21K Miles: 1970 Porsche 914

After literally decades of being mostly unloved and in the basement, value-wise, the Porsche 914 is finally coming on strong. Maybe too strong for those of us who missed the rock bottom pricing of a few years ago. The seller has this 21k-mile 1970 Porsche 914 listed here on eBay in Houston, Texas and the current bid price is $7,950 but the reserve isn’t met.

I believe this color is Light Ivory which is one that I don’t see too often. The seller says that this car has a mere 21,114 miles, it has had no accidents, and there is no rust. They also mention that there is new body rubber trim and new tires. You can see that the removable Targa top has been removed in the photo above. The seller also has the black reverse Porsche stripe kit that they will install for $250 for the next owner if they like that look.

Due to inflation, manufacturing had gotten to be so expensive that Porsche wanted a four-cylinder entry-level car. The 914 was meant to be a replacement for the aging Porsche 912 and to have a car priced under $10,000. They were made from 1969 for the 1970 model year until 1976 and were a joint venture with Volkswagen which was also hoping for a replacement for the Karmann Ghia.

The interior appears to be in outstanding condition and this is one monotone car – or is that duotone? White with a black interior, there’s not much color here at all compared to a lot of the gumball-colored 914s that we usually see. The seats appear to be in perfect condition as does the front cargo area. This car would have had a 5-speed manual and the introductory 1970 model was Motor Trend’s Import Car of the Year for 1970.

The 914 is a mid-engine car and the seller says that this is a 1.8L engine, but the VIN decodes to it being a 1.7L boxer-four. According to a website that knows a thing or two about 914s, Porsche.com, the 1.8L engine wasn’t available until the 1974 model year.  The engine was made by Volkswagen and had 80 horsepower. Hagerty is at $19,000 for a #3 good condition car which is double what I remember them being at just a handful of years ago. They list a #2 excellent car as being worth an eye-watering $43,000! Have any of you owned a 914?


  1. alphasud Member

    I read through the dealer description and I saw they have the original books but no service history on a 5 digit odometer car. TMU to any car without supporting documentation. Faded windshield tint band and cracked dash suggest this has seen some time outdoors. Putting this car on the hoist is a definite must and any Porsche proclaimed expert who mistakenly lists the wrong engine isn’t much of an expert in my opinion. If it’s clean and original then top dollar otherwise bid accordingly.

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    • bobhess bobhess Member

      Agree with that. Not sure about the price of these today but a really good one is worth buying. You can tell the 1.8 engines by the angle of the spark plugs being different from the 1.7 and 2.0s. Also, they were never designated “Targas”.

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      • bobhess bobhess Member

        Owned two. Both reliable and fun.

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      • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

        You’re right, bobhess, I removed Targa. Thanks.

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  2. mrgreenjeans

    I bought a really great, rust free two liter from Montana in ’94. Mechanics Lien sale out the door of the local Porsche, VW, Audi, and Mercedes dealership and paid $750.00 for it. After the required engine work (done there), new tires, new windshield, and a thorough diagnostic and lubrication, the 60,000 mile beauty owned my heart. I have right around $5,400.00 into it in 1994/95 dollars.
    Interior is all original and nearly perfect (a slight fade to the carpets) and the dashpad crack free, with perfect door cards and unworn seating surfaces. Since it spent it’s life in a dry part of MT and never saw snow, salt, or rain it’s entire life, the longitudinals and hell-hole remain undamaged with original Sunflower paint still on them.
    The white car pictured here for sale on eBay, indeed looks to be a great example of an early teener. The larger engine cars may still demand the higher value, but I would take anything with de-contented offerings as long as it was pure, unmolested, and without rust….. some items which rarely are present on a 50 year old sportscar

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    • mrgreenjeans

      Upon closer inspection of the images showing paint overspray on rubber trims, door cards, front trunk and engine bay, I change my description above to ‘mediocre to good’ example. Not great. The prep guy and painter need remedial help and training on proper techniques; more tape and masking with less troweling on of color. Am gonna guess it will not reach 15, as it’s at 12 now….. but I have been wrong before

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  3. Ricardo Ventura

    the outside mirror looks a little strange to me.

    • Mackey914

      Correct, and nice catch. My ‘70 914 has a little chrome mirror. I know it’s original because it’s been in the family since new and I’ve had it since 1994. Awaiting a refurbishment in the garage right now…canary yellow with the exterior options package that chromed the bumpers and added fog lights. Great car to drive!!

