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20+ Years Stored: Barn Find Collection in NC

There’s an impressive collection up for grabs on craigslist, in what looks to be a dry metal building with several restorable classics lurking about. Before we even got our hands on the listing, the 1971 Corvette convertible seen here had already sold. But don’t fret – there’s lots more to pick over. Find the listing here on craigslist (or go here if the ad disappears) and thanks to Barn Finds reader Michael for the find. 

Unlike so many multi-car listings on craigslist, the seller does a nice job of breaking down the status of each of the cars in the photos. This is the one that is seemingly unaccounted for, as the seller describes the 1970 Cadillac Convertible Deville and 1970 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham parked nearby, but this generation with the rectangular headlights seems to be a mid-70s model. I always thought this was a handsome design, and it looks to have excellent sheetmetal.

The seller says most all of the cars in the collection have very little rust. One of those cars is one of the pricier ones listed for sale, a 1971 Frazer sedan. According to the seller: “1951 Frazer. Gorgeous car and very rare, just over 10,000 made. In easily restorable shape. 226 straight six supersonic motor. Motor will turn over and fire but not stay running. Zero rust and very cool. $7,500 OBO.” What are your thoughts on the price and rarity claims?

While the collection is heavy on Cadillacs, the seller also has a 1941 Buick Tudor Special Eight Coupe, a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan, ’63/’79 Lincoln Continentals, and this 1970 Pontiac Grand Prix. Notes the seller: “400 V8, Auto, some rust but not bad, great restoration candidate. $3,500 OBO.” A few of the other cars in the collection are pictured in the gallery below and the rest are available via the craigslist links above. Which projects would you take home?


  1. Classic Steel

    Vette would of been first pick
    Then GP and rest

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      I agree Brother, that 1971 Frazer sedan would be third!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Solosolo KEN TILLY Member

        The Frazer would be my FIRST choice.

      • matt

        I didnt know they make them in 71

        Like 1
  2. Mark Lawson

    The Cadillac is either a 75 or 76 Fleetwood. A better shot of the egg crate grill would tell which of the two years. I had a gorgeous 75 that lost all its value when gas cruised past a dollar(!) a gallon. Damned thing was huge. Depending upon the condition of this one, I’d LOVE to have it, just to park next to those cute little “Smart” kiddie-kars from Mercedes…

  3. BarnfindyCollins

    I had a ’75 and ’76 Fleetwood. The ’75 has round headlights and cursive Fleetwood badges on the fenders and rear trunk lid. The ’76 used the square headlights and one piece block letter Fleetwood badges on the fenders and rear trunk lid. They used those same badges on the redesigned 1977 Fleetwoods also.

    • Maurader

      I may be wrong, but I remember the rectangular headlights appearing on the 1975 Cadillacs. 1976, if I remember correctly, they appeared on almost every other American car.

  4. Chuck Cobb

    Who gives a care about the plastic pig and the Caddy’s, is that a 40 Chevy coupe or two door ahead of the vette?

  5. Allen

    a 1971 Frazer sedan?. According to the seller: “1951 Frazer. Gorgeous car and very rare, just over 10,000 made. Frazer left in 1951, the company renamed itself the Kaiser Motors Corporation and continued until 1955 Frazer wasn’t around in the 70’s it was American Motors it is a 1951 Frazer.

  6. Hoopty

    Definitely the 69 Grand Prix…
    I had a model SJ, 428 4spd. manual, and
    I would rebuild it to resemble that one…

    Like 1
    • BOP Guy Member

      Yeah, with the Corvette gone, the GP would be my next choice! If that’s yours pictured there Hoopty, she’s a beauty!

  7. Beatnik Bedouin

    I’d probably pick the Frazer, just because it’s the last of the line (and I think Joseph Frazer got shafted by Henry J. Kaiser, who used the former to get into the car biz and then dumped him when he was no longer of value).

    Second pic would be the ’40 Buick, which is a sedan and not a coupe. In 1974, I bought a ’40 Super coupe that had a later Fireball straight 8 swapped into it.

  8. Raticalls6

    Had a 75 Fleetwood Brogham. With the vertical bar grill. That one is a 76 with the “square” grill. And round headlamps stopped in 74.

  9. Steve M

    ’63 Lincoln for me…love it

    • DayDreamBeliever Alan (Michigan)

      Yea, me too. And it lost 100+ lbs. with the missing front bumper ;-)

      I wonder how difficult it would be to find a good one?

      Have always like the style, prefer a convertible, but…..

      • GearHead Engineering

        Alan, that bumper isn’t quite 100 pounds but close if the brackets are mounted to it. Not difficult for me to find – I have three of them in my basement.

        I’m with you and Steve M – the ’63 Lincoln is my favorite here. Maybe tied with the ’40 Buick.

        – John

  10. ACZ

    Absolutely one of the Caddys. The best bargain.

  11. Poseur Member

    Grand Prix. Yours is a factory 4-speed?! Love to have one.

    The hood ornament on the Frazer is so cool.

    I would go for one of the Caddy’s next. Hard to believe cars used to be that long

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