reading. I am the high bidder (was very close to my limit). Never a done deal until it is in the garage. The ebay seller has a lot of credibility based on his listings. Bidding was via a friend let’s hope we can wrap it up.

    • Alan (Michigan) Member

      First auction ended at $27.1K, and the second one at $26.5K. Did you buy it, Hcallaway?

  31. Hcallaway

    Bid was accepted at 26.5K. Seller did not know it was on Barn Finds. Set to pick up in the next two weeks. He has 26k 💯 % feedback on EBay. When we spoke after the bidding ended he indicated that I will be very pleased with the car. Rust on the rear bumpers was a concern. He said the frame checked out great and the car was one of the better unmolested Vettes he has seen. It has never been a part. I will post a follow up when it gets to Virginia and on my lift.

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      Congrats on your purchase

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    • Alan (Michigan) Member


      I hope the car is as good as you hope it is, looking forward to updates!

      • Hcallaway

        Alan I never saw or knew it had a prior listing. I found out today that the seller had a first listing that had a reserve at $27.5 so it fell short at $27.1. They lowered the reserve to help make sure the car would sell on the next listing. They felt pretty sure the car would hit $30K so it fell short at $26.5, but was sold. These guys have moved many cars so they understand that sometimes it doesn’t go where you expect.

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  32. Oliver Felix Rojas

    Would preserve this car rather than restore it,

  33. Holt

    Frame has to be replaced. We found a 1966 perfect frame in PA and are starting the process.

  34. Ohio Rick

    Been there, done that. Ironically, found the replacement frame for my 63 in PA as well! And, of course, as long as you have a bare frame setting there, everything else may as well be new.

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