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  4. Squigly

    Shoulda bought one when they were cheap. Same with the 356 and the 912. Cheap forever then suddenly, they were not. Always have had a soft spot for low displacement cars that make a statement.

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  5. george mattar

    Love these cars and now they are going to reach ridiculous prices after Barrett Jackson sold one a few weeks ago for nearly 50 large. Hold on. Cheap now, not tomorrow.

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  6. Roland Walters

    My new 73′ Black 2.0 was perfect for the mountains of Southwestern Virginia! Wish I never sold it!!

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    I had a 73 914/4. fun car, a bit strange in the handling department, typical Porsche. but the seats in this car are not a patterned “pleather” like the one I had. I am highly skeptical about the mileage and originality.

  8. Phipps

    Love that car. These have one of the lowest feeling seating positions available. Definitely wish i bought one of these years ago when they were SUPER cheap

  9. Graham Line

    Had a ’74 2.0. Lots of fun. People do strange things to 914s and mine improved with every step it took back toward factory stock. A careful personal inspection is essential.
    Later side-shifter and 1.8 and 2.0 cars are more pleasant to live with.

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  10. Howie

    $14,100 now and reserve still not met.

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  11. Bob-O

    I purchased a brand new 1974 Camaro and went through cars every six months from about age 18 on. I’m in my 60’s and I’m now on car #41. Traded the Camaro for a used low mileage 1973 914 1.7 because it looked cool and it was a manual.

    Didn’t know much about them before I bought it but during my short 6 – 8 month time with the car, I learned a lot and wished I had purchased a 2.0 with the appearance package, instead.

    Mine was a light silver/blue with a black interior. I added a cassette tape player, turned down the front torsion bars to lower the front slightly and added an exhaust system. My car also had the factory five-spoke Riviera wheels that had a silver machined rim edge, 8-holes in the center (four were for the lug bolts), silver machined faces and black everywhere else. I just did a Google search to find the wheel and only a couple showed up so it must be fairly rare.

    • mrgreenjeans

      the Riviera rims were not factory, but a common dealer switch (if the car came with FUCHS wheels, the very light ‘expensive’ forged aluminum wheel from Porsche, unscrupulous dealers would keep them and replace with a heavier al. rim, produce an upcharge and upgrade another with steel wheels) Over the run of 914 production, Pedrini, Mahle, Fuchs, and steel mags were original rims. Along with steel wheels and chrome center caps. Another very rare wheel was also an aftermarket option: the elusive magnesium Campagnolo with a unique center cap held on by a snap ring. VERY desirable and Very expensive

      • Bob-O

        Wow, I always thought that the Riviera wheel was a factory wheel because I remember seeing quite a few 914’s with them back in the day. Thanks for the insight, Mr. G!

  12. Mike

    Bizarre, blow hardy, padded description makes it seem spamish. “OUR OVER FOUR DECADES OF HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE WITH PORSCHE HAS PROVIDED A GREAT DEPTH OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERTISE IN THE PORSCHE PRODUCT.” Porsche product? “ALL PORSCHE MODELS INTEGRATE LUXURY, CONVENIENCE, SPORTING, ENTERTAINMENT AND SECURITY EQUIPMENT IN TO ONE UNIQUE PACKAGE”. Security equipment? If your business is in TX for over 40 years, I don’t think one would write a description this way.

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  13. J Fallon

    As newlyweds, we drove cross country in our 1974 914. We camped along the way, staying at hotels when we needed a hot shower and to do laundry. We cooked over campfires and slept in a tiny tent, We visited My Old Kentucky Home, The Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Francisco, the Rocky Mtns, the Pacific Ocean, and so much more. We broke down in 90+ degree weather outside of Oklahoma City on a Friday afternoon because the car vapor locked. We were lucky to find a garage that could fix it. We spent the night in a seedy hotel near the stockyards, freaking out about tornado warnings, and had the best biscuits, dripping in butter & honey, that we have ever had, before heading out the next day. It was cold in Idaho but we couldn’t run the heater because it had gas dripping on the heat duct. It was a tiny car that held huge adventures and incredible memories.

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    • mrgreenjeans

      What color was yours ? Sounds very familiar to the backstory on my ’74- 2.0 liter …..

  14. Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Auction update: this one ended at $16,600 and no sale.

    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      Dealer was greedy.

